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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on October 29, 1998
I first encountered The Seth Material on a rainy afternoon in the upper level stacks of the Towanda Public Library, in Pennsylvania. Earlier, in a local paper, I had seen a small write-up about a woman in Elmira, New York, who goes into trance and speaks as someone named Seth. "Yeah, right," I remember thinking.
Then that day in the library, my hand closed over a volume. I saw the title, shrugged, and checked it out. I had no idea of the ride I was about to embark upon.
At age 40, I was not totally unprepared for Seth. I had studied Rosicrucian monographs for nine years and, since my early twenties, had felt a keen interest in metaphysics and philosophy. Yet, I had always had a skepticism about mediums and seances and things ectoplasmic.
I began reading. I learned of the coming of Seth into the lives of Jane Roberts, and her husband Robert Butts. It was bemusing to follow the progress of two people who may well have been as skeptical as I. Well, how would you feel if suddenly some personality essence entity entered your body and proceeded to lecture? It's quite one thing to accept it in theory, but if it happened to me, I think it would scare me-well-witless.
I read on. I got past the mediumship thing and into the meat of the message. When I began to assimilate what Seth was saying, I no longer cared whether Ms. Roberts was getting the information from a disembodied spirit or her goldfish. The material, to me, was electrifying.
On one hand, it seemed hauntingly familiar. I found myself saying, "of course, that's how it must be!" And "yes, I seem to remember...." On the other hand, it took me a very long time to read The Seth Material (and every other Seth book). You don't speed read Seth! I would encounter a concept, read the paragraph over and over until I thought I understood it. Yet there was always a nagging feeling that I didn't, not completely, and I kept doing a Scarlett O'Hara: I'll think about it tomorrow.
All that was nearly thirty years ago. Since then I've purchased all of the Seth books and have read them many times. I will, as long as I continue to have a pulse, read them many times more. I once wrote to Robert Butts and told him that the Seth books were my easy answer to the question, what books would I take if shipwrecked. I only partially joke when I say they keep rewriting themselves between readings, offering more and more information as I become capable of comprehending it.
Has all this changed my life? Indeed! Once begun, the material became an inevitable path of study. It challenged, and often stripped away, many of my most ingrained beliefs, and expanded my consciousness so that my view of the world is forever altered. Did the Seth books offer a magic solution to all my problems? Of course not! Have they offered new insights on how to deal with them? Absolutely-but more as a by-product of what I consider to be the most fascinating, absorbing, and stimulating information on the nature of everything.
I find Seth to be fun. Like an early, beloved schoolteacher whose influence persists throughout our lives, Seth speaks with humor, compassion and patience. Seth is not a cult. Seth is not a religion. Seth does not proselytize. Seth teaches. If you start with The Seth Material-and I do recommend reading the books in the order in which they were written-there are more than a dozen more, each superb.
If I were asked to give a one-sentence description of all of Seth's material, I would quote my son who was brought up on it: "It's the highest distillation of common sense."
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on August 31, 2000
I was first introduced to Seth when I was only 16 (and that was 30 years ago). I've read the Seth material over and over again throughout the years and have never ceased to be amazed at what I learn, (and/or relearn), from each reading. There is no doubt that this book has had a profound influence on my way of viewing my existence and the world, and I find Seth to be a wonderful teacher. As a side note, several years ago I stumbled across the book by Richard Bach,(of Jonathan Livingston Seagull fame), called 'Illusions' which quickly became my favorite book behind Seth. I recognized some of the Seth philosphy in his book and felt he had done a great job of explaining some very complex material in a way I could easily understand. Much later, I was very surprised and pleased to find a book review written by Richard Bach, on the Seth Material, on the back of one of my many re-purchased books of The Seth Material! (I kept giving the Seth Material away to friends.) I heartily recommend The Seth Material to anyone who is 'focused in this physical reality'! but wants to know more.
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on March 11, 2003
This book is a MUST READ for anyone who has or has not read any of the seth books. It is one of the best ones and will definitely change the way you perceive your life and give you more wisdom than any book ever can, even if your a first time seth reader. Brilliant! I so love this book, definitely one of my all time favorites! This one I do not loan out ha!
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on August 30, 1999
every day for the past fifteen years I have been" reading nature of personal reality." because of the knowledge,I have been traveling on my journey path with a sense of self and a sense of knowing the truth of why we are here. every day I thank Jane for her specialnesss and gratitude for the challenges she faced.
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I am tempted to pursue an analysis of some propositions made by Seth. But which one to choose? There are so many interdimensional layer upon layer in his universe of realities and multidimensional personalities. Readers are offered a Pandora’s Box of revelatory treasures about our material and psychic existence to ponder. Many of them ring true but others cave in on themselves, like black holes of incomprehensibility.

But this is a fascinating and interesting account by Jane Roberts about her encounter with Seth, an “energy personality essence no longer focused in physical matter". For a long time Roberts was concerned that the Seth Material originated from her subconscious self. However, it becomes convincingly obvious to her that the material originates from another discarnate consciousness that with her consent uses her body and faculties to channel itself audibly to her husband Robert Butts who records the energy personality’s expositions.

How to rate this book? Readers should have a strong interest in the channeling phenomenon whether they believe it has worth and value or it is a ruse to gain fame, fortune and followers. Personally I am convinced that Roberts was not in it for personal gain. And she was careful not to allow any religious cult-like following. Readers should also be prepared to compare their own authentic rationality vis-à-vis Seth’s assertive claims to metaphysical legitimacy. I admit that scenario had me feeling like a first-grader taking on PhD with the highest credentials. I accept much of what “he” says as serious food for thought and that ‘seeds’ are offered to plant and cultivate for the commonweal. But I could not avoid feeling that if the material was meant to have profound revelatory significance for mankind’s future it fails to provide a focused and structured learning opportunity. It is all over the map and frequently ‘off the map’ altogether. This book deserves a second or third reading to absorb its physical sense versus Inner Sense implications and its cosmic energy synthesis.
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on July 13, 1998
What has brought me to write this review is the reading of the book " Conversations with God " by Neale Walsch. I read the Seth Material in the early to mid 70's and the chords it struck within my being still resonate today. I have used the lessons learned in this book in my daily life and I am able to love my life because of the understanding I gained from this book.
There are lessons to be learned by not only reading this book, but by comprehending the information that is being given on these pages. The lessons mostly concern how you fit into this fabric of life and how you can utilize your own depth of character to propel you towards greatness in your personal life.
Actual mechanics of how all of us have come to be here. How and why we CAN change everything in our lives to suit our desires, and why most of us don't. Even the subtle and always overlooked affect of linguistics in the creation of our physical reality.
Information contained within this book is the best it gets as far as detailing all actions and reactions to situations in your life....the only problem is it is very technical. There is no other way to describe this book but a technical manual of cause and affect. This is not stated with any kind of is just fact.
That is why the reading of " Conversations with God " brought me to write this review. It is virtually the same information in a much more pallatible version, more of a Readers Digest version.
The issue with either book is, it's easy to miss the message if you are busy concentrating on the messengers. My recommendation it read both with an open heart and let your heart tell you if the information given forth in these books ring true to you. If they do....then utilize as much as you can in your life as quickly as you can, if they don't......then maintain your status quo and you have lost nothing!
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on March 21, 2002
The story of Seth and how Jane and Rob started communicating with Seth. It contains some of the information further elaborated on in Seth Speaks. I had originally put this book off because it looked more narrative and less informative but this was an incorrect judgement on my part. Like many other book series I would recommend reading the Seth works in the order in which they were written for the best comprehension. This book is a "Jane" book which contains some excerpts from Seth sessions.
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on October 15, 1997
Jane Roberts and her husband Robert experimented with psychic phenomenon, which led to their encounter with the entity Seth. The Seth entity, is a "group entity" much like the modern-day Abraham entity, who produced a great library of the technology, processes, and logistics of a multi-dimensional universe. This book is an excellent introduction and overview to Seth, giving background in how the Seth material was provided; who Jane Roberts was; and the general focus of the Seth teachings. The later books "dictated" by Seth become highly technical and complex, so "The Seth Material" is a good way to introduce the reader to the extensive writings. Together with "The Adventures of Oversoul 7," this book is the first step in a complete description of all of existence, from a non-physical perspective.
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on October 4, 2014
As someone who has studied many other of the Seth books before reading this one I was delighted with it as it's an early book in the series. It's one of the best I think. Can not convey how much I love these books.
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on July 25, 2014
Anything on Seth is worth reading, especially for anyone interested in their own growth processes. Truly enlightening material.
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