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on June 15, 2015
Pertinent and comprehensive resource for law school applicants while being concise and easy to read :)
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on December 13, 2012
I picked up this book because I have been contemplating law school for awhile now and had difficult finding resources pertaining to Canadian law. I thought the LSAT preparation tips and external resources provided are quite useful, and I will definitely be using them in the near future. This book also provides a lot of foresight into what law school is actually like, but unfortunately I felt that it became unnecessarily detailed in explaining how 2L/3L works. I'm all for foresight, but much of the writing is "tips" on what to do, rather than what to expect. I was looking for a book with a scope that is more specific to what makes a person a good lawyer, rather than what you need to do to get through law school. A large portion of the book contains detailed accounts of what to do in 2L/3L and how to find those coveted articling positions but the advice doesn't seem very practical since it's practised 3 if not 5 years from now. Overall the first half is quite good for any prospective law student, but the latter half of the book becomes more of a law school guide than something you want to read if you really "wanted to be a lawyer eh?"

Not my cup of tea, but still one of the better Canadian law resources out there.
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on June 4, 2011
Not nearly as informative as I thought and a lot of the info was already out of date/incorrect, for Ontario anyway. If you can borrow it or get it really cheap okay, but not worth full price. Now that I am in law school (UWO), I definitely see that a lot of the information about applications and school need to be updated by the author.
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on May 30, 2011
This book is a great asset that I have no regrets buying. As a recent undergrad graduate contemplating law school, I couldn't help but stumble across the thousands of "don't do it" sites from the USA. I was trying to find a Canadian perspective on what law school would be like, and what my possible legal career would mean was pretty impossible to find, until I found this book.

The author helps create a step-by-step process for law school hopefuls and ends things with what it is like to be a lawyer, as well as some insight on knowing now what he wished he knew then. The helpful tips he provides in between should make law school much easier than those who do not know what to expect going in.

I believe that since the author had a career and a family before entering law school, he was able to write the book and offer a sobering impression on what a life in law is like, and that there are those who can make it in the profession and be successful while still having a life outside of the job.

The title of the book is called "So You Want To Be A Lawyer, Eh?" not "So You Are Thinking About Becoming A Lawyer, Eh?" even though it does help with some of those questions. If you are looking for a book that will help convince you to go to law school, or that being a lawyer is right for you, it doesn't exist, as it also doesn't exist for other professions. Follow the steps the author provides on exploring the legal profession.

If you are willing to drop tens of thousands of dollars on going to law school in Canada, it is worth spending the money and getting this very affordable book.
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on April 23, 2009
I loved it, gave me a real head start on understanding what I needed to prepare for - gives many links to other resources and has his own blog and website available for those who want more info or even correspondence. Totally comprehensive on all aspects of applying, getting through law school, and how to prepare for what comes after!
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on January 13, 2009
This is a must buy for anyone thinking about entering the legal field. I've had an interest in law school for years but there was no comprehensive resource out there for Canadians. This books is written in plain English and is well organized. It's full of hints and tips. I feel that once I get in to law school, this book will really be my secret weapon, my ace up the sleeve.

I can see how this book would be useful to students in their undergrad considering law school or students in any year of law school.

It was refreshing to read about how the legal sector is in CANADA, not the US.

P.S. I emailed the author to ask him a few further questions. He posts his email address all over the book offering to send materials or answer questions. Although the email address in the book came back as not active, I tracked his actual email down from the book's website. He got back to me within 24 hours with very full and informative response. The author really cares about his readers and seems willing to take time to answer questions.

Thanks Adam!
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on August 14, 2008
As someone who did not grow up with parents in the legal field, I had NO idea what to expect out of Law school in Canada. While I found countless publications describing US Law schools, this is the only book that I found that truly explains the Law school experience from a student's point of view in Canada. I highly recommend this book for anyone considering Law school in Canada. It is written in plain English and guides you from the application process all the way through each year of Law school.
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