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1.7 out of 5 stars
1.7 out of 5 stars
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on July 19, 2004
I'd just like to list the main characters, mentioning who they were, and who they now are.
Rand Before: Used to be caring (remember how he made Bela run for Egwene?),yet strong willed, and an overall good-guy. Remember when most of the story was about him?
Rand Now: Absolutely does not care what anyone says or thinks, and does whatever he wants to whoever he wants. Not even 3% of this book concerns him.
Perrin Before: Big, strong, gentle. Took his time to think about things, never did anything rash. Didn't like to be in charge, but took control when he had to.
Perrin Now: Rash, angry, pushes people around, cares about nothing else but Faile...NOTHING ELSE.
Egwene Before: Smart (she could read people like nothing else), strong willed, seeking adventure - generally fun-loving
Egwene Now: So, so, so stupid. I mean, those flaming headaches come along ONLY when her Saidin infested servant girl is around, and angry at her (sometimes AT THE EXACT MOMENT OF HER DISPLEASURE), and only her Saidin infested servant girl can make them go away, AND whenever her Saidin infested servant girl is out late, someone dies FROM SAIDIN! I just can't take her stupidness.
Nynaeve Before: VERY strong willed, kind of a witch, but generally good intentioned. Quite mature.
Nynaeve Now: As all the characters 'matured', in a sense (they no longer think about things that are juvenile, generally), Nynaeve has actually de-matured. She runs around like a giddy school girl now, doing anything anyone tells her to, and swooning over Lan. I mean, the only time you see her in this book is watching Lan practice sword-fighting, where she is described as practically 'bouncing up and down in her seat, rooting for Lan'. And it's only practice! And Lan is whomping the other guy, no contest! ugh...
Lan Before: Quiet, composed, deadly, past shrouded in mystery and greatness.
Lan Now: Forsakes everything he used to be to yell at people, making sure they don't hurt Nynaeve.
Tam Al'Thor Before: One of the characters in the first book who I was so looking forward to getting to know better. His past seemed so interesting! For sure, Rand would want to talk to him and figure all this stuff out...especially when he learned to travel, and it would be nothing to take a day or so out of his schedule...
Tam Al'Thor Now: I am convinced that he no longer exists.
The only saving grace of this book - Mat. Mat is the only character who simply hasn't changed much...he's still good-old Mat, and completely hilarious. I think the only thing different about him is that he swears A LOT now...which is funny.
The moral? I don't like the characters anymore - they're stupid, mean, angry, devilish, self-centered, and all around bad people. At least Mat is SUPPOSED to be a 'bad' person...anyway, I don't even want them to win. The Forsaken now are the underdogs, and I like them better. I must say that it would be absolutely brilliant for Jordan to turn the good guys (ever so slowly, as he has been doing) into the bad guys, and the bad guys into the good, however, because I know this will not happen - this last installment is just one more step in the complete destruction of everything Jordan started.
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on July 12, 2004
I'm not going to beat a dead horse with my review and simply reiterate the disapointment of the vast bulk of WOT fans out there, but one thing did strike me. Did anyone else notice the change in writing style? I've read literally thousands of books in my lifetime and other than Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six (supposedly written by Clancy at least), I cannot remember such a drastic change of writing style from a mature author. Umm...Mr. Jordan...are you SURE you wrote this book? It really felt like you were getting the touch back with book 9, but this one doesn't even 'read' like your style. Without being sexist I think I can speak honestly and state that females in the Western cultures are far more interested in clothing styles and conversations than males, but even the women I've talked to who read book 10 all wonder if a man wrote this book; as they themselves can't even imagine being that caught up in clothing styles and descriptions. As a fan, I would ask that maybe you get a volunteer proof reader to just give the next book a 'litmus' test for interest.
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on June 20, 2004
I was really looking foreward to reading the tenth book in this series. A friend of mine got me hooked on it a few months ago and i thought they were amazing least the first few where. Unfortunately the last few (excluding the ninth which was pretty good)have had absolutly nothing happening, and especially the tenth. The entire tenth book was random people looking up and seeing a lot of the source being used and run away screaming "Ahhhhhhh the forsaken are loose!!!!" That is honestly the whole book. And may I ask what the point of Elayne's part is, I mean you could just stick in somewhere "Oh ya Elayne's been going around getting everyone to vote for her" THE END And really there was way to much time with the "I want tea!!" "No you can't you're pregnant!" "I want it!" "You can't have it!!" ect. I can say that all of the characters have deteriorated; Rand is a stuck up self centered idiot, Perrin going insane...I mean the future king of Saldea can't be insane!! Nynaeve's is absolutely no fun anymore, she just goes around making out with Lan and pouting that Lanfear got to Moiraine before she did (it never says that in the books, but i'm sure she is) , Mat is doing absolutely nothing worthwhile to read about, Egwene is just...she's no fun, Sheriam is Black Ajah, and Siuan just isn't Siuan anymore. Actually the same thing happened to Morgase too. She and Siuan and Nyneave had the best attitudes but they all lost them. The only character who hasn't been completely destroyed is Min, as long as she's not mooning over Rand. The Aes Sedai as well are completely destroyed. They just sit there cowering before Rand.
All in all I really hope that the next book is better because I don't want to have to go through that again.
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on June 18, 2004
Go outside and find a nice stone. Then give it a good toss as far as you can. If the entire series was a cross-country trip, you just threw the stone as far as this book advances the plot. I just wanted to try to put that in perspective.
I think everyone has already weighed in with how much of a disappointment this book was. I was a pretty staunch Robert Jordan fan. Heck, I even liked the books 7-9, which many people have been ripping on. But this book I cannot excuse. I can't defend RJ this time. I really didn't like this book. It was a waste of paper, time and money. Calling it Book 10 is misleading. It would be more appropriate to call it Book 9b.
This was the only series that I've been going out and coughing up money for the hardcover as soon as it came out. But no longer. I think that honor is going to be transferred to George R.R. Martin (A Song of Fire and Ice series).
If you want to skip this book, go ahead. You won't miss much. Just ask someone else what happened. It should take about 5-10 seconds for them to tell you.
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on June 17, 2004
Okay, first off the good:
****SPOILERS IN MY REVIEW*******(Don't read if you haven't read the book)
Good: I guess I just have kind of a demented mind or something, because I particularly enjoyed all the torture that Faile has been put through. I liked it when Perrin got pissed and cut off the Aiel's hand. I enjoyed Egwene getting captured since she is such a stupid woman and totally deserved it. I like the few times that Matt has put the daughter of the nine moons in her place, but unfortunately she gets her way far too often.
Bad: I hate Elayne and everything involving her stupid crown, realm, people, nobles, blah blah blah blah.....I think that Rand should just take the crown for himself and have Elayne as the head of his Harem. I mean, he's already got 3 women! He could have even more if he wanted...who know's? By the end of the series he could have one for each day of the week! It's really annoying that RJ continues to add more characters to the story that I have absolutely no interest in. It's also annoying that the first half of the book involved people "talking"(not actually doing anything) about how they "felt" about Rand and Nynaeve's power burst(cleansing Saidin)from book 9. They didn't even know that is what they did. They just felt the "power" and were confused about it. Does it really take hundreds of pages to explain that?
Finally, the UGLY: I don't skip ANYTHING when I read books, because I'm too worried about missing any tiny little important detail. Because of this I was rewarded with the special treat of reading about the colors, designs, and histories involved with thousands of different types of clothing. I am not exaggerating when I say that approximately 90% of the book was filled with clothing descriptions. I don't even know any WOMEN who care this much about clothes...not even my WIFE! Also, I really hate all the simpering, sniffing, skirt smoothing, tea sipping, teeth gritting, hot/cold ignoring, stuck-up Aes Sedai! I would love to see the Black Tower destroy the White Tower or at least collar all the sisters like slaves.
I have to finish this series since I've devoted so much time already. However, if you haven't started-DON'T!
Read Terry Goodkind's "Sword of Truth" series instead! It has become my all time favorite series after reading this book. The Wheel of Time has been removed from being my favorite series. I hope that RJ redeems himself, because he was doing SO WELL! Nobody cares about clothing!!! Stop writing about it!
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on May 18, 2004
I was first introduced to this series by my best friend when I was sixteen and I fell in love with it. I went and bought all the books and I couldn't put it down. I could hardly pick this one up. I felt obligated to finish it just because this was at one time my favorite book series. I just finished the book and I realize that I could just as easily have read the last few chapters of the book and I would have gotten all the very little plot advancement I needed to go on to the next book. A couple of things happen but all I can say is not enough to make it worth reading. I used to try to defend some of the slower moving books (starting with book 7 really) but I can't defend book 10. If things had been like this in book 1-6, Rand would still be wandering around in the Waste talking to the Clan Cheifs, Perrin would still be in the Two Rivers fighting off the White Cloaks and the Trollocs, only you would see him trying to scheme with the Women's Circle and the Village Council. Basically this story has lost it's edge what takes RJ three books to say he used to say in one chapter. Read the books and you'll see I'm not exagerating (sp?) My biggest question after reading the book was how someone could write so much and say so little. There is no such thing as a set-up book, not when they went from the Two Rivers to the Blight in one book and from the Borderlands to Falme with a huge battle at the end of the next. There was way too much action before to suggest that he needs an entire book to set up the next part of the story. He can do better, he did before, he can again. There is no excuse for a book where absolutely nothing of import happens until the end and what does happen should have at the beginning. This book was a waste of good paper!!!!
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on April 25, 2004
Perhaps I am being pointlessly redundant but I want to speak anyway. I used to love WoT. I LOVED books 1-4 and 6. I own them in paperback and hardcover because I reread the paperbacks so often they were beginning to fall apart. 5 wasn't a favorite but I figured that it was a blip on the road to excitement. Then came 7. And then 8
And 9. Each became more and more irritating. Each moved more and more slowly and seemed to focus on the least interesting people in the series. It reached the point where I actually never read 9. I listened to it in whatever order I could get on CD's borrowed from friends. But the ending was encouraging. I decided to give 10 a chance.
ARGH! Who in their right minds builds up momentum and then decides to gabble on and on and ON about dresses and politics of countries we don't care about at all? Why do the characters behave contradictoryly to logic? For people who are supposed to be political geniuses they forgot the most obvious things. I think I could run things better.
Anyway end of rant. But it is the nature of a fan to live hopefully. Maybe we can get ourselves another Winter's Heart and have a book that is readeable (I have given up on getting another Shadow Rising).
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on April 16, 2004
One thing has become plainly evident over the last 2000 pages or so of Jordan's magnum opus: either he's lost his mind, or he's decided to write page after tedious page of filler simply to "filler" his wallter a bit more, or he actually died somewhere in the middle of writing book 7 and, like poor Schussmayr with Mozart 's "Requiem," it has fallen to some sap on whom history will turn an unforgiving eye to take the strands of genius Jordan laid out and try to bring them to a meaningful conclusion.
Given the pace with which this series has been written over the past three books (words like "glacial" and "excruciating" are entirely too forgiving), all three seem plausible.
Jordan plainly has vision. Nobody could manage even the first 4000 (top quality) pages of this epic without it. And he has talent, or bored readers would have given up at "Eye of the World" and we wouldn't be here reviewing book 10. But the series has begun to lose all focus and cohesion. It is possible, even likely that Jordan...for all his talents...has simply bitten off more than he can chew (word to the wise: dragging the storylines out won't help, try cutting a few down to size and moving toward a conclusion instead). We are left with a Brobdingnagian tour-de-force that is less tour and almost toothlessly devoid of force.
It will take at least two more novels, I think, to bring this to a conclusion, but the suspicious conspiracy theorist/numerologist in me smells a total of thirteen. Thirteen as a number is given repeated emphasis in Jordan's writing, and I have a suspicion that finally, hopefully, blissfully, the series is closer to the end than not.
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on April 5, 2004
Mr. Jordan...
I fear I will die before this series ends.
I'd like to start by stating that I'm a huge fan of Robert Jordan's previous books, but every book since # 6 feel like he is milking his readership and writing for the money rather than for the story. Literally 3 or 4 events occurred in this book - Nothing is happening in the series since book 6.
Please Mr Jordan, give us a book like books 1 - 6 and let us know how the series ends. Some suggestions... Moiraine returns from limbo where she was sent (book ?), Lan unites the north behind Rand, Perrin unites old Manetheran, Matt is the general, they all meet to fight the Trollocs, etc., and Rand and company win. Rand writes a book entitled "From there and back again" and sails off with the Seachan. The end. Please, please, finish this up versus making me read through endless details of no value to the series. The last few books have felt like reading the phone book. These books aren't cheap and you are close to losing me. In the meantime, I will save my money for deserving authors and buy yours from second hand book stores or off the discount rack for 4.00.
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on March 27, 2004
After hitting the last page of my copy of Crossroads of Twilight I couldn't help but toss it onto the table in front of me, disgusted. I should have known that a book requiring a 100+ page prologue probably won't be getting to the point anytime soon.
If you don't mind a few _really_ mild spoilers here's a quick summary that should let you skip the book altogether:
* Is Perrin still trying to rescue Faile? Yep.
* Is he significantly closer than he was at the beginning of the book? Nope.
* Is Elayne still trying to secure the throne of Andor? Yep.
* Is she significantly closer than she was at the beginning of the book? Nope.
* Is Matt still trying to escape the Seanchan invasion of Ebou Dar? Yep.
* Is he any farther away than at the beginning of the book? Not really.
* Is Egwene still trying to unite the splintered White Tower? Yep.
* Is she significantly closer than she was at the beginning of the book? Nope.
* Does Nynaeve show up at all in the book? Not really. In one paragraph she's seen from a distance by another character but that's about it.
* Is Rand doing anything at all? Nope. He's effectively neutered as a character.
* Does anything interesting happen with the Black Ajah, the Dark One or the Forsaken? Not really.
* Were we, the readers, subjected to endless pages describing:
- the wardrobe and petty plotting of an endless stream of secondary and tertiary characters? Yep.
- the catty sniping of royal pretenders and Aes Sedai? Yep.
* Did _anything_ of any significance happen in this book? Not really (Oh, you could argue that some stuff happens in the last 20 pages but it really wasn't worth wading through the preceding 800 to get there).
And that's pretty much it. When I think of the hours I sank into this book -- on the bus, at the doctor's office, at various meal times -- I can only shake my head that I was suckered into this series yet again. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me four times in a row (let's face it, the series has been steadily declining since A Crown of Swords) well shame on me four times over.
Mr. Jordan, I officially give up. I won't be reading another of these until I hear that the series conclusion has actually been published. Since that will probably be 3-5 books down the road I don't expect to buy another until 2011. Why two stars instead of one, you might ask? I reserve 1 star for books so bad that I can't make it through to the end. I managed, just barely, to wade through this one so it doesn't qualify as a true stinker.
- Surly in Seattle
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