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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on July 8, 2004
I am an ardent believer in Christ, but that does not mean that anything written about Christianity should be endorsed and embraced regardless of its quality. I have read all 12 of these novels and they simply aren't very good. The writing is poor, the plot unimaginative, and there certainly isn't anything in these books that will cause a Christian to re-examine and thus more fully embrace our beliefs. Look, I don't doubt that the authors had the best intentions with these books, but quality has to count for something. There are better alternatives out there. Try We All Fall Down by Caldwell. It's well-written and extreimly intelligent. If you're going to read about Christianity, read something that is worth your time.
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on June 9, 2004
Having written the stunning article "The Wrath of the Lamb" in the previous book, Antichrist Nicolae Carpathia suspects that Buck Williams is a Christian. Buck searches for Chloe while Rayford Steel tries to locate his new bride Amanda. Lahaye and Jenkins show the emotional chaos and worldwide destruction through excellent descriptions.
This book begins during the 21st month (halfway through) Nicolae Carpathia's reign. We see the fulfillment of more prophecies as we travel to Iraq, Israel, America, and other world communities. Life is now comprised of living in underground shelters, evangelism through direct contact and web sites, finding enough to eat, clean water to drink, and other Christians with whom to work.
As prophesized, Nicolae knows that his time to rule the world is half-over. His hunger to devour the souls of those still on earth is his driving force. The general populace still sees him as a benevolent ruler, but we see behind the scenes where murder and anger rule the man-the Antichrist.
Lahaye and Jenkins show more character development than in previous books and the action is fast paced and demanding. Some familiar characters are dead, but new ones take prominence in The Tribulation Force.
By this point in the series, I was completely hooked. I had a hard time putting the book down, especially since I knew I had seven more on the bookshelf. As soon as I finished this book, I grabbed the next one.
Victoria Tarrani
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on April 19, 2004
I'm reading The Left Behind Series. The book I'm on now is book four Soul Harvest. The main characters in this book are Chloe, Buck, Ken, Rayford, Mac, Tsion Ben Judah, Amanda, Hattie, and Loretta. This book takes place after the Rapture of God. They are trying to get as many people as possible to find Christ before the Glorious Appearing of God. At the beginning of the book Rayford and Buck are trying to find their family. They can't find Chloe, Amanda, Tsion, or Loretta. Loretta and Amanda both die. Buck finally finds Tsion, and later he finds Chloe with the help of Ken and Tsion. They get a call from Hattie, a non-believer, saying she is trying to get to them. They go to find her and find out that she is going to be kidnapped by Carpathia. They rescue her before he finds her. At the end of the book the next judgment comes. It is hail stones and balls of fire that come from the heavens. These books always are very good. They show you how much God loves you and it makes you feel good.
One thing I didn't like about this book was that they made Amanda and Loretta die. Amanda died in a plane crash during the earthquake. Loretta had been leaving the church and her car flipped over on top of her. They were both one of my favorite people in this book. The worst part is that now they are making Amanda a possible bad person. They are saying she was a spy working for the Antichrist, Carpathia. Rayford and Mac find the airplane and get Amanda's laptop. The plane had landed in a river though so the computer is water-logged. They have another believer who is also a computer wiz try to find any information. They find some that may connect her to Carpathia. "The lists of encrypted files from Amanda's hard drive are evidence extensive correspondence between her and Nicolae Carpathia," (LaHaye, 422).
My favorite part of this book was when Buck and Den dressed up as doctors. They were trying to get Chloe out of the hospital because Nicolae was trying to take her away. Ken was called Dr. Airplane because he is a pilot. "Excuse us Doctor, ah-'and Chloe says,' "Doctor Airplane"' I had to bite my tongue," (LaHaye, 265). It was funny because they made up a disease. They were trying to sound like they knew what they were talking about, but really they had no clue!

One thing I wonder abut is Hattie. A girl in the book is pregnant with the Antichrist child, or Nicolae child. I wonder if she will keep it or not. Also she is very sick and hasn't came to Christ yet. Will she die and if she does will she become a believer in time? "She sleeps too much," Chloe said. "And she is so pale," (LaHaye, 407).
This book is really about telling people that Gods loves you. The authors don't want anyone to live through this period of time. It is very devastating and dangerous. They want everyone to have the chance to accept Jesus as their Savior, so when the rapture does come you will go to heaven. I like this book and it has made me realize how important it really is to have a relationship with God.
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on April 19, 2004
In Soul Harvest, Rayford Steele and Buck Williams, having survived the Wrath of the Lamb, start a search for there loved ones. This book is mostly about searching for loved ones, and cleaning up what damage has been done, but there is also the epic struggle against the Antichrist. After landing safely and Iraq, Ray tries to find out if his wife is still alive. Buck, who has a few bumps and bruises, starts looking for his wife, Chloe. Buck also finds Tsion Ben Judah under the church in a hideout.

I read this book because I'm a Catholic and I wanted to become closer to Jesus. I knew that this series is based off of the last book in The Bible, "Revelation", but it's also teaches you about the ways of Jesus and what he did for us. I continued reading this book because I wanted to learn about Jesus, and that I was attached to the characters. I turned ever page wondering what was going to happen to them. I longed to know if Chloe was alive and if Amanda had survived a plane crash. "And what about Chloe and Buck in the States? And Tsion" (LaHaye/ Jenkins, 1)?

The title, Soul Harvest, means that the world is about to take sides. 144,000 Jewish people will convert to Christianity, and will be protected by God. Also, true Tribulation Saints will receive a sign that only true tribulation Saints can see. So basically, true believers will be given a sign which will tell who the saints can trust. "Rayford remembered as if it were yesterday" (LaHaye/ Jenkins, 107).

This book reminds me of The Passion of the Christ. The Passion tells about what Jesus did for us, and this book talks about that a lot. In The Passion, Jesus dies for us, and in Soul Harvest, we die for him, because this book takes place right after a worldwide earthquake. The biggest and most obvious reason that this reminded me of The Passion is that they are both about Christianity, and the ways of Jesus, "Captain Steele, schedule that flight" (LaHaye/Jenkins, 424).

I think that readers learn a lot about the ways of Jesus and "Revelation." The theme in this story is a difficult one. It's probably, don't give up or keep trying or good always triumphs. This reminds me of when I was 4 and I got lost in the grocery store. I spent what seemed like hours looking for my mom, and I couldn't find her. It also reminds me of when I was lost at Fort Meyers, Six Flags, Disney World, Wal-mart, target, Mejiers, Kings Island, Holiday world, Sioux Falls, and Pittsburgh, (Yes, I've been lost a lot.) If you have ever been lost for hours or lost something else, then you can relate to this book, because it's about finding your loved ones. If you read this book, make sure that you are familiar with the Bible, and that you have read the first three. It's a really good book and I hope that you enjoy it.
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on April 12, 2004
Soul Harvest, being the 4th book in the Left Behind series, takes off where book 3 left off with the further adventures of Buck Williams, Rayford Steele and co. as they fight against the antichrist Nicoloe Carpathia.
Now I loved the first 3 books, but this one left me a little puzzled. There was not really all that much happening in this one.It was a very easy read, in fact i read it in just over a day, it's almost too easy though and not very challenging. There is a bit of redundant writing in this one, over a period of 8 or so pages, the author describes 3 different people as being "in great shape", I thought this was quite lazy writing.
I'm a pre-trib rapture believing Christian,(phew), so adhere to the basic beliefs of the story. I was as a Christian however quite perplexed by the behaviour of the main charecters. It seems in fighting against the antichrist, the heroes have to lie an awful lot! I always thought lying was a sin, but these guys do so at seemingly every turn. I understand that many times there lives were at stake, but still, upholding Christianity means being truthful I always thought.
Overall, I enjoyed reading it, but hope the series improves and that the charecters learn a bit more on how to suffer and still hold true to their convictions.
Thanks for reading my comments.
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on November 11, 2003
This series is the best! I'm about 20 pages away from the end of this book and then I'm immediately moving onto the next book (apollyon) This book as you already know is the fourth installment of the Left Behind Series. "Soul Harvest" continues from where the book "Nicolae" left off. The earthquake... Cameron Williams aka Buck, is looking for any survivors from the earthquake. He finds many dead and few in NOT injured. In the mean time Rayford is convinced that his wife Amanda is still alive. But in their previous mentors notes was something quite disturbing to the Tribulation Force. Well, not everyone knows of this yet, and some they do not wish to tell for it could destroy ones life. I can't tell you what happens, because that would ruin the story for you. But if you wanna know this secret and read some interesting yet funny stuff you are in for a treat! I was laughing so hard and crying at other parts. If you are looking for a book with love, hate, tears, laughs, suspense, and mystery then this is the book for you!
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on June 2, 2003
After reading "Conquest of Paradise" by Britt Gillette, I was instantly turned onto biblical end times literature, and I just started reading the Left Behind series. The first book I read in about a day, but I finished books two and three in about a day and a half before finally getting around to this one.
"Soul Harvest" focuses on the massive evangelical revival prophesied in the Old and New Testaments. In the twenty-first month of the tribulation, a massive earthquake wreaks havoc on the world, leading the global community's citizens further into the arms of Nicolae Carpathia (dictators thrive in such conditions). Carpathia looks for personal glory as he attempts to rebuild the world's decimated cities, but the evangelistic revival brought on by the pouring out of the Holy Spirit and the efforts of the Tribulation Force confound his efforts. As a result, he unleashes his rage on God's chosen ones, and the Tribulation Force must fight to stay alive...
I can't wait to find out what happens next. I look forward to reading books five through twelve, and I encourage other Left Behind fans to pick up "Conquest of Paradise: An End-Times Nano-Thriller" as additional reading. It's the book that got me into this series, and whoa, what a book! What "Left Behind" lacks in realism, "Conquest of Paradise" adds in abundance. A little less subtle than the Left Behind series, the antichrist isn't readily identifiable from the beginning. In fact, since I wasn't expecting to read a tribulation novel, it totally blew me away. The prose is more advanced and the international politics is identical to the current world scene and the war on terror. Peppered with biblical verses, "Conquest of Paradise" will turn even the most hardened skeptics into believers, or at least it will make them think twice. No one can afford to miss it.
Book five of the Left Behind series brings us "Apollyon" - the destroyer demon unleashed on the world during the tribulation. Looks like things are going to get even more dangerous for the Tribulation Force, if that's possible!
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on May 10, 2003
A Review by Jessica
As prophesized events continue to be hurtled toward the Tribulation Force and the rest of the world, Buck Williams and Rayford Steele are on a search for their lost wives. Just as they had expected, they are now becoming the main target of the Anti- Christ. The Tribulation Force will have to out smart the Anti- Christ's powerful guards, have secrecy among fellow believers, and go into hiding all in order to protect or even save their own lives.

I loved the amount of action in this book. The authors keep you on the edge of your seat the time. An example of this is of the first seven or eight chapters while Buck and Rayford are continually looking for wives, Chloe and Amanda. Only problem with this is that they are wanted be every Global Community guard and cannot get caught. I also enjoyed reading about each character. Even though they are the same characters as in the first three books, the authors continue to add attributes to each character that keep you hooked on them. The relevance of this book is another thing that influenced me to give this book five stars. Everything that happens in this book is an interpretation of anything that could happen during the actual Tribulation. Although only a fiction story, everything that happens in this book gives you a piece of mind of what Hell on earth might be like.
I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for an action-packed book with non-stop suspense or to readers who are looking for a good Christian story.
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on April 29, 2003
So far, I've read all eleven Left Behind novels, and while they are not perfect, I think that some people don't give it enough credit because of unfair comparisons. People often point to We All Fall Down and The Christ Clone trilogy as better novels, and in a way, they are, but they are also very different. Left Behind seems to be more of an introduction to the subject of the End Times, a series that is reaching out to all people of different ages. It's not particularly well written, but it is clear and straightforward. The characters are not particularly realistic or interesting, but these are not character studies, these are novels that are trying to give people an overview of this concept, and they do that quite well.
To compare these to other novels with similar themes is a little bit unfair. We All Fall Down is much better written and more intelligent, but the focus of that novel is much more intensley spiritual and more of a character study that uses the End Times as a backdrop to explore complex issues of evil and salvation. It is for more mature, serious readers and it's aim is very different from Left Behind. Likewise, The Christ Clone is more of a techno-thriller, interested in exploring how, realistically the End Times could arive. I will admit that I enjoyed these other books more than Left Behind, but that does not take away from the fact that Left Behind still does a decent job with the subject. They are not great novels, but they are nowhere near as bad as some people are saying.
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on February 7, 2003
Warning: This is not an easy book to read. Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins do not pull any punches.
"Soul Harvest" begins in the aftermath of the sixth seal judgment, the worldwide earthquake. With the exception of Israel, no place on earth is untouched. Death and destruction are everywhere. And many of those that are still living want nothing more than to die. New Hope Village Church is gone. Loretta's house is gone. Global Community Weekly is gone. Just about everyone the Tribulation Force has come to know and love is gone. And yet it gets worse.
Both Amanda Steele and Chloe Williams are missing. It is a race against time as Rayford Steele and Buck Williams each try to save their beloved wives. Both of their lives will forever be changed by what they find.
The worldwide earthquake is just the beginning. Tsion Ben-Judah, despite being a marked man by the Global Community, wants to return to Israel to rally together the 144,000 Jewish witnesses. The pressure is on around the world to force Nicolae Carpathia into providing protection for Tsion's return. Will Carpathia give in to the pressure and let Tsion return? Better yet, will the first, second, and third Trumpet Judgments prevent the gathering from taking place?
If you are able to tolerate the images that this book will bring up in your mind, you will no doubt find yourself very captivated and will quickly finish reading the book. So far, this is the best of the series.
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