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2.8 out of 5 stars44
2.8 out of 5 stars
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on November 22, 1999
I am surprised at the quite negative criticism this film has received. While not as good as the first FDTD movie, this is a perfectly respect- able direct to video horror production, far better than most direct to video releases. Not so bad as I had been led to believe, gory and lively, nicely photographed and pleasantly over the top, with some good bits of business scattered through the script. The cast is a nice mix of old familiar faces and B-movie stars, I especially liked Raymond Cruz and that old reliable Bo Hopkins ("The Wild Bunch") as well as the ever popular Danny Trejo. No masterpiece, but a fun rental I'll certainly watch more than once.
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Such a subpar effort that it doesnt deserve to be released. Why the producers decided to tag the "Dusk til Dawn" logo on this crap is obvious, they needed to make a quick bug. If you are a fan of the original, you'll be hard pressed to find anything tying the 2 movies together except for the inclusion of " The Titty Twister" from the first film and it only makes a cameo, if you can imagine that. This film lacks the intelligent scripting, funny action and great F/X of the original and replaces it with no F/X and cheesy action you've seen a hundred times before from a no name director I've never heard of. Save your money!
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on December 6, 2002
This film has its moments, but it is otherwise a lost sequel to the awesome original from Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarentino. This film focuses on a group of bank robbers who decide to knock off a score one night. But things go wrong when one is bitten by a vampire and soon the body count rises. Robert Patrick is so-so as our hero, who suspects something's wrong immediately. Some neat camera tricks and plenty of violence abound, but this is mostly a flat delivery and a cheap imitation to the first one. However, the film's opening is excellent with Bruce Campbell in a cameo being terrorized by hordes of bats. This is the film's best moment.
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on October 31, 2000
It seems Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodrigues wanted to make a franchise series without any thought apart from trying to milk money out of unsuspecting filmgoers. This and the 3rd installment went straight to video so they knew the sequels were not up to par with the original. FDTD 2 is very predictable so there are no surprises, not even the gory vampire killings. The only reason to watch this movie (especially if you're a male) is to see Playboy Playmate Maria Checa in a brief supporting role in which she is killed in a shower scene directly ripped off from Hitchcock's PSYCHO.
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on January 25, 2000
I watched this movie with a bunch of friends expecting it to be of a similar quality to the original - how wrong we were! This movie was dire, the "Plot", if thats what you want to call it looked like the actors made it up as they went along, most of the lines sounded "ad lib" and the bats looked like they were hanging from pieces of elastic band. The effects were bad even for a B movie, I could go on forever picking this mvie to pieces, but I dont have the time or space to do so, the verall quality looked like something from a low budget tv station. Avoid!
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on January 31, 2000
I have read a lot of mixed reviews about this movie and after watching it myself I would say that it is a good film but really I am not a great fan of prequels as they are generally cheap immitations. With an exeption this film was along the same plot and the geko brothers get a little mention, filled with vampires yet again, but some fail to realise that this is a PREQUEL ! So they are thinking how come the bar is open and rebuilt again ! Dusk till Dawn rocks can't wait for Dusk Till Dawn 3 - 'Hang Mans Daughter'
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on October 6, 1999
This film is both funny and gory. Being a fan of the original and of the director, Scott Speigel, I had to see this film. True, the Tarantino dialog isn't there, but the humor, gore, action, bullets, explosions,stunts, and outrageous direction more than make up for it. Spiegel used this same type of direction for his slasher bloodfest Intruder. I found it entertaining and was very pleased to see Bo Hopkins still going strong. This is fun logic required; just sit back and enjoy the action.
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on February 14, 2001
This movie is such an awful mistake. From Dusk Til Dawn was one of the best movies I've ever seen, to bring it down with ... like this is so wrong. If you saw the first, please, please, please do NOT see this!! The camera work is shocking, the story line is a flop and the acting (if you can call it that) is so weak that nothing could save it. Don't waste your time on this movie, try dropping a brick on your foot insted, it would be less painful.
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on July 30, 1999
VERY campy movie that really sucked so badly that I can't believe that work was actually put into it(it certainly doesn't seem like it). No special effects AT ALL but for the opening scene with bats. All the vampires had were green eyes AND THAT WAS IT!. The video store clerk told me it was awful beyond anything we have seen before. We both LOVED the first one though. DONT RENT THIS AND I WILL FEEL AS THOUGH I HAVE SERVED MY PUPOSE!
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on June 17, 1999
From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money is an okay movie, but the name From Dusk Till Dawn should have notbeen on this movie, because it is not as good and does NOT deserve the name. I wish Tarantino would have wrote the sequel so that way it would have at least had a chance to be better or as good as the first! George Cloony's character would have been a good thing to have in the sequel also! Thank you, Mike
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