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on January 13, 2013
This was the first book I read about ux and it made me become a UX designer! It's that good
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on February 14, 2005
Geez, I wish every web designer would read this book. Most websites are just terrible. It's true, who wants to think when they just want to find information or use a website. Excellently written book. Another book that is great is called The System by Roy Valentine. It's a must read!
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on July 5, 2004
This book should be required reading for not only web designers, but anyone who owns a website. The book was a bit on the thin side and when I got it I thought it should have been thicker for the money. I was wrong.
This book takes you through every facet of usability and is as applicable to a single person with one site as it is to a multi-level corporation who owns 30 sites. His writing style is fun and humorous and the book is an easy read.
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on June 23, 2004
If there's a book to use when introducing someone to the ideas of usability on the Web, I'd have to say that I think this is it. Not Nielsen, and not Cooper (at least not to start with). Steve Krug's "Don't Make Me Think" has the most no-nonsense and easy-to-follow approach I think I've ever seen, and best of all, he makes SENSE.

First of all, Krug deconstructs some of the sites we all know and use often, and he does so to help us see what we should be doing, as well as what we should not. I remember being especially impressed with his in-depth analysis of's navigation scheme (Chapter 6 - "Street Signs and Breadcrumbs"), from the use of tabs to the structure of the sub-navigation to color changes, he covers it all with a sense of humor, clear pictorial examples, a sharp eye for detail, and a clear concise explanation of what works and why. The reader is left with a greater understanding of not only why Amazon has been so successful, but also what choices they made that helped them find this solution.

The chapter on usability testing (Chapter 9 - "Usability Testing on 10 cents a day") was another fine example of clear communication and great ideas. Krug's breakdown of how the usability process should be conducted, and why it's needed in the first place, is concise and not preachy, as some usability authors are, and it really gives the reader an excellent idea of how they can fit usability into their process. This is probably the best way to "sell" usability to someone, and he does a great job of it.

The whole book is like that, really, but those chapters were highlights in the book for me. His ideas on simplicity of presentation and home page design were also well-taken, both as a designer and as someone who uses the web. Perhaps that is what makes his book so excellent, is that really, anyone could get something out of it. Whether it's the person who surfs the web now and again or the one who designs the pages for it or the one who's paying for the person to design pages for it, anyone could read this book and benefit from it, without having to wade through piles of needless verbage or proselytizing.

In the end, "Don't Make Me Think" seems to be an example of what it advises... it keeps things simple and accessible for a wide variety of people, and thereby makes itself useful as an excellent resource. The next time someone asks me what Web usability is all about, this is the first book I'll be recommending to them.
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on June 22, 2004
This book is a definite MUST HAVE for any website designer, newbie to web design and anyone and everyone who has an online business. Simple, easy to understand visuals compliment the text, which is written in a very simplistic manner. This book is wonderful - magnificent - excellent, and will help you greatly understand the elements of successful web design. I've used it to consistently update my own website, at:
If you don't have this book, you're missing out on your single-most-important investment in your professional life!
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on June 16, 2004
Some products are hard to improve upon. For example, I believe cars will have 4 wheels for centuries to come despite the fact that it is possible to produce cars with 3 or 5 wheels.
This book, in a similar fashion, is hard to improve upon. The title summarizes the most important web usability principle there is. However, from my own 5 year experience as a web designer and developer, I know that that is the hardest for a client to accept. Clients sometimes want to go for the most complicated and busy type of designs since otherwise they think they are not getting their "money's worth." They sometimes don't understand that we are actually designing these web sites not for them but for their customers/users. And once the users start to think, they are gone. They click and disappear.
This short book that you can read within an hour or two makes such good sense that it should be required reading in every web design class.
Especially important for me were the last chapters on testing, busting one myth after another, and explaining the merits of "going-out-of-business-sale usability testing."
The blow-by-blow sample usability test session in Chapter 10 is invaluable for all small business owners who cannot afford big-budget testing performed by third parties.
Designing a web site before reading this book should be declared illegal all across the English-speaking world. Buy it today, keep it next to your keyboard and flip through it once a month.
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on June 13, 2004
This book is one of the most magnificently written books I've ever read. It's written in such an easy to understand way, and in simple terms so that EVERYONE can understand it! There are tons of helpful tips in how to design the best website ever. As part of a Women's World-wide organization, as well as an Entrepreneur, this book helped me to take another 'look' at my website and do some serious make-overs! I will continue to use this book on a weekly basis to keep referencing back to it for some website pointers for my site @
If you don't own this book - buy it now. It will definitely become one of the most valuable items in your home office!
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on May 20, 2004
I have been either programming or designing functionality for websites for almost 10 years. This book was the wake up call I needed. I can honestly say it has completely changed the way I think about what I do. While most of what is in the book does seem obvious, sometimes it takes having someone tell you these things to realize their importance. I like this book so much I recommended it to everyone I work with and picked up all of the books in the recommended further reading section. All I can say is read this book if you are a designer, developer, or business analyst!
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on May 3, 2004
I'll make it simple, like this book's title :)
1. GREAT BOOK! Worth to collect if you're someone involved in web design
2. Easy to read, both the language & the lay out
3. Good for professionals both amateurs
So? What're you waiting for?
Monika Tanu
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on April 16, 2004
I loved this book, it was simple to read, funny, and informative. Not only have I used it for my University degree, I've used the principles in my work too!
Highly reccomended.
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