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on March 21, 2010
I bought this book as I have a new baby and 3 older children. The recipes are easy, the information informative and the instructions clear. I HIGHLY recommend this book to all new moms. Especially ones like me who don't have a lot of time and need something easy and fast to make. I make the recipes and freeze them in cubes. So much cheaper than buying baby food.
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on April 14, 2004
I bought this book hoping to find some fresh ideas for feeding my kids. Bingo. The recipes are fabulous, and definitely worth the $ paid for the rest of the book. I found the book itself to be very preachy about buying organic, which I found odd because chances are if you buy this book, you are already buying organic. As it is, I do not shop organic, and the book certainly did nothing to particularily sway me in that direction.
I guess the bottom line is to skip the filler in this book and head right to the recipes- you won't be disappointed.
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on February 10, 2004
This is an easy to read book with fabulous pictures of very delicious foods. This book is a good resource for nutritious meals for your children. However, Ms. Vann gives poor information on the most important first food for children- breast milk. Her information on weaning is on the page for 4 to 7 month old babies, which implies this is when they should be weaned. A question is posed to her in this book. A mother is asking if she should switch from breastmilk to formula when she returns to work. Ms. Vann says she should switch BEFORE she returns to work. For a book so concerned with optimum nutrition, one would think that she would place more importance on the necessity of breastmilk as the most important basis for health, rather than declaring organic foods to be above this. She also states that food should be given before breastmilk to set children up for healthy eating habits. Breastmilk, in fact, should be the only source of nutrition for the first 6 months, and supplemental foods should compliment this thereafter for the first year.
The author also does not seem to be well informed of the optimal length breastfeeding should continue. The World Health Organization along with UNICEF recommmends that breastfeeding continue to age two and beyond. Ms. Vann mentions some cultures breastfeed for this long only when there is inadequate food available.
This book has some useful recipes but I would not recommend it to anyone based on the poor information on breastfeeding. After all, a babies FIRST food has the biggest impact on a child's health!
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on September 1, 2003
This is a gorgeous cookbook and looks to have some yummy recipes but it doesn't have much information in it about preparing your own baby food. ORGANIC BABY would be best to supplement other baby food cookbooks or for someone planning on preparing only occassional meals for the infant/toddler.
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on July 17, 2003
I've been making all of my daughter's baby food since she began eating solids and this is one of the two cookbooks I use regularly. She has loved everything I have made out of it - the pasta dishes are her favorite. She also loves the oatmeal and fruit breakfasts which are very easy to make. Each recipe also gives storage information. My only complaint is that she doesn't suggest waiting a few days between introducing new foods (her recipe for first veggies has about 5 different vegetables). This has been a great help in feeding my daughter healthy food. We still use jars sometimes but most of the time we pull this book out.
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on May 27, 2003
I wish I bought this book sooner! It is just simply a great cookbook with plenty of healthy recipes. The photographs are great. The recipes are easy to make. The author lets you know which ones can be kept in the freezer and for how long. I found plenty of ideas in it for my 1 and 5 year old. Definitely worth buing!
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on October 11, 2002
Even if you do not have access to an "organic" store this book is a great recipe resource and also provides easy low cost ways to begin organic.
One of the best things about the book is that the foods are quite different from what you would find in the store or at most restuarants and to see your child take to these foods (as well as you) is simply wonderful.
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on September 8, 2002
First let me say that there are MANY great sections on nutrition and how to feed your baby/toddler well with wonderful organic foods. Also, the recipes are excellent and my son has enjoyed almost all of the dishes I have made from this book. In some cases the portion sizes and methods are a bit impractical, but she includes prep/cook times and serving suggestions.
The first recipe I decided to make for my son was a pasta dish (I bought this book when he was over a year old), and when I looked at the ingredients I realized it was for a SINGLE serving (for a 10 month old). So,I have just decided to make larger portions and freeze some of the leftovers.
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on September 17, 2001
Hi! I wrote the book to introduce new parents to the delight of feeding their children tasty combinations of healthy ingredients that are combined in ways to make sure they get the nutrients they need. At Baby Organix we've always followed a philosophy of 'The Parent has a Right to Know what they are feeding their Child' so here's our contribution to how to make babyfoods - its so simple!
As well as the recipes there are chapters about how to buy, store and prepare organic ingredients, and menu planners and child development information. I've tried to make it fun and informative about organic food as well as appealing with lots of food values and cooking tips. I hope you enjoy it.
I'd welcome all your comments about the recipes and any other way in which the book could be improved. ....
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on July 30, 2001
Like most books published by Dorling & Kindersley this book is a pleasure to read because of the high quality paper and plenty of colour photographs. It is well written and clearly explains the importance of organic food for babies and toddlers. There are many recipes that are original and creative, not just the standard baby food you'd expect. The only thing that was disappointing is that the book did not contain more recipes.
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