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on May 8, 1998
This is the third of eight novels in the Bernie Rhodenbarr series by author Lawrence Block who has written many other novels. I was first introduced to Bernie when I picked up a copy of "The Burglar Who Traded Ted Williams." Bernie gets himself into again. It wouldn't be a "Burglar who..." book if he didn't. This time he's involved with a lost Rudyard Kipling poem. The manuscript is lost and found several times before the "case" is solved. Bernie is drugged and his found holding a gun, which has been used to kill one of the characters. For the first time we find Bernie in the Bernegat used bookshop in New York City's Greenwich Village which he has purchased. We are also introduced to Carolyn Kaiser owner of a dog grooming parlor. Once again this part-time cat burglar must turn part-time detective to save his own skin. "The Burglar Who Liked to Quote Kipling," is fun as are the other "The Burglar Who..." books I have read.
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on November 15, 1997
For many readers of Block's burglar series, this is where it all really begins: THE BURGLAR WHO LIKED TO QUOTE KIPLING introduces Bernie's used bookstore; his comrade-at-arms and partner in crime, Carolyn Kaiser; the series' highbrow "celebrity" titles; and the concept of going after a prize of more than monetary value. Here it's a lost poem by Rudyard Kipling, and before the adventure is finished, the rare manuscript will be found, lost, and found again. Block manages to produce a great slapstick comedy without once sacrificing the air of menace and tension that hangs over the proceedings. By the time he pulls a fair and satisfying solution out of his hat, you want to stand and applaud. Readers of THE BURGLAR WHO LIKED TO QUOTE KIPLING are Block readers for life.
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on May 18, 2004
I have to honest to my fellow readers here what makes this series and this book so great is not the fact that the plot is good. The plot in and or itself is fairly mediocre and variations of it have been rehashed in mystery novels before. What makes the book so good is the wonderfully crafted characters(Bernie, Caroline, Ray Kershmen) and the fact that Lawrence Block is such a prolific writer. I mean I just love this guy he can make mundane activities like running from the police, hiding at a friends house and picking a lock into tremdosly funny activities. It is for that reason that I read this series and while I will continue to read it, all the way up to volume 20 hopefully.
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on May 8, 2001
Lawrence Block is a delightful story teller and Bernie is a grand creation. "The Burglar Who" series mix humor with a good old fashioned murder mystery. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes to laugh out loud while reading. I've read all the "Bernie" books and laughed out loud at each one. It seems Bernie only gets better with age. Mr. Block is wonderful - if he is anywhere near your town, go see him. It is an evening well spent.
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on March 8, 1999
What a dissapointment this book was. Lawrence Block's Matther Scudder novels are some of the best I've read. I can only wonder what happened. Perhaps these were early entries into the literary world, but after reading one Burgler book I wouldn't go out of my way to pick up another. But he has enough other things out there...I'd give Block's other characters a read before turning off and tuning out.
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on April 13, 2000
This was the first book of the series I read, and I found it hilarious as well as brilliant. The plot is exciting, and it prompted me to read the rest of the books in the series.
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on July 3, 1999
Bernie Rhodenbarr does everything with a bit of humor. He's a burglar, a private-eye, a philosopher, and he makes you smile through the whole book.
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