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4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on November 8, 2014
This is definitely a 5 star worthy Calvin & Hobbes digest, as they all are. Bill Watterson packed every digest with the best of his material, which is just about every panel he ever laid his hand upon. What more should be said about any Calvin & Hobbes, other than if you buy one, plan on buying the rest.

Best bathroom reading material anyone can buy. They last for decades if a person swaps them out from time to time to another digest full of laughs.

This is not a reflection of any Calvin & Hobbes digest or Bill Watterson, but I couldn't read any of the books I ordered. None of the books would open with Kindle for PC's on either my laptop or desktop & my android tablet couldn't accept them either, so all went to a refund request, within 30 minute after purchase, which I got within 3-5 days. I received notice within 3 days that the refund process had begun, my CC was reimbursed on day 5, so no issues there.

I was & still am very disappointed I could not complete the purchase of the 7 Calvin & Hobbes digests I ordered. I was really looking forward to reading while I spend endless working on TimeLapse shoots of Aurora Borealis, meteor showers & astronomical delights throughout the universe.
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on July 22, 2003
Who can get enough of Calvin and Hobbes? Certainly no one on this earth. Maybe on planet 5 or 6. Calvin and Hobbes are delightful in this collection of strips. Because of the time it was published the Sunday strips in Snow Goons are not reprinted in color in other books, save several that appear in specialized Calvin and Hobbes volumes, which are available at Amazon.
Just because the Sundays lack color does not diminish the hilarity in them. This book in full of laughs and not to be missed by any Calvin and Hobbes freaks (you know who you are) or by one seeking the "Best Medicine."
The book kicks off with two stories. Calvin gets a typical kid's disease. The next story takes place at the dinner table, which, with Calvin, is asking for trouble. Family values are expressed and Calvin's reactions to them are priceless. "It's impolite to leave the table in the middle of a meal." "So what am I suppposed to do? Just SIT here and watch you guys CHEW?! Among other things, Cretaceous beasts appear. Calvin's deadly two wheeled, one chained, metal menace develops devious hunting techniques. Calvin's dad is given a very visual report of his foundering in the polls. Calvin becomes lightening. Calvin tries bungee jumping. The wagon is brutalized again. Calvin's dad is confronted about cultural issues. G.R.O.S.S. launches an assault upon a certain female neighbor and classmate. Calvin struggles to learn math, now with assistance from the father figure. Spiff finds yet another few planets overlooked by the rest of human civilization. Another intense match of Calvinball unfolds. Stupendous Man and Tracer Bullet bring justice to the world. An updated Duplicator adds another few luaghs. And Calvin also, unwittingly, creates an army of deranged mutant killer monster snow goons who lack remorse for anything. Only a with help of a hose, a furry friend, and the cover of darkness at a late hour can he have any hope of vanquishing his own out of control and deadly creation.
Too many other things happen as well and hopefully this has prodded you to whip out a credit card and purchse this fascinating and fall-off-your-cahir-funny book.
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on March 8, 2003
This is one of the best books I have ever read! Calvin is a boy who does some pretty wierd things, and says some too! Calvin gets in trouble constantly, with his stuffed animal Hobbes behind him all the way. The jokes that this book has to offer are awesome! The jokes don't always need that many words. Let me give you an example. It shows the steps Calvins' mom uses to get ready for work in the morning, such as putting on a new dress, makeup, and stuff like that. Then she walks down the stairs and out the door only to find herself sprayed with a hose from Calvin! Then it shows Calvin in his room rubbing his butt and saying,"What a grouch!"
This book is great for you if you love to laugh and you think even jokes that don't make you laugh your hide off but still are really pretty funny. If you are like this, no matter what age you are you will like this book!
You will probaly not like this book as much if you duslike commics and don't laugh at things sometimes that may not be so unbelievably funny.
I highly recomend this book and it is great to read something that isn't a tomb but isn't Barney! This is more than just than a book about a kid with an every day life, trust me!
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on March 17, 2002
There's no reason to explain WHY Calvin and Hobbes is an excellent comic, but I'd like to explain why this book features some of the best C&H strips of all time.
When I think back at when I was 6 years old, some of my best memories are those from the summer and winter: When I played in either the hot sun or the cold snow, this is why I came to love Calvin's philosophical conversations with Hobbes when, in the summer, riding down the hill in his trolley and his grotesque but also fantastic creations in the snow(Dinosaurs, monsters etc.) They make me reflect on my own childhood and make me laugh, and after reading a few pages one easily becomes nostalgic.
Almost all of the strips in this book take place either in the summer or the winter, and there are many funny conversations with Hobbes and good drawings of Calvin's hideous snowmen in this book. It's one of my favourite C&H books, and if you haven't bought it yet I suggest you get it soon.
It's so good, you can't afford not to buy it.
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on December 22, 2001
"Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons," by Bill Watterson, is a collection of comic strip adventures of Calvin, the feisty schoolboy, and his companion Hobbes, a stuffed tiger. The strips generally form short stories within the book. The book's title refers to one of these storylines, in which Calvin creates a mutant snow man which in turn creates an army of similar creatures. Other storylines involve Calvin getting chicken pox; his creation of his own TV show; and his club known as GROSS (a warped acronym for "Get Rid Of Slimy girlS").
The C&H stories are great because they are funny celebrations of the power of a child's imagination. Calvin assumes such alternate identities as sci-fi hero Spaceman Spiff, caped superhero Stupendous Man, and private eye Tracer Bullet. Often the humor comes from the clash of Calvin's fantasies with the reality around him. The stuffed Hobbes, through the power of Calvin's imagination, becomes both a comrade and a great foil for the boy; their wacky relationship is one of the most memorable in the comic strip genre.
Calvin is an academic underachiever, rebel, performance artist, disgruntled philosopher, and all-around bringer of chaos -- although his playmate/rival Susie refers to him as "the incurable weirdness poster child." Whether discovering a new dinosaur species (the "Calvinosaurus") or evading the dreaded monster under the bed, Calvin is hilarious. And you've got to love a comic that cites the U.S. Bill of Rights. "Attack" is a great book both for C&H fans and for newcomers to this excellent comic strip.
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on November 13, 2000
Bill Waterson is argudably one of the best comic writers out there. Even through his retirement, he has made great books of past comics featuring his Calvin and Hobbes characters. I laugh and laugh at these comics he creates and I sometimes wonder how he comes up with such brilliant ideas sometimes with the storylines of some of the strips.
Calvin, one of his best known characters, is the trouble-making kid in the school. He is funny and imaginative and likes to make funa and games with his "real" pet friend Hobbes. Through the comics, you can see the relationship between a stuffed animal and a human.
In this comic though, Hobbes "comes to life" in Calvins eyes. The things that Calvin can sometimes get involved in is so hilarious and sometimes out of this world.
I guarantee that anyone that loves comics will fall in love with this one and should definitely buy this book to start their collection of classic comics.
All of Bill Waterson's comic books are very well done and very professional. His work is his life and it shows the time and consideration it took to make these characters come to life. Thank you Mr. Waterson for creating such a great comic and thatnk you people for reading my review!
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on September 7, 1999
In this 1992 collection, Bill Watterson has assembled a masterful assortment of hilarity. I purchased this collection when it was first made available, and the content was wondrous. Mr. Watterson is an amazing storyteller, and he depicts every character in a humorous light.
It would not surprise me in the least if Mr. Watterson WAS Calvin in his childhood, or at least he wanted to act that way. Calvin's father is as unorthodox as ever, and the slightly egotistical Hobbes was, is, and always will be sardonic. Susie is the typical saintly victim, and Moe is the stereotypical bully. The mother, is, well, the mother.
Calvin and Hobbes is not literally written on a child's level. I am 16, I have a verbal I. Q. in the 200's, and I get an absolute kick out of reading and rereading Master Watterson's work. It is a shame he no longer writes them.
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on June 26, 2002
I loved Calvin and Hobbes when i was a little kid and I still do now! They're hillarious and Calvin reminds me so much of myself at
his age (not in every aspect). Especially our family camp trips. calvin and his mom remind me so much of myself and my mom when
our dad took us camping and it turned out to be a disaster, lol. These cartoons make me want to be a kid again. Almost everyone has
said this but I'll say it again. You'll start out planning to read a few pages but you won't stop there. you can't. it's so additive. some of
the younger kids might not understand some of the big words but older kids will. But I think that grownups will enjoy them the most.
Get them
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on July 3, 2003
I first began reading Calvin and Hobbes in the newspaper around the time he introduced the Killer Snow Goons story, where Calvin builds yet another mutant, deranged snowman--but unlike previous strips, Calvin attempts to bring the snow goon to life a la Frankenstein, leading to the monster creating an army of similarly deranged snow goons.
Watterson's artwork as usual is imaginative and humorous, and Calvin and Hobbes' interaction in this book are particularly hilarious. If you've never read C&H before, consider this book a great place to start; long-read fans will also enjoy it as one of the best selections in the Calvin & Hobbes library.
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on January 1, 2000
I've got almost every Calvin and Hobbes collection, but as this was the first one I ever bought I'm going to review it. What can I say? What can anyone say? Bill Watterson has broken the mould of comic strips--this is the wittiest, silliest, sickest, and most heart-warming fiction I've ever come across, in ANY medium. I love his characters, and I love his insane plotlines--yet there's always a golden nugget of truth at the heart of each. Along with Gary Larson, Bill Watterson has breathed new life into the comic strip genre (and I'm no big fan of comics). Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant stuff.
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