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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on January 15, 2001
Raistlin, the evil archmage has defeated Thakisis and is now the God of Evil. His symbol, the hourglass is inprinted in the skies and Krynn is dying. The last two humans alive, Par-Salian and Astinus is held captive by the Evil God during his final attack on Paladine. Raistlin is succesful and soon there will be only him left to rule the deserted world in his madness.
Caramon and Taslehoff arrives in this time, two years after they left, and is the only hope for Krynns survival. With a thought to their timetravel devise they travel back in time to bring Raistlins mad plans to an end.
In this book, Tanis returns and team up with Car and Tas and Raistlins apprentice, Dalamar. And then they battle Lord Kitiaras last forces in due to get to the Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthas.
This book is great. It just is.
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on September 18, 1997
I first read this trilogy whan I was in Jr. high. I was entranced, enamored, captivated. So when I read it again earlier this year, I expected to be disappointed. I've read a lot of books since, and have significantly upped my normal level of reading.

But guess what. I still love it. Maybe it's nostalga. Maybe it's just a damn good book if you take it at face value. Sure, it's no great work of adult literature. But here's the thing - I cared about these characters. More than any other characters in any other books I've read, probably. When a book has that, much of the rest is forgettable and forgivable. If you read it in your youth and want a flashback, read it again. If you haven't, try it. This is one of few I've read more than once - have read it three times now!
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on February 3, 2000
Test of the Twins, was another terrific book written by two of the greatest authors I have ever read. I was first introduce to these authors by the first book in The Chronicles series, Dragons of Autumn Twilight, and I thought there could never be another series to match that one. I was wrong, the Legends trilogy, dare I say, surppassed the Chronicles. Here you are in another adventage with the twins, Carmon and Raistlin, and the irrepressable kender, Tasslehoff. Now, in this book it's the last and finale showdown between the twins. This book has everything a good book should have drama, comedy, terror, and ... love? This is a wonderful book in a long line of great books. In closeing all I have to say is Weis and Hichman, keep it going.
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on January 28, 2002
I believe that the ending to Test of the Twins was the best choice to be made, though I have grieved for days over Raistlin's death. It was only to be expected - the authors hinted it over and over in the earlier books, and in the end, I was still shocked.
Raistlin was cruel, cold-hearted, and undeniably evil, so why do so many young readers worldwide love him and believe in him as they do?
Perhaps, as stated by numerous FAQ's I have searched up on-line, it is because a bit of him lives in each of us. I'm sure not one of you has not yet felt jealousy, or perhaps even been mean to another. Yes, when it sums all of it up, Raistlin is without doubt the most famous Dragonlance character...
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on February 14, 1997
In this, the final installment of the DragonLance Legends, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman finished the story of the twins. They tell of Raistlin's journey through the Abyss, Caramon's knowledge of his brother's evil, and Tasselhoff's realization of life and it's tragedies. This book is an excellent example of perfect writing. As you read, you will be able to see yourself walking beside Raistlin, the sweet scent of rose petals and death in your nostrils. You may be trudging along beside Caramon in a life-less world, the mud sticking to you boots. Finally you could accompany Tanis and Dalamar, watching helplessly as Caramon enters the Abyss to deal with his brother, Raistlin
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on June 30, 1999
"The Test of the Twins" is an outstanding conclusion to the introduction of the Dragonlance Saga. As always, Weis and Hickman delight the reader with an adventure of epic proportions. The final conflict between the twins, Caramon and Raistlin, is not only a sibling dispute, but a clash of epic, and world changing proportions. This final volumn of the "War of the Lance" which began in the first book, "Dragons of Autumn Flame," reintroduces some of the most memorable characters from the first trilogy for an excellent end to the adventure. I was said to read the last pages! Luckily, this book is only the end, of the beginning.
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on January 2, 2002
This books was amazing. It was filled with humor, excitement, adventure, and some tragedy. It is the final book in the twins series, and what an end it was. The whole book kept me at the edge of my seat the entire time, i couldnt put this book down until i had finished it. I am sure most dragonlance fans have read this book, but if you havent, you are really missing out. This book brings to life the final struggle between the two twins, as well as their half-sister Kitiara, and even dalamar the dark elf. There is plenty of humor with Tas, full of excitement with all the characters. It is definately a good book, and a must read for all fantasy fans.
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on October 26, 2001
This book made me wipe like a kindergarten kid, until I ran out of Kleenex. It so hard to read about what happened to the brothers, who love each other more than anyone else in the world. It's so sad, that they cant be together. Until the very end I hoped that Raistlin will leave this insane idea of becoming a god and that he will share Crysania's love. Well, I missed... This book left me shivering and I couldn't sleep peacefully until I got "Dragons of Summmer Flame". You should buy it if you are a sensible person and you want to get over "The Test of the Twins". Otherwise, just get lots of Kleenex...
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on June 7, 1996
After the first two books in the Legends trilogy I wasn't certain if I should read the third or not. The first two were dull and depressing and all together a big dissapointment after reading the Chronicles trilogy. But fear not, Weis & Hickman complete the trilogy wonderfully. There's plenty of action, adventure, and magic, and it almost has the feel of the first trilogy (that's a good thing)! The ending is depressing, but if you go on to read The Second Generation and Dragons of Summer Flame, you'll discover things change (He's Baaack)! It's worth reading the first two just for this book - You won't be dissapointed
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on March 23, 2002
This is a fabulous ending to a fabulous trilogy. These books were far better than the war of the lance trilogy. This series is a wee bit depressing but it is still a very enjoyable read. I have read a lot of books from a lot of different writers and this trilogy ranks in my top ten favorite. If you enjoy fantastical fiction than you will enjoy this book. The plot is great but the characters were even better. The struggles and evolution they go through makes this book a masterful piece of art. I would say these books are worth buying because I've read them multiple times and still enjoy them. Buy these and Catseye.
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