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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on November 18, 1998
I'm getting pretty tired of whiny, pouty, in-charge-of-it-all Arch....he's becoming quite a chip off the old block....I mean, really, if my ex-husband was beating up on me and breaking into my house, my kids would have a fit! They'd probably kill him...not whine when he landed in jail....
I liked the earlier Goldy books and I was happy when she found a great guy to marry, but, the story line with the Jerk and that bratty kid has worn pretty thin.
Goldy needs to realize that catering to every one of Arch's whims does him no service....who will care when he gets into the real world and he moves out or pouts for weeks on end.
I won't be reading any more Mott Davidson.
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on October 8, 2000
This is the first of Diane Mott Davidson's book that I have read and it will probably be my last one. I find her characters shallow and unrealistic. The plot of the mystery is confusing with too many extraneous characters, all with some prior relationship to the detective/cater Goldy. Most of her sleuthing is done in the middle of the night as she is unable to sleep. Is it believable that her cop husband sleeps through her midnight detective work with only a mild reprove to Goldy after the fact? I haven't tried the recipes but hopefully they are better than the mystery.
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on August 26, 2003
It was all I could do to listen to all of this book. As far as I am concerned Ms. Davidson goes over the top in this book in her treatment of the JERK and his rampages. He could show up far less often in this book to far better effect. So intensly mean and abusive is he that I had to turn off the tape and take a break from his tirades. For those who have not read it I will not say weather we see the last of him here. But in more recent books the adolescent Arch seems to take more and more after him. It is for that reason I will read no futher in the series.
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on November 13, 1998
Mott seems to have used every cliche known to the English language in this slow-moving novel. Her use of the word "pittance" to describe her child support was lacking. She would have been better served to say that it was her "reason for living" Now that's sarcasm. As a first and last time reader of Mott, I feel her story line moves slowly, and her ending is anti-climactic. If I had known I would be reading a cookbook, I would have chosen Fanny Farmer.
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on August 24, 1998
I find the constant descriptions of food (recipes,what she is currently eating, what she is serving,etc.)both annoying and tedious. I have put the book down several times for this reason. Although I am more than halfway through the book, I find myself wondering if I should bother to finish it.
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