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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on May 5, 2002
This may sound terrible, but I've always believed that the reason this book has always been such a great introduction to astrology for those who know nothing about it, is that it gives them an answer to the question, "What's in it for me?"
"Linda Goodman's Sun Signs" is primarily about the usefulness of knowing the twelve Sun signs. A man interested in a Taurus woman can read about the best ways to woo her. A woman being courted by a Pisces man can read a pretty accurate description of what kind of husband he will be. Parents expecting a Libra baby or raising a Sagittarian teenager can read about the different parenting styles each child needs. Someone about to work for an Aquarian boss can read about the kind of shocks to prepare for. A manager at a loss over a Gemini employee can become enlightened about the nature of the Twins.
In her humorous, witty style, Linda Goodman gives the Sun sign information to readers and leaves the application of this new knowledge up to them. If they like, readers can stick to making simple decisions, like selecting Christmas presents (the Scorpio child who likes to probe the mysteries of science gets the chemistry set; the Cancerian man who likes to remember happy moments gets the camera; the Leo woman who adores being pampered gets the gift certificate for a facial at the most expensive spa you can find).
Yet the main reason for being familiar with the twelve Sun signs is still so that we can become more compassionate with others and more enlightened when it comes to ourselves. Of course, one's Sun sign is not the only determinant of one's personality and actions, as Goodman explains in her Introduction, but it is accurate 80 to 90% of the time. Still, the greatest determinant of all remains one's Higher Self, which is above any natal chart. To those with free will, the stars never compel; they can only incline.
So to those who ask, "What's in it for me?" this book's enduring reply is, "That's up to you."
For all its good points, "Linda Goodman's Sun Signs" is not half as illuminating as "Linda Goodman's Love Signs", which brilliantly discusses the broad-spectrum karma of each individual Sun sign and each Sun sign combination. I highly recommend both books.
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on March 11, 2005
Dear Sir/Madam
I'm very impressed with Ms Goodman's work and would like to email her directly if possible. Please could I have her email address? I have a couple of questions to ask her? I also need to purchase her latest book (A New Approach to the Human Heart) - unfortunately I cannot find it any where in my local bookstores.
Do you have any idea where I can get this book? Please advise.
Your assistance in this regard will be greatly appreciated.
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on April 21, 2004
I have about 50 - 100 books on Astrology, yet this remains the best one in my collection. I constantly buy and have extra copies on hand at all times to hand out to friends that relate an interest in this field.
Being an atheist, I was one who did not like to beleive in mumbo jumbo like religion or astrology. Like most, I thought of astrology as the "fortune cookie" quotes that would apear in the paper every day telling you if you were going to be rich, or get a new job or lover. Well, turns out that Astrology is the science of personality traits, NOT predicting the future.
The Astrology section in your local paper IS mumbo jumbo, and has the same acuracy as a fortune cookie.
This book does not tell you if you are going to be rich or predict your future, it just describes personality traits of people.
How can the day you were born on determine your personality? It works the other way around, your personality genes determine what day you are born. But we all know that, for instance, two brothers raised by the same parents and upbringing can have completely different personalities, so that really has nothing to do with your personality at all. You can try hard to change behaviors like being impatient, practical, emotional, critical, but all this is part of your genetic makeup, no different than your eye color or other things you can't change about yourself.
Talking to a stranger many years ago, after just a few minutes of talking, she was able to tell me what Astrology sign I was, and was correct. She got my attention, recomended this book, and now I am able to guess people's astrology signs many times and also recomend this book now.
What makes this book great, is that it has seperate personality traits for males and females of the same sign, and traits for children, bosses, and employees. Get a new job? Find out your bosses birthday, then look him up in this book to find out the best way to ask this type of person for a raise, or what he likes or dislikes in his employees. Or for the employer, find out the same about your employees.
Instead of reading this book from front to back, you want to think of your best friends and family members, then read the chapters about them and see how scary close the descriptions really are.
After a while, when you know at least a few people of every sign, when you meet someone new, and find out their birthday, you just think about the other people you know with that sign, and you instantly know a lot about this person you never met before, because they will react and behave in the same way.
The other reason this book is a must, is that the cut off days that give the end of one sign, and the start of the next sign is exactly right from my experience. Many books will differ on dates, and I have known some people who say they don't know which sign they are, because some books say they are this, and other books say they are that, but knowing them after a while, it is not hard to see which one they actually are, and this book has always been acurate with the dates, when comparing to actual people I have known that are on those border dates.
In fact, there has been an argument over if Hitler was an Aries or a Taurus, because his birthday is on April 20th. Some books include that as Taurus, this book and some others include it as Aries. Having researched Hitler extensively over the past few years, and just having read about his youth from his childhood friend, there is no doubt he was an Aries, and that again jives with this book.
I have read through most of the astrology books available, and none come as acurate and close as this book does. Linda Goodman was a genius in this field, and it is sad she is no longer with us.
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on January 9, 2002
Very often the people who believe in astrology know little about it and the people who are critical of astrology know even less about it! that was a quote by grant lewi,another great astrologer.The aim of Linda s book Sun Signs is to enlighten both believers and non believers about astrology. In a witty , entertaining and shockingly accurate way, she describes all 12 sun signs & has included 5 main classifications under each sign (man ,woman ,child, employer,employee,) so you could learn how to deal with anyone from your Aquarian boss to a Leo child.Although "Sun Signs"is an excellent base for anyone , you must remember that it is not wholly accurate as it can't take into account the various other aspects of a person ;for eg: a Piscean with a Leo moon is more aggressive than a Piscean with a
cancerian moon.therefore you might not feel that the description of your sign fits you completely.Still, this book remains one of the all time astro classics as it can convince even the sceptic about the accuracy and usefulness of astrology when it comes to understanding others.
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on February 3, 2001
I remember reading this book years ago! And I do mean years! I was probably 16 or 17 years old. Why would that be important for a review? Because I understood it then, and refer back to it now. In fact I am on my 3rd copy! 1st one, because of all the use, fell apart. 2nd one, lent out and was so good never came back. 3rd one, sits on my bookcase in the area designed for most frequently used books. Sun Signs describes the Suns aspects on ones personalities for everyone in your life. Boss, Male, Female, Child. And very darn accurate if I may add. The reading is kept simple while staying informative. Personally, I don't want to learn how to perform astrology on someone, I just like to read the characteristics. Trine and Seventh Houses overwhelm me! This book is terrific if thats what you are after. I have to say, it helped me to learn where someone is coming from, the way they view life, and the best way to manage my interactions with them. So by understanding where that person in your life is operating from, your encounters can be on a more positive note. As far as enchancing myself and my life, it helped there as well. I am a Sag. When I read this book eons ago, I recall reading about the Sag woman. I was barely a woman at 16 but thats the chapter I read just the same! heehee I recall reading how sometimes a Sag can wound others with their words...they do not mean to do so, but they do. And whether intentional or not, wounds hurt. Even at the young age of 16, upon reading that description, from this book, it aided me to weigh my words just a bit more! Havent conquered this totally quite yet! hahaha But Linda Goodmans insightful words sure did help. Recommend adding this to your collection strongly. I could promise, it'll be dog eared and picked up time and time again!
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on February 3, 2001
This is probably the best book on astrology. Linda Goodman seems to characterize most sun signs well. Every sign has a man, woman and child profile. For example, leo man, leo woman and leo child. The descriptions are fun to read. It helps me understand certain behavior from other people (which is sometimes irritating to say the least) The major criticism is that Linda seems to have a preconceived notion about certain things. For instance, on her web site, it is said "Presidents should be never from a mutable sign." And then she goes on to say why Lyndon Johnson and Kennedy were not suitable for the president's post. I for one, believe that hard work will yield the results, not the sun sign you were born under and who is Linda to decide who is a fit or misfit? We all saw how a fire sign (Linda is fond of saying she is a "double" aries fire sign) president did ! (Bill Clinton) Just keep in mind that a sun sign (or a moon sign or star sign) cannot pigeonhole people. The fact is people are JUST TOO UNIQUE. They ARE CAPABLE of doing whatever they SET THEIR MINDS ON.
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on October 31, 2000
I was skeptical about astrology until I read this book.It converted me, and I got into a serious study of the subject.When I read about my sun sign (Aquarius) in this book I was bowled over by Linda's penetrating observations.Astrology tells us much more about personality than psychology ever can, especially when it is made so accessible by Linda.She writes in a very readable manner, and has an enormous appreciation of the quirks and foibles of human nature.Linda gives generous servings of a delicious sense of humor.For example, many Librans, she says, have dimpled knees, "but be careful.Very few girls will believe you when you tell them that you were staring at their knees 'because I want to see if you were born in October.'"Linda presents a rundown of how males and females of each sign act in a romantic situation.Men can learn much from this book because Linda has the knack of showing the more subtle aspects of relationship from a female point of view.For example, one way, she says, of attracting a Cancer man is to "Wear one of those bracelets made of foreign coins.That will strike two sensitive chords - travel to faraway places - and cash." In the book are many helpful hints for lovers, tailored for each sun sign.As Linda says in her introduction, she believes people can be more tolerant of others if they understand them through astrology.This book is informative and a joy to read.The world today is too conformist.Linda makes you realize how wonderful and wacky people can be, and we need all people to enrich life by living out their star-spun destinies.
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on May 13, 1999
Linda was a true teacher. Her books, every last one of them, are spiritual primers of the highest order and for those, who want to take their seeking to a higher level, her books will give you the required , preparatory grounding and introduction. And from there, you take it to whatever level you want to go to. I cannot recommend them highly enough to anyone. The mysteries of "Gooberz" got to me in the deepest, most profoundest sense, and I desperately needed answers to some of the myriad of questions it raised and was able to locate her former next-door neighbor, Ruth Cook in Cripple Creek, mentioned in that book. Linda passed on in October 1995 from adult onset diabetes and the mystery of Sally as mentioned in "Love Signs" and "Star Signs" was never fully solved. A body was discovered but Linda never accepted the results. Her twin married that cool-sure-Scorpio mentioned in Gooberz. As for her literary legacy, it's in the hands of a company now, which produced "Relationship Signs". Though that book is quite good in understanding the synastry of charts between two persons, reading it, one is immediately struck by the fact that it's not Linda writing. This is further exacerbated by some glaring astrological mistakes, and quite frankly, I don't think Linda would have been so sloppy. Some of the sentences are definitely her's, while the rest of it is patched up together and for the less-discerning reader to come off as Linda speaking. The real Linda Goodman magic, with her innate ability to click with the reader simply isn't there. Which brings into question the authenticity of future Linda Goodman books, my own feeling is try as that company might, those books won't fly. Linda's not here but her spirit lives on and I think she would want us to take her work and push it and take it to a higher level, whatever that level may be. I don't think she meant us to be spoon-fed and perhaps the lesson of her death despite "Physical Immortality" as per "Star Signs" was for us to keep learning on our own. If there is anyone out there with more info. on Linda and her life, please do contact me. GET ALL HER BOOKS, THEY ARE WORTH IT!
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on March 5, 1998
I have referred to this book over & over for 25 years. every time i have fallen in love-your words endeared me to him. when i fell out of love & luck-your words rang true. they made me like & respect myself again. you have a loving poignant inner sight into the positive side of humanity. when my wheels spin and i feel calloused and cavalier-i need your perspective.
who else would say "hitch your wagon to a star"
words of hope and joy that will ring true through the ages. when i first picked up the book-it was a fad to be into astrology. but when i found myself or someone dear to me in need of inspiration and a sense of self-worth, i once again turn to "the sun signs"
if i had one goal in my life, it would be to write words that would echo true the timeless gift of loving one's fellow man-the way you did Linda.
Wherever you are, you are one of my heroes.
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on August 8, 2002
Contents summary: The Sun interpreted in the twelve signs of the zodiac (528pp). Each sign placement's interpretation is subdivided into six sections, covering its general, male, female, child, employer and employee manifestations.

By far the lengthiest Sun sign portraits ever written, dating from 1968 and still unsurpassed quantitatively although arguably superseded qualitatively. Comedic and chatty writing, awash with poetic licence and sometimes seems rose-tinted; a dated style you may love or hate, but the writing itself is selectively very observationally insightful without being heavy on psychology or overly distracted by mythology. Fine for its purpose; inspiring for astrological sceptics and beginners, and worth reading from beginning to end in order to increase familiarity with the Sun signs, though not the last word in understanding them.
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