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on February 8, 2009
I'm a guy and actually bought this book for myself (rather than getting it as a gift or bought for me by my wife). Was this book really written by a guy? Facts are wrong, information is dated, and the guy is an over sensitive neurotic. Freeze your placenta? Jealousy? Extramarital affairs? I did this...I did that...look at me...look at me.... Yikes.

Can I get my money back? Can I swear?
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on May 16, 2002
It's hard to describe this book without insulting the author for this ridiculous and shallow work; indeed, I often felt my intelligence insulted when I read it. It adopts the most demeaning and infantile attitude towards the men who are supposed to read it: as if we need to be continuously reminded that pregnancy and birth are life-changing events, and the book often stupidly reminds its supposed audience that our wives' experiences are physiological and emotional or that we men have roles to play.
The book's least-common-intelligence tone can be appreciated in 3 minutes by leafing through the stupid and unnecessary cartoons that provide filler to expand the book. They aptly appeal to an audience with short attention spans and a hunger for pointless diversion--and they rarely have anything to do with the book!
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on November 19, 2006
I bought this book for my husband, thinking 'aww' a book especially for him. My husband hated it. And on reading so did I. The author obviously has a very usual relationship with his wife as he often talks about feelings of jealously between them. Its very unusual. For example "when you feel the baby kicks your wife might feel jealous as so far its been her private pregnancy"! How ridiculous how would jealousy ever come into it! The book assumes all men are concerned about is finances - it has pages and pages on money, insurance etc. there is nothing much about the joys you feel as a father. If your husband is kind hearted, honest and is truly looking forward to pregnancy and the birth of his child I would advise not to buy this book. The tone is very negative and some of the statements and assumptions about what "men" and "women", are very generalised bordering on ridiculous ie "your partner might be worried that you're going to leave her" what the heck?. It seems very personally related to the authors experience, and is simply selling because it is one of the only books packaged to be directly aimed at men. I would suggest the book "the birth partner" it is for men/the partner and is written in a matter of fact and open way (the author is not overly emotionally involved) - getting you to ask questions about how you would feel about certain situations rather than dictating how you do feel. READ THE OTHER 1 STAR REVIEWS FOR THIS BOOK AND YOU'LL SEE EXACTLY WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!
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on July 21, 2002
This book does include some practical guidance for men, but smothered in 1970s-era sensitivity. The author strikes me as a prissy "new-ager". So far, I've waded through dozens of hints of how to share in my wife's experience - making a plaster cast of her belly, taking bottoms-up photos to record her progress... My wife would kill me.
Then there's the chapter suggesting sneaking the placenta out of the hospital for a ceremonial burial.
Meanwhile, the health advice is the type of puritan consciousness one would expect of placenta-worshippers. Your job, as the expectant father, is to monitor your wife's diet so she gets plenty of the low-fat grains we all know she needs. In fact, if you want to bring her a treat, the book suggests "her favorite frozen yogurt". Obviously, Ben and Jerry's is on the bad list with Jack Daniels and Marlboros.
The rest of the practical advice is rather thin and available from many other sources. As other reviews note, some of the health advice seems erroneous or incomplete. Advice on financial and insurance matters is useful but sketchy enough to make this book insufficient on its own.
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on June 5, 2002
My husband bought this book, and I read it just to see if I could get more info on what HE'S feeling while I'm pregnant... I was not impressed. The author almost shoves the pregnant woman entirely out of the picture, and wastes pages on telling men how baby showers are a total jinx and that the term "coach" is demeaning. He also mentions several medical facts that were completely wrong.
If I were a man, I'd feel very "talked down to" by this book. Heck, I feel "talked down to" and I'm not even SUPPOSED to be reading it!
I think what bothered me most about this book is that the entire pregnancy and birth process was shown as something completely one-sided... It almost felt as if the author was saying that EVERYTHING depends on the father and that the woman's only really there to do a couple hours' worth of labor. I make a POINT of reading only books that focus on the fact that there are two EQUALLY IMPORTANT sides of this process - me AND my husband. This book is not such a book.
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on August 13, 2003
I got this book for my husband, hoping it would help him to understand and participate in our pregnancy. Instead, it has turned out to be a source of comic relief! That anyone can take this book seriously is laughable. I was amazed to find that it had been updated in the last 10 years, with many references to outdated hospital procedures and research. Not to mention that it simply does not appeal to its target market - recommending men "cool off" from frustrating encounters with their pregnant partners by "writing in a journal" and other such atypical male behaviors. Men who are that in touch with their partners and themselves should read more informative selections that are not watered down for naive fathers-to-be! All in all, if you need a laugh, this is the book for you. If you are serious about understanding the pregnancy, go for something else, perhaps "The Birth Partner" by Penny Simkin.
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on May 6, 2002
The inane cartoons that rarely have much pertinence to the topic set the tone for this trite book that factually tells you less than one could imagine. This book is written for the barely literate neanderthal who needs to be reminded that your pregnant wife should be treated with consideration or that you might care about the development of your embryonic child: it's full of the most obvious commonsense "ideas" and more filler than I can stomach. That such a worthless book should be published says much about how few books there are for expectant fathers.
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on October 26, 2003
Absolutely terriable. This book seems outdated. From how he describes his pregnancy test it doesn't sound like he's gone through the process since the 1970s. In many cases his comments just seem stupid. I quit reading after he devoted a whole page to saying that he took his placenta home, stored it in the freezer (along with some of his friends placentas...) then buried them and planted a tree over them. Hope he doesn't grab the wrong item when going in for leftovers...
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on November 9, 2002
Somehow this guy has decided that parenthood is all about HIM. He is caught up in jealousy, insecurity, and misinformation. He has decided that his goal should be to be a pain in the [rear] to all around him. I was truly annoyed by him and could not get through this book. I was reminded that if I try to be a good dad I will be a good dad and I don't need some fool to tell me how to do that.
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on June 8, 2001
The Expectant Father by Armin Brott is one of the worst books on fatherhood I read in preparation to become a dad. There is very little in the way of concrete, usable information and the tone of the book is extremely patronizing. I got this book from my wife and after reading it, I wished she hadn't spent the money on it; burning the money would have been a better use for it.
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