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4.4 out of 5 stars
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on December 20, 2003
I asked Santa for this book.If I've been good this will be the third copy I've owened or possessed I should say, the first was on loan from a retired bosuns mate, I was hopping after a year or so he'd forget, he didn't. The second was from Santa, I worked trees and boats for twenty some years and "The Book" went every where with me but ultimatly was lost in a storage during a move (MIA). I can still turn a three strand turks head from memory and throw a half dozen bowlines but I miss my old friend especially the multistrand braids and tatting.The book is a wealth of information, sometimes it can be difficult to follow but after you under thier style of instruction it falls into place and goes pretty easy.I've only found a couple knots not covered but if I look hard enough and long enough I would find it's varient or it's great grandfather. This book is a must for anyone interested in knots and fancy ropework.
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on October 25, 2001
I bought this book at a junk store about 40 years ago when I was 10 years old. (My copy is 1958). I don't know what it was about the book that caught my eye and convinced me to part with what little cash money I might have had, but out of that purchase has come a lifetime of pleasure playing with ropes. It is not a "first book on knots" by any means ... it's often a discouraging decipher but therin lies the fun. I don't know how many "new knots" I have come up with while trying to figure out one of their illustrations. For the serious knot-head only.
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on January 3, 2001
I have loved this book since I first checked it out from the library. It was my first book of knots. The photos are beautiful. I would recomend it for anyone who loves knots and splicing.
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on July 3, 1998
This, along with the Ashley Book of Knots, is one of the two "landmark" knot books. It belongs in the library of the serious knot researcher, but should not be the first or even second item in a new collection. That honor must go to Ashley.
This is not a guide for beginners. Most knots are photographed complete and tight, with precious little material on tying steps. Even expert tyers will find some of the photos dificult to follow. Organization is often poor, with knots of completely different appearance and use sometimes on the same page.
On the other hand, the sections on multi-strand knots, splicing, plaits, and decorative knotting are among the finest ever done, but again illlustrated directions are sparse.
Definitely find a copy and take a good look at this book, but make sure it is what you want before purchasing.
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on December 30, 1999
This book must be approached for what it is: a museum of knotwork. Here you will find as complete a collection of knots and fancy ropework as you will see anywhere. It is not a good place for a beginner, but once you've learned the basics elsewhere, this is an invaluable guide to knot design and craftmanship. Not user friendly by any means. Learn its ways and means, though, and you will find yourself returning again and again to its crowded picture plates.
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on April 10, 2000
This book is definitly NOT for the beginner! However it is also NOT the musty old tome that many feel that it is. Aboard any modern merchant ship, this is a MUST HAVE... I have used it in solving countless mooring "splice and dice" problems!
At an intermediate or advanced level (or if you are a sailor by trade) ... Buy it!
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on July 28, 2000
While I mostly concur in fellow IGKT member Joe Schmidbauer's review, I will emphasize that this large book is by no means helpful in learning how to use knots/rope. It contains errors and usually is bereft of any guidance on WHY a certain knot is shown. Further, its images are often hard to discern.
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on October 17, 2014
Most excellent book on ropework. It is not quite as much fun to read as The Ashley Book of Knots but it is at least as detailed.
Between the two of them you have a complete library on the subject.
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