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on January 19, 2003
Elizabeth Davis has produced a beautifully laid out and well-written book on the both the mystery of birth as well as the concrete practice of birthing. Covering all aspects of prenatal care, birth, and postnatal care, this is an excellent work for both professional and expectant parent. Expectant parents should be aware, however, that Davis responsibly addresses the many possible complications of birth from a professional standpoint - information that might inform one future parent while alarming another - so parents should use their self-knowledge to determine whether they wish to read those parts.
This work would also be invaluable for the professional midwife interested in mentoring students or for the future midwife wanting an overview of midwifery practice and information on entering the profession. Extensive resources and bibliographies are presented. Highly recommended.
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on June 10, 2000
This *textbook* is awesome. There is so much information in here, do not borrow this book from your library! Purchasing this wonderfully helpful book is the only way to go. You won't be sorry! There are so many pictures, drawings and exemplary descriptions to assist you in your lifetime learning of this 'calling' - midwifery care and assistance.
If you're a doula - you want this book. If you're a childbirth educator - you want this book. If you're an aspiring midwife of any kind - you want this book. If you're a mother, a grandmother, an expectant parent, or a natural childbirth advocate - you too, want this book!
Guiding you through prenatal care, problems during pregnancy, the birth process, complications during labor, postpartum care for mothers and babies - this guide will last many, many lifetimes over. Included also, is information about becoming a midwife, and even setting up your own practice - or finding the right careeer route for yourself.
This is a timeless piece of artwork! Enjoy!
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on January 4, 2000
Newly revised, this book is an old friend of mine. One of the first midwifery books I read, it covers an enormous breadth of information, yet is understandable for the beginner. It is still one of the 2 or 3 books I refer to first when I need to look something up. Elizabeth Davis just revamped and revised this book in 1997, and it is better than ever, with new sections on herbs and homeopathy, working with apprentices, hepatitis and HIV, midwifery practices, and issues of legalization, NARM, and MANA.
The book is very well-organized, with lots of excellent illustrations that make concepts easy to understand. There are many boxed areas for quick reference on herbs, and issues for pregnant women reading the book. These include questions to ask a potential midwife, self-care in pregnancy, danger signs in pregnancy, and many more. I recommend this book to consumers as well as midwives, as I think educating yourself during your pregnancy is very important, and this book is a wonderful resource.
My only criticism with the book is that the information is not very well documented- Davis will mention that research has found such-and-such, but doesn't cite the researcher or where it was published.
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I'm happy Elizabeth has continued the momentum of the first Heart and Hands. I remember seeing her hard at work in her kitchen 'writers corner,' between taking care of her kids and helping San Francisco area mothers-to-be that were lucky enough to have found her. I admired her determination then to put together a book encapsulating the most important things a midwife and mother to be needed to know. I was lucky enough to witness her attending a birth once in the wee hours of the morning, and was impressed with her incredible blending of professionalism, sensitivity, instinct and grace. To see that translated into a text was a miracle, and she did it well. I haven't seen my copy of it in many years, as I loaned it to too many expectant mothers and one time it never made it back. *smiling* It is not only full of vital information, it holds some of the essence of the magic that is midwifery. I recommend it as highly as possible.
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on September 14, 1998
I am currently a Student Nurse Midwife in Rural Virginia and I have found that this book is noteworthy of being mandatory for anyone aspiring to become a Midwife. Elizabeth Davis is inviting in her focus of providing Midwifery Care. She is elaborate in her explanations and the drawing and photographs are priceless. I also work in a hospital setting as an R.N. and I am amazed that the OB/GYN's I work with are interested in the beauty of this book. Not only has this book made a lasting impression on me, but also the OB/GYN's that certainly need a taste of Midwifery in their practice. May I recommend that even any woman contemplating the use of a Midwife choose this book as a guide for her pregnancy- your choice in health care provider will be simply made after reading this book. Blessings to Elizabeth Davis for such an inspirational addition to the field of Midwfery!
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on October 3, 1998
This book covers the "hows" and "whats" of Midwifery. I feel that it offers information that will be usefull to the unstarted apprentice as well as the experienced Midwife. The language is clear and direct; and the proceedures outlined are detailed.
This book covers every thing from the Birthing Kit, to prenatal care, to suturing, (for those rare tears) to postpartum care. It also looks at the politics of miwifery, and dicusses professional interpersonal relationships (<=read as how to get along with the local OB).
One of the most striking features of this book are the drawings. The artist is fantastic. These combined with the photos supply vivid depictions of the information in the text.
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on January 9, 1999
This tender book has given me, as a student Nurse-Midwife, a precious insight to the essence of Midwifery that has gotten lost for some. In the midst of Midwifery school where details on the hows of birth are heavily concentrated on I pick up this book when I need to 'feel' that deep-seeded passion that Midwives have for their careers and their precious patients. The text is simply written, but also complex in its coverage of many aspects of birth. Ms. Davis does a fantastic job giving an explanation to the psychological and mystical events surrounding birth. Thank goodness that this sister Midwife shares her insight and experience with those of us who are doing everything we can to learn this challenging information.
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on April 28, 2001
This book has got to be one of the best books written for childbirth professionals. The information is informative and interesting, and the book actually contains professional forms for readers to consider in their own practice. This is a book I recommend for the shelf of anyone who is interested in studying midwifery, or anyone interested in hiring a midwife for their own birth.
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on September 8, 2002
This is an excellent book for pregnant women and the aspiring midwife alike. Nutrition, medical care, diagnostics, the list goes on. This book is well balanced will a pro-midwife view, yet is not anti-doctor. Many helpful suggestions for the aspiring midwife. Ancient midwifery arts such as pelvimitry discussed in detail. I really enjoyed this book!
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on January 14, 2000
I was exceedingly pleased when I received this book. As a student interested in Midwifery as a career I found this book up to date, simple to understand, but detailed in its explanations. It's list of resources was very helpful for me to find educational plans and schools.
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