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on January 22, 2011
My wife bought me a copy of the World War 2 graphic novel "Two Generals" for Christmas, the story of two Canadian officers who take part in the battle for Normandy following the D-Day landings. For half an hour I was oblivious to the screams and shouts of my two kids as I read this book, choking back the tears. I had no family at Normandy and am not prone to emotional outbursts so I can only conclude that this is simply an excellent story, heart-breakingly well told.

My wife was cross with me for leaving her to look after two screaming children, so I just passed the book to her and watched her react in the same way that I had.

The author's impressive research is noticeable on every page. The front cover for example shows St Giles Church, Stokes Poges, with the ivy and bushes as they were in the 1940s not as they are now. It stands up well to a re-read, with subtleties noticed that I missed the first time.

If Herge had written for adults, he would have come up with something like this!
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Reason for Reading: I love reading journals,memoirs and books based on them.

Wow! That one word could some up my complete review. Wow to the story! Wow to the graphics! Wow to the physical book itself!

Let's start with the book. The top and bottom halves are faux leather-look, the corners are rounded on the board and the pages. The pages are a nice thick quality paper and the book virtually looks like a moleskin journal. It even has an elastic band to hold it together. Beautiful book to behold!

The story is centred on the true life WW II experiences of the author's grandfather Lew Chantler and his best friend Jack. Little did they know it but they would end up being in the famous attack on the beaches of Normandy and be the Canadian division who recaptured Caen, France and ultimately ended up in the battle at Buron. The book spends plenty of time describing their training in England and life for the soldier not on active duty there before the meat of the story switches over to the Invasion at Normandy and the horrors of war. Examine the horror and tragedy of war the book certainly does while still recognizing the bravery and honour of the men who fought and those who died for their country. Taken up to the leadership level of majors, presidents, kings and those who plan the war, irony can often be found in Chantler's book. This is also the story of the bond of friendship and how one doesn't know how strong a friendship is until it is put to the test of a hardship.

The artwork is fantastic. The majority of the work is done in b/w drawing with one colour added and for the majority of the book that colour is khaki, obviously representing the army, but whenever a scene that mentions the upcoming war or its possible dangers a bit of red is added which provides an unsettling contrast. As the scenes become more dangerous the khaki is left behind and red becomes the one colour in each frame, easily representing war. But when it comes to the most barbaric scenes in the middle of battle with limbs flying and death everywhere, the scheme turns to red and a light terracotta colour and these colours clearly represent death and horror.

The author wrote his story using as source material, his grandfather's journal, letter's to his wife and letter's received by him from others. Chantler was also able to track down some remaining survivors/or their families who could help him with other source materials. A brutal yet compelling story of war. One that shows the horrors of war but also shows the bravery of those who fought and the respect we owe them. Scott Chantler has done his late grandfather proud. A compelling piece of Canadian history from the point of view of one Canadian who served his country.
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on December 8, 2012
This graphic novel is truly an amazing piece of contemporary Canadian literature! I read this novel for one of my classes and was very pleased to keep it and re-read it. Chantler tells his grandfather's story in a truly compelling way. Additionally, I really liked the quality of the book itself. I have to say, for the material and the overall presentation, this is a very fair price for the book!! It's a great buy and read; you'll be immediately drawn in by the great artwork, the top-notch quality of the pages, and the well-crafted storyline. Lastly, shipping was amazingly quick, just in time for when I would need it for my class!
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on September 29, 2012
The artwork is top notch and the story is told in a way that really makes you think of what life was like for our soldiers fighting in World War II. I couldn't put this book down. I really became immersed in the story, I loved the detail in the artwork and in the story, really made me think of what life was like during those times.
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on April 16, 2015
As a high school teacher of lower level learners this is a wonderful tool with which to teach WWII. Living just north of where the book was written (St. Thomas - I am in London) the content details of things like Wolsely Barracks make the book come alive for my students!
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on November 13, 2015
A very enjoyable read. The research and historical detail are excellent, with one notable exception: a panel showing German paratroopers dropping into Normandy (they fought there, but did not jump in).
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on January 11, 2011
Scott Chantler is a creator who not only understands the potential for entertainment with the graphic novel format, but also the potential for education. Drawing upon material spanning decades, Chantler paints a vivid picture of the military life his grandfather lived in WWII. Canadian achievements are often over-shadowed in this time period, but Cantler helps rectify this.

The book is perfect for anyone interested in war history, Canadian history, or simply good graphic novels in general. This hard cover edition is quite handsome to look at and would fit on any bookshelf. I wish more publishers used similarly well-thought out designs for their graphic novels.

The attention to detail in many of the pages helps to further elevate this book. The artwork is stunning in places and also quite evocative. The story captures the mood and spirit of the times in ways that make you laugh, feel excited and become depressed throughout the course of the volume.

It is very deserving of the five stars I have given it.
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on January 16, 2011
I highly recommend this book to parents and grandparents to give to their kids to help them understand what a generation before us accomplished to protect our freedom.
I gave copies to all my nephews and hope that they will never forget these sacrifices.
The graphics are absolutely incredible and Scott Chantler should be congratulated with a Governor Generals kids book award.
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on April 26, 2015
Good read, I enjoyed!
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on December 14, 2013
timely delivery ....well packed with minor scratches associated with paperback ,The paperback has an enhanced raised and smooth Drawing on the cover ...In the middle

cool .
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