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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on May 16, 2001
I have to say that I loved the beginning books of the Goldie series, but have found the last few completely lacking. The one thing that bothers me the most is that althought it has been over ten years since her first book, "Catering to No One", no one in Goldie's books has aged. In this particular book,she seems to have forgotten traits of the major characters. For example Marla (who is the best part of this series) a woman who has previously eschewed anytime of exercise is found skiing like an expert. Within the book she seems to forget the story line. For the first half of the book Goldie bemoans the closing of her kitchen because she can't afford the drains. Yet later, with no appparent influx of cash, the drain miraculously appear.
I suspect Ms. Davidson is working with a publisher who cares more about churning out the books then the quality of them. I hope that Ms. Davidson returns to the quality of her earlier books. Until then, I will be taking them out of the library rather than paying for them.
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on August 2, 2000
I am a faithful fan of Ms. Davidson, but this one I was glad that I got from the library instead of buying. The end was very abrupt and rushed like a high school paper with a great beginning and then it was time to turn in so she slapped an ending on it.
Goldy is beginning to be unrealistic the more I read. She doesn't even skip a beat when she is seriously hurt in an auto accident just goes into her kitchen to whip up some food. I would really ditch this woman if she were in my life...too many bad things happen to those in her life. There was no big thing that she killed a man and noses into things that are none of her business. How many times has she been told to keep her nose out? Most people would start to think that her obstruction of justice and her many brushes with trouble would make her guilty by association.
It was a nice easy read just very frustrating that the book seems to tries to end everything in the last 5 pages. It did however like most of her books make me want to go into the kitchen and cook. She does need to learn to deal with her son. Her cleaning up his botched experiement and Arch in general is just off. Although it has been awhile since I was around 14 year olds.
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on April 6, 2000
Although a recipe for successful cookies is a good act to follow, a recipe for a cookie cutter mystery is no mystery at all. I have enjoyed Ms. Davidson's previous novels with a healthy appetite, always looking to return to her good cooking. But neither her recipes (my, goodness, Velveta! I'd rather have her recipe for meatballs.) nor her writing are at all tasty in this hastily thrown together goulash. Characters pop in and out (Marla, Julian, Tom) with no explanation and no reason except some nod to her loyal readers. A newcomer to this venue would be baffled by their ties to this self-centered caterer.
And you know, this COULD have been a killer recipe -- good villain, multiple suspects, a friend in trouble, good setting, and good descriptions. But the book is much too insubstantial and the characters mere meringue.
I hope that next time the author goes for more solid fare with much improved character development and motivation, better dialogue, and some stick to your ribs recipes.
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on July 20, 2000
I've read several of Diane Mott Davidson's Goldy Schultz mysteries, and find that they run along the same trail--someone gets murdered, and Goldy divides her time between investigating the murder and whipping up delicious food. "Tough Cookie" is no great departure from the formula. Everyone has their roles to play, and play them they do--from Goldy's brassy friend Marla to Goldy's abusive ex-husband (whose menacing appearances often jarringly distract from the rest of the story, which despite the murders and other goings-on tend to be quite fluffy). Why anyone would want to live in Aspen Meadows, which must have the highest per-capita murder rate in America judging by the books, is beyond me! Still, a pleasant read for those who like their murder mysteries on the lighter side. Good recipes, too.
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on May 8, 2000
A faithful reader and re-reader of DMD's books, I eagerly awaited "Tough Cookie", as I have all of her "Goldy the Caterer" series. This one, though, failed to deliver.
Many of her recipes seemed uninspired, the plot boring and the new characters very one-dimensional. This book seemed like it was written in a hurry, to meet a publisher's deadline, and with little imagination.
I did enjoy the setting of a ski resort; I've never been to Colorado but DMD's descriptions are always wonderful and vivid. I feel like I would recognize that part of the country if I visited, just from reading her books.
Normally I try to buy her books for the recipes; with this one, I wouldn't bother.
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on April 23, 2000
The recipies are better than the plot. Chocolate Coma Cookies are wonderful, good as a muffin batter too... does anyone miss the shrimp currry recipe? It sounds awesome!
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