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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on June 24, 2003
This is a book that shows us how to find the answers within oneself. Why do we feel stressed? How do we alleviate it? How can we feel more joy, instead of feeling neutral or numb? Why do certain people treat us the way we do and how can we deal with it? And most important, how can we bring more love in to our lives and in to our relationships. All these topics are explored in Soul Love. The ones who have the most abundance in their lives are the ones who love themself in a deep, intimate way and this book uses guided meditations to bring that out of the reader. This book is not for everyone. If you don't believe that your soul exists, or don't have the desire to open up to something that could elevate your level of human understanding and if you don't believe in God, angels or spirits this book is not for you. The non-secular people should stick to 'Dr. Phil'or your basic psychological self help books. But for those who do believe, your life will change from the moment you begin reading.
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on April 10, 2004
A genuine book coming from a Divine source, Soul Love teaches you how to open our heart in order to feel more love, self-love, and love for others. You will learn more compassion, and understanding for others, and of course, yourself. You will learn to use love - the most powerful energy in the universe - to lift, purify, expand, harmonize, balance, and transform all the energies around you. This book brings you step-by-step guidance for allowing love to transform your life. Highly Recommended for the profound book that it is.
Barbara Rose, author of 'Individual Power' and 'If God Was Like Man'
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on August 23, 1998
Here is a jewel of a book that takes the wisdom of the ages and puts it into terms that fit our contemporary mind and culture. Soul Love lifts you out of ordinary human love into a finer frequency of love--one that is wise as well as compassionate. This Love that streams forth from the soul is a living presence of wisdom and intelligence.
The author shows you how to look at yourself through the soul's eyes and see the beauty of your being. You practice lifting the love from your solar plexus to your heart center so that your love can be transformed. Gradually, you realize that you are connecting with the universal Presence of Love.

Straightforward step-by-step practices help you to make these transformations that change your everyday experiences. As you work with these goals, you can join in a call to the Great Ones and ask for love to be sent to awaken the heart center of humanity!
Soul Love is an invitation to make profound shifts in your life, in your relationships, and the way you think. It is for everyone who is ready to do the inner work it takes to create a magnetic life.
I highly recommend this book to those of you who feel an inner call to bring soul love into your life and become a shining light for others--an invitation that few could refuse!
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on May 3, 1999
Some of the most beautiful and powerful experiences I've had in my life have been through practicing exercises in this book.
The experience of "soul love" that Sanaya/Orin describes is for real and it is the single most incredible thing I have ever experienced. It is almost indescribable but I'll try anyway...
It was if my heart opened up and began to shine like the sun, first filling my chest then my body, then the whole room and as it did, I had the most wonderful and blissful feeling of love I've ever experienced. Many orders of magnitudes beyond what you feel for loved ones. It was so powerful it wiped out all thought... nothing else mattered. I was aware of time passing to a small degree but it didn't matter. Every breath, every beat of my heart was ecstasy, every moment was bliss. I realized and experienced that I *was* love and so was everyone else. I experienced all physical matter as being made up of love. In this way I saw that we and everything that exists are all connected and the saying that "We are all one" became an experiential reality to me. All life and physical matter is made up of the same stuff and we are all connected in this way- there was never a point where I ended and another object or person began. It was all an endless continuum of love/energy that showed up as physical objects or other people where concentrations of energy was higher... but there was never an "empty space" between myself and someone/something else. I was still aware of all of the suffering in the world but knew that from a higher perspective that it was all ok, it was all perfect. I was able to love all of the negativity and suffering as well as the good. The state probably lasted for about 20 mins and even as I could feel it fading and knew that it was coming to and end, I loved that too...
Nothing I experience in ordinary daily life compares to even the smallest degree. Once you have a taste of it you *know* first hand what mystics have been saying since the beginning of time... Love is the answer. Love is who we are.
This book covers so many topics which I feel are extremely important.
Among other things, it teaches how to transform and evolve negative emotions, how to deal with things that are blocking you (evolving subpersonalities), spiritual laws of relationships, soul contact and blending, soul linking, attracting soulmates, transmitting love, and joining and working with others as a group to radiate love to those in need. The method taught for working with chakras (energy centers in the body which are related to states of consciousness) is best I've ever seen or used (and I've tried lots). Although it was taught in a certain context (working with the solar plexus, heart, and crown chakras), the same method can be used to work with any chakra.
Although Sanaya's books are not known to the general population they are among the clearest, wisest, most lovingly written and most practical books I've ever read. She is one of my top 3 all time favorite authors. I enthusiastically recommend both this and all of her other books.
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on February 2, 1998
I don't as a rule enjoy 'self-help' books. "Soul Love" was a pleasant departure and lucidly portayed. The information given had an implied authority that I didn't feel was altogether proven however what I did understand, has proved valuable. The information may not have been as 'digestible' as the wonderful and revelatory "The Autobiography of Jesus of Nazareth and the Missing years" by Richard G. Patton (goes into similar material in a more profound manner), but it did make me question my motivating force during normal waking hours. I would certainly recommend this book for anyone even slightly interested in the subject of energy centers and their impact on daily living.
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on December 1, 1998
This book is a simple and loving guide that touched me profoundly. I am not one for self-help and new age books and I was highly skeptical about this book and its possible contribution to my life. To my surprise, I realized that by reading this material, I elected to go on the most loving and stable journey I have experienced yet. I experienced the most profound sense of love through these pages. The instructions are easy to follow and the results are immediately felt. The book is easy to read as it unfolds page by page. Before I knew it - it was over and I was hungry for more. Thank you!
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on March 14, 1998
There are very few "New Age" books that really
give practical techniques for being more loving
and attracting love into your life.
The technique of "Soul-Linking" alone make this
book worth the price of admission. It really works!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 17, 2011
This book teaches you how to connect to that deeper (higher)part of you that is always aware only of love, and to bring this love into your daily life and let it flow through you - through everything you think, say and do. If you truly do practice expressing love in your daily life, you will find that all the obstacles and inharmonies in your life will begin to melt away, that whatever you need will begin to flow effortlessly to you, because you will live in tune, in harmony with the entire universe. Love is a very real and powerful vibration - as a matter of fact it is the most powerful healing, transmuting and rejuvenating power and it will lift you up out of any inharmonious situation you may be experiencing in your life. Just reading the book, won't be enough. You have to remember to practice using love constantly, until it turns into a habit. I have had too many experiences to mention in my life - where I have witnessed the power of love to create genuine miracles. If you truly desire to experience the incredible power of love, and are willing to express it - many, seemingly out of this world, experiences will come into your life - wonders more wonderful than you ever imagined possible - even the experience where you literally experience everything within you and around you made only out of love and it will feel more real than anything you have ever experienced in the physical world. And along the way, million other blessings will come your way.
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on April 11, 1999
This book is extremely well written and will touch a cord in anyone who reads it. Roman/Orin covers this material in a way that is easy to relate to and gain insight from. Highly recommended!!
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on December 6, 2013
and hope that this author can create more of these kinds of books in the world. This information is important messages for people to hear.
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