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3.1 out of 5 stars
3.1 out of 5 stars
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on June 23, 1999
I've been teaching riding and horsemanship for about 23 years and have often felt the need for just this book for my novice students and the hundreds of Pony Clubbers I've taught (and their parents!). No other book that I've found (and I own over 900 horse books) comes even close to the helpfulness and usefulness of Guay's book.
The author leads you through a series of decisions based upon _your_ situation, skills/experience, finances, and goals. Unlike most "how-to-buy-a-horse" books, this book doesn't go much into details about conformation, breeds, bloodlines, etc., as those are pretty much irrelevant for first-time horse owners. Instead, Guay takes the reader through the process of deciding, first, whether one should buy, lease, or just take lessons--including the financial and responsibility issues. If the decision is to buy a horse, she focuses on what is most important: finding an individual horse whose disposition and training make it suitable for that particular rider. She also strongly recommends getting help from an experienced horse person, preferably one's instructor.
This book is not meant to be a comprehensive guide to horse ownership. It is aimed at novices, not experienced horse people. For example, the author often covers what to experienced horse people may seem to be simple common sense, but which all too often can get novices into serious trouble. Guay emphasizes safety above all, both in selecting the horse and in riding and working with the horse.
Even though the book is aimed at novices, it should also be in every instructor's or trainer's library. We may forget what it's like to be a novice and looking for our first horse. Guay's book can help us understand and see things from the perspective of our students, and help them find a good horse for THEM, rather than what WE might buy.
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on February 5, 1997
I am a total horse novice. My daughter loves horses and is
now getting old enough to take lessons. When I found out
how much it costs to lease a horse or even board one that
we bought, I started to consider buying a horse and stabling
it at our home, which is in a rural area. This book opened my
eyes to all that is involved in owning a horse, no matter
where it is stabled. It is extremely comprehensive, covering
every aspect I wondered about and several I didn't even
consider. I highly recommend it for anyone like me who is
inexperienced in the world of horse ownership and thinking
of taking the plunge. I'm sure having it will save me many
times the cover price
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on July 9, 1997
Mary Guay covers the decision process better than anyone else I've read, and I have over 800 horse books. It will pay you back much more that the purchase price as it helps keep you and your family from making mistakes that you could avoid - and, more important, helping you find the RIGHT horse for you. I think this book is tops and just the thing for people thinking of getting a horse." - George Slusher, Examiner, Instructor and Clinician with US Pony Clubs, and Manager of Compuserve Horses Foru
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on January 17, 1999
This book was our "bible" while in the process of shopping and purchasing our new horse. It spelled everything out very clearly, and was very well organized. We followed it to the letter, and as a result ended up with a wonderful horse. The book was also very informative on boarding both at home or away. Don't purchase a horse without reading this book.
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on August 12, 1997
Mary Guay and Donna Schlinkert have written a wonderfully helpful book in Buying Your First Horse. Their insights into finding the right horse and the details of owning and caring for it are necessary for anyone wishing to have a successful and safe journey with their horse. - Mimi Osborn, Alternate, 3-Day Olympic Team, Atlanta, '96
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on March 20, 1999
The book was very easy to read and gives good advice on expenes, boarding, leasing. Any first time buyer should read this book. As much as I would like to buy a horse now, I learned that I am better off leasing a horse until I can find more time. Leasing has been a wonderful way to go and I still get to enjoy being around horses.
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on March 15, 1999
buying a horse is hard.its your have to always look after it.comb your horse well you do not want to hurt it.feeding is hard too.horses need a lot of carrots,apples,sugur cubes,and many more.
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on February 20, 1999
Dear folks at White Papers Press: thanks for your prompt shipment of Buying Your First Horse. We have looked at many horses but haven't found the right one - yet. We keep referring back to your fine publication! Thanks!
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