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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on July 28, 2001
Without a doubt, this is the worst audio book I have ever heard. One of the things we take for granted in any movie, radio broadcast, or audio book is that we will be able to hear what the actors are saying. Not so with this disastrous recording of Macbeth.
The players in this production, demonstrating the worst kind of over-acting, spend half the time shouting at the top of their lungs, and half the time whispering so softly you can't hear them. Worse yet, they alternate between the two, for no apparent reason, constantly. The audio engineers, who could have rescued us from this tragedy, chose to do nothing. You will spend the entire duration of this play with your hand on the volume control. Yet you will be unable to hear most of what is said. You will spin the volume up and up in utter frustration, only to be nearly deafened by the next bout of bellowing.
These comments are based on the Harper Audio CD, introduction by Harold Bloom. Hopefully, these criticisms will not apply to other recordings of this superb play, although Amazon may show these comments on the page next to other recordings.
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on May 31, 2001
For centuries, Shakespeare's plays have been praised as incredible masterpieces. They are awful, and Macbeth is a good example. It's just completely stupid.
Near to the end, Macduff goes to England to find Malcolm to get an army. Never mind the fact that Malcolm had fled, and therefore would have no power in another country. The main thing is that they get an army, and go to Scotland. If you were living at this time would you really drop everything and risk your life to kill some king in a foreign country when you are not even going to take control of that country? Of course not.
Also, why didn't Macbeth just use the Scottish army to stop Macduff's army? They successfully stopped previous English attempts to invade Scotland (in real life this is) so why couldn't they do the same now?
Finally, the most stupid scene is when Macduff's army camouflages with branches. Surely someone would have noticed them walking through the rest of Scotland to get to the castle.
As well as the completely unnatural dialogue (if you've just been told that your father has died, you don't start talking about birds) it's too corny to be raised above "terrible". The plot is a standard "Good Guy ruling wisely, Bad Guy kills Good Guy and becomes Evil Overlord, gets killed by another Good Guy and they all live happily ever after."
In short, this is unbelievably bad. I only know it so well because it has been forced down my throat for over a year.
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on July 14, 2009
Can't complain about the price, but the cover illustration is wrong (wrong publisher), there are no 'textual notes', 'modern perspective' or 'further reading' etc. and the book is 84 pages, not 221+ (as according to 'Click to look...' nor 96 as stated in the product description section). Don't show me the 2004 Simon & Schuster edition if what you are selling (1993 Dover Thrift Edition) isn't even close to what you're advertising.
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on May 3, 2003
This version is horrible. I was looking for one of those Shakespeare versions that footnoted the words and phrases you didn't understand, so you could piece together the meaning yourself. Instead, this version gives you very a very simplistic interpretation of the text, every step of the way. I wouldn't recommend this edition to anyone.
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on December 7, 1999
These editions of Shakespeare by New Folger Library are absolutely awful. They dumb down the Bard, as if people couldn't possibly understand Shakespeare unless they have plot summations. Frankly, they disgust me. I'm not saying Shakespeare's a breeze, but to read him in this watered down format is a travesty.
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on September 19, 2002
Oxford's Macbeth was hard to read although foot notes were supplied. The language don't make sense and therefore is hard to make any sense of the story. It was only after I saw a film version of macbeth did i understand the story. Apart from all that it was an enjoyable story discussing good and evil
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