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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on January 14, 2004
Far from adopting the attitude that "all infertility doctors are jerks and out to take their patients' money" as one reviewer asserts, Indichova sought alternatives when her doctors gave her no hope of conceiving with her own eggs. In conjunction with adopting a myriad of lifestyle, dietary and other changes, Indichova continued to periodically assess her medical condition with conventional Western doctors. In fact, if this reviewer had really read the book carefully, he/she would have remembered that Indichova had an appointment with yet another RE to discuss the viability of an ART procedure based her decreasing FSH levels on the day that she learned she had beat the odds and conceived her much-wanted second child!
Some of the reviewers seem to have a negative attitude about anything that doesn't fall within the strictures of conventional Western medicine and thereby assign the corrollary attitude (incorrectly!) to Indichova (that she is into "hocus pocus" and "wacko" stuff and disparages Western medicine (she does not).
I will agree with the reviewers who've noted that this may be a tough book to swallow for those infertility patients who are struggling with primary infertility *and* have never conceived any children. Indichova suffered secondary infertility, and until I emotionally reached the point where I desperately want a 2nd child (my first miracle baby was IVF 3 years ago), I too would have had little sympathy for someone in Indichova's position. My perspective now is definitely different, but women who've never conceived any children should be forewarned of Indichova's situation.
I've been diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve, and though my FSH numbers aren't high, I've been largely written off as a lost cause by Western medicine. I have found new hope and inspiration in reading Indichova's story, and I'm grateful that she wrote this wonderful account. I'm certainly willing to give some or most of her ideas a try! I've adopted many of her suggestions over the last few weeks and I already feel better, regardless of whether my body is producing a good egg this cycle. True that she has no scientific backup to support what she did ... maybe all those dietary and lifestyle changes did absolutely nothing toward her second pregnancy. But maybe they did. Maybe they did.
This review has been edited in June 2003 to say that I am now 12 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child, conceiving 3 months after I adopted many of Indichova's suggested dietary and lifestyle changes. Thanks for the inspiration!
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on November 24, 2003
As a 37 year old IF woman, with high FSH, I thought all was lost. Then I found this book. With an FSH of 25, and doctors all telling me that I could never have a child of my own without an egg donor, life looked very bleak to me. But upon reading this book, I decided to make some life changes. I gave up going out to lunch (and brown bagged it instead) and going to movies (nothing wrong with renting) to be able to do my acupuncture sessions. I also bought yoga tapes and guided imagery tapes, and started drinking wheatgrass. I did not do the vegetarian diet though. From 25, my FSH is now 9. While I will still go through with my IVF, I am going into it with absolute belief that it is finally going to happen for me.
When I received the results, I was overjoyed. And my doctors were shocked. They continued to test my FSH because they were sure it was an anomaly. They've been disappointed in seeing that my tests remain within a healthy range. I would encourage any and all who believe that in their body lies the key to fertility to at least give it a shot.
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on September 5, 2003
I absolutely love this book! One of my all-time favorites (and I am an avid reader). This book provided me with strength, confidence and inspiration at a very difficult time in my life - at the age of 31, I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure due to a high FSH reading and was told by my doctor that I would only be able to conceive, if at all, if I used an egg donor. Several other specialists in NYC re-affirmed this diagnosis. Then, I found Inconceivable. Not only is Julia Indichova an exceptional writer, but she was able to relay the exact feelings I was going through during this difficult time. I found her suggestions to improve your quality of life and health in a natural manner (via yoga, imagery, diet, etc. as opposed to taking medications) extremely helpful and liberating. Everything she said in her book completely appealed to me and I started working on improving my quality of life via the book's suggestions, despite what the doctors had told me. As of this date, I have lost count as to how many times I have read it - -every time I pick up the book I note new advice and tips. Several months after having first read her book and started taking steps to improve my quality of life, I found out that I was pregnant! I know that the lessons of Inconceivable were an invaluable tool that led me to my pregnancy. While Julia's story is also one of high FSH, anyone going through difficulty conceiving a child of their own will find this book immensely helpful. I cannot recommend it enough!!
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on July 11, 2003
As soon as I read this book, it changed my way of thinking. I found Julia Indichova's book by an extraordinary coincidence while I was walking through a bookstore in Boston. After my infertility doctor told me I had no chance of conceiving, I went to that bookstore to browse for adoption books. Like many other women, I suffer from high FSH levels, the same infertility condition Julia Indichova suffered. This book came to my life at a moment of absolute despair, depression and anger at Western medicine. There are many books out there on infertility, but I hadn't seen one about high FSH levels, which made me feel like I was such an exceptional case, with no solution. I bought this book in May shortly after my FSH test revealed 25.5 level. I have followed the path she describes in the book particularly those she recommends for naturally boosting the body, believing in my mind that I could lower my FSH levels if I wanted to. Maybe just coincidence but I got pregnant in June. I strongly believe that her book made a big impact in my mind, and how my mind and body communicated. I am now 7 weeks pregnant and hoping that in February I will deliver successfully.
Julia is an exceptional writer. She communicates the exact feelings women experience when struggling with infertility. She has a natural way of giving hope, and making changes in someone's life. She made me realize that I did everything I could to conceive and if it hadn't happened, then I was emotionally ready for adoption. I recommend this book to women with high FSH levels and everyone sharing their pain.
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on January 21, 2003
This book fell into my lap at an opportune time. Several lactation consultants and I had recently been discussing arrogant, "fertility experts" who were cruel to their patients, badgered them, reduced them to tears with every visit, forbade them to see lactation consultants- but yet, parents were grateful because the "expert had given them their baby"! Egads! Parents, parent hopefuls and everyone- stand up for your rights and don't let the specialists own you!
I am also on a personal journey toward greater health through yoga, Nia and improved diet, (but not quite back to the heyday of my vegetarian days). My aches and pains have decreased and my energy levels improved. Julia just reinforced what I already knew but was having a hard time putting into practice.
Julia had to write this book. Anyone with health issues would be well advised to read it. People need to learn to be responsible for themselves. Doctors need to understand that they are human too, and can have a profound impact on their patients, beyond the obvious. Julia won't tell you how to improve your fertility. She will tell you what she did and what she learned along the way, and help you find the beginning of your own work. That is much more valuable than a guidebook because you need to own your health.
This is a very quick read. I read it in mostly one night- I was hooked. I wanted to find out more about how she was helping herself. I knew she would end up pregnant and I was eager to learn what she and her husband did- I hoped for an unassisted pregnancy.
I would have liked to hear just a tiny bit about her birth and babymoon with her new daughter. Culturally we need to hear more about breastfeeding, especially following infertility.
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on January 20, 2003
So much of the "infertility" world is about the medical profession preaching at you and not empowering you. What Julia Indichova teaches is so wonderful and valuable. She is a godsend in a maze that is terrifying and often energy draining. Julia teaches a personal discovery that enhances any treatments you choose along the way.
It is also about the miracle that is a baby. A miracle that is possible to each woman, in many different ways. Julia's techniques and teachings are inspiring, valuable and ultimately comforting. It is not an easy answer or foolproof equation. It is a light in the dark maze of infertility, and it is about finding your own way.
The work is powerful. Nutrition advice , imagery, dreamwork, notes on various infertility treatments and much much more! Her group and webiste are equally powerful and I encourage anyone struggling with this journey to buy this book. If you do and you do the work, you will gain so many beautiful and miraculous things in your life.
Julia Indichova is someone who is devoting her life to teaching a way of life that encourages health, centered and informed decision making and a strength in knowing what is right for your body. An environment that is ideal for a baby.
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on May 24, 2002
This is a beautifully written and powerful book. I never could have imagined the impact this book would have on my family's life. I already had one child through IVF (after six years of trying because of my husband's undiagnosed fertility problems) when I came across this book. I wanted to have another child and hoped to do so naturally. The book had a profound impact on my thinking and my lifestyle. Julia's book, as well as her courses, also had an unexpected effect on my husband. He was so moved by Julia's story he made major changes in his diet and became open to alternative health. While we did see major improvments in our general health and well-being we did decide to try IVF again. While I was 42 at the time and did not receive very optimistic statistics for success, it worked the first time. I attribute my healthful and uncomplicated pregnancy and natural delivery to Julia's approach. The book, which I just reread, is by no means pro-ART. However, I was able to use the approach to become mentally and physically prepared to do IVF. Julia's courses and her web site are more integrative in nature--combining alternative tools with ART for the best possible outcome. You owe it to yourself to check out this book, her web site and courses.
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on April 1, 2002
After reading and hearing about this book on a number of infertility websites, I was excited and optimistic to learn about how the author achieved her miracle. What I found left me empty and angry. While I admire the book's ultimate message - that women need to be their own advocates when it comes to health care decisions - the book offered me little on either an emotional or substantive level. Ms. Indichova already had one healthy child at the time she embarked upon her infertility journey. While secondary infertility must be very painful, that pain is not the same as that experienced by infertile women who are unable to conceive even a single child. As one dealing with primary infertility I could not help but wonder, as Ms. Indichova went from specialist to specialist, who was staying with her young daughter. The author also seemed to have an unlimited supply of funds to finance her forrays into various types of alternative medicine. Most of the women I know suffering from primary infertility not only lack an understanding of the trauma of secondary infertility, but also the funds to engage in all of the experimental treatments in which Ms. Indichova participated. I found the author's struggle to be self-indulgent. I also felt that implicit in the book was a condemnation of women who must use forms of assisted reproductive technology to conceive. The message I came away with was that if more women took the time to explore the various dietary, physical, and spiritual alternatives the author did, they would not need ART. Infertile women do not need another reason to feel inadequate.
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on January 28, 2002
The title of this book hit home and I tried everything else, so I bought the book and followed the recommendations as best as I could. A few months after I started, I did an insemination, went to the doctor (who originally felt my chances of getting pregnant were slim to none) and found out I was already 8 weeks pregnant! (What I thought was my period the month before was apparently blood from the embryo attaching to my uterine lining.) My doctor, who still couldn't believe it, recalled all my bloodwork from the month to retest, called me in for a sonogram the next day and, lo and behold, found and embryo with a beating heart. This doctor (one of the most respected in the business) said he'd never seen anything happen like this. I'm 42, have had 5 miscarriages and, as I've said, had a pathetic prognosis. The doctor said he'd be talking about my situation in his lectures and writings and he'd be sure not to mention my name.
I now have a 7 month old girl who is a joy every second of everyday.
I know how tough trying to have a baby can be when EVERYONE is telling you to pack it in, but believe me, if the advice in this book can work for someone like me, it can work for you too.
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on November 8, 2001
I was feeling both frustrated and helpless about my fertility. Luckily, I found this book and it helped to turn me around. It was so gratifying to read about someone else's personal experiences and success!
Once I started reading, I couldn't stop- Julia Indichova's writing style is direct and personal. She has a sense of humor amid all of the negativity she encounters- and that is a true inspiration.
I was so inspired by her exploration of holistic processes that I decided to change my approach and implement some of the ideas she discusses. I started feeling more positive and empowered and decided to take a workshop with Julia. That really helped to solidify my trust in myself as an expert about my body and my fertility.
I am so grateful to have found this book when I did, I really needed a boost and a sense of possibility again. I found a renewed sense of spirit and adventure while reading Inconceivable. This book is, by far, the most engaging book about fertility that I have encountered and I highly recommend it!
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