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2.8 out of 5 stars
2.8 out of 5 stars
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on September 19, 2007
The book is everything but not what you would expect to get judging by the title. Kevin Trudeau constantly refers to his website where one supposedly would get full explanation for various topics. The only problem is that no one can get any explanation free of charge. Once you land at the website, you will realize that there is almost nothing that you could learn unless you come up with some kind of payment! Otherwise the book has some valid and valuable information. However, there are many other books at the market that discuss natural cures, stress reduction methods, proper nutrition, proper breathing techniques, yoga, etc. They are often not only much more informative but at the same time also cheaper. Just look around Amazon and you will find them. I find the best alternative to "Natural Cures" are books by Mikhail Tombak such as "Cure the Incurable", or a longevity book titled "Can we live 150" They are absolutely noncommercial and full of useful info. In addition, their website is not only free of any charges but also provides some free ebooks on other health issues.
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on May 24, 2006
I think this book is not as bad as some portray it. Some of the reviews here are on the edge of being hateful, and I think it's wrong. A review should be about the contents of the book, not about the way one feels about the author. I bought the book and I did find some useful info about alternative medicine. There is also lots of insight about the way big money influences the decision making of FDA. Just for that the book deserves three stars...
Having said all that, I must admit that I have expected much more from "Natural Cures". No doubt Kevin Trudeau is a good promoter. He is so convincing in his infomercials that it is really hard not to buy the products he advertises. However, the book does not deliver everything what one would expect to get judging by the title and the infomercial.
Supposedly I would get a lot more at the authors' website. He constantly refers to his website where one supposedly would get full explanation for various topics. The only problem is that no one can get any explanation free of charge. Once I landed at the website, I realized that there is nothing that you could learn unless you come up with some kind of a payment!
I was inclined to pay the website membership fee but first I went back to Amazon to read more reviews. Based on many warnings in the reviews, I decided not to pay. Instead I followed a link to a book titled "Cure the Incurable" This book in not only cheaper, but it also contains a whole wealth of complete information that I expected to find in "Natural Cures..." but never did. The only problem with this book is that the author, dr. Tombak, often refers to the earlier published title on the assumption that the reader is already familiar with his first book. Therefore it is a better idea to first read the bestseller "Can We Live 150?"
I did not return Kevin's book but if I were as well informed as I am now, I would not have bought it. I ended up buying two books, while all I really needed is to buy the second one (Cure the Incurable).
So folks, learn from my mistake and read the reviews first before buying a book. After you read a number of reviews, you will be able to make the right decision, even though some of the reviews might be inappropriate.
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on December 5, 2014
What a bunch of bunk! Not surprising as it is written by a man who had no education or background in medicine or nutrition. I would recommend strongly that Amazon drops this book from its "health" listing and put it in "fiction" because that's what it is.
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on January 2, 2007
The majority of the book is talking about how "drug companies, the government, and a host of other organizations do not want you to know what these natural cures are."

Kevin has some good knowledge and I believe he speaks the truth. He states "There are natural cures for virtually every disease." However he only shares the most basic facts when it comes to the "natural cures". In order to find out the actual "cure" you have to buy a membership on his web site.

He also talks about how people who you information on which products really do work, give you information because they are usually selling the product, so how do you know if they are telling the truth. He says he is different because he has no product to sell, so we can believe him. He does have a product though. In order for you to find out which products really do work, or are better than others, you have to have a membership to his web site as he is not allowed to list them in his book. In my opinion he comes across as the same as all those others that he is talking about in his book.

His web site is [...] If you check it out, you will find that membership rates are either $999 for a lifetime membership, or $9.95 monthly. To get the 1 week free trial membership you have to enter a credit card number.

I also find that his tone through the book comes on very strong. While I was reading it, I felt like he was yelling at me. I really didn't like this approach at all.

He does give a lot of other sources to research, so you can discover if he is telling the truth.

If you are buying the book to find out the cures, then I'd say to pass it by. If you want to read some good information about how the government, drug companies etc. are giving the population falsified information and don't mind being yelled at, then go ahead and purchase the book.
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on July 28, 2007
When I first saw this book, I immediately became excited, especially because it was about natural cures "they" don't tell us about. They being the big medical and drug companies. As well as the organizations that are currently trying to find cures for cancer, lung disease, etc.

In the beginning chapter, Kevin Trudeau begins by telling the reader about his experience with both the US medical system and other treatment options. He also goes onto mention that what we are being told by the medical community is not "fact", but the "current theory", which can change at any moment. While I understand this, Trudeau goes on to say what he presents in this book are opinions and that there are "virtually no medical facts. There are only medical opinions." I found this hard to believe considering the amount of knowledge doctors and scientists have about humans.

While his message seems to be about natural cures, it becomes lost when Trudeau goes on about the FDA and other medical associations. I was disappointed with this book because there was little information about natural cures.
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on October 12, 2006
I bought this book after watching the infomercial and was very disappointed with the contents. As the other person said he does refer to his website to find out the cures, but then you have to pay more money to do that. I e-mailed Kevin and complained and to my surprise he refunded my money and did not ask for the books back. I bought 3 books as I was going to give them away as gifts. I do not recommend this book at all. No real cures given in this book.
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on May 23, 2005
And Kevin Trudeau doesn't want you to know about them, either...
I bought this book and couldn't believe that this was the book advertized on television. First of all, there is not a single reference to a single natural cure in the entire book. I bought this book because of references made on the infomercial, and to my chagrin, not a single reference existed, was printed or noted in the book. I just could not believe it. Now, if he goes down, he will complain that it's because the establishment is after him rather than that he and his newsletter (don't bother with that, either) are cheating customers by not providing them with _any_ relevant information.
I would save your pennies and not invest it here as his knowledge is not just lacking, but completely non-existent. It's as though he picked up a couple of books on natural health and then sat down proclaiming himself an expert. The thing is, you need a great deal of knowledge to work in this field and just as important, a great deal of experience and feedback from dealing with customers to develop a compass as to where you should be going with regard to nutrition and health concerns.
This was just a rage against the pharma-cartel (which is wholly justified, but cannot make up the entire book!) and some very basic knowledge on diet, nutrition, and the danger of additives that someone can easily access by researching natural health topics at any library (lookup enzymes, raw food diets, or Biogenic Living, for example) or by asking any questions of the knowledgeable personnel at any reputable health food store.
When it arrived, I took one look through it, and immediately asked for my money back as I have worked in Natural Health Management for the past five years and have more than enough knowledge and experience in this realm to know _what_ I am talking about and am completely aware of when I'm being 'fleeced.'
I wouldn't recommend this book if it were the last book on earth on the subject...
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on December 24, 2005
It appears that most reviewers are ranting and raving about how they feel "ripped off" after buying this book. It looks like most people were very gullible and expected "the world" when buying this book. I would suggest you read it for what it is; an expose on the pharamaceutical industry. It opens one's eyes to some corruption, and even if only half of what Kevin says is true, it is worth the purchase price. For real cures - GO TO A NATUROPATH! You can't expect some self-proclaimed capitalist and entrepreneur to tell you how to cure AIDS or CANCER for $39. This book is just an eye opener and should be the start of your search for natural cures. Just use your common sense and stop slamming the book with such vigor and enthusiasm.
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on March 9, 2007
This book did teach me some stuff - eating organic, taking supplements, getting most of your vitamins from your foods, etc. However, the title is obviously misleading.

I understand that the FTC and the FDA are the 'devil' and that they are after our money, as everybody else in this world is (including Mr. Trudeau). However, this is not what the book was supposed to be about. It was supposed to be about natural cures, but it is NOT ENTIRELY about natural cures... For that reason the book should have a different title and it should be advertised differently.

The main seller of this book was obviously the infomercial, and everyone's expectations about the "natural cures" are much higher than the book actually delivers. It turns out that for anyone to get any good recommendations one has to join Trudeau's website. This is very frustrating and very misleading as well. And this is why everybody is giving very bad reviews.

I do find a lot of good info in that book, but because of the misleading title and misleading infomercial I cannot give it more than 3stars. And for anyone looking for real NATURAL CURES I strongly recommend "Cure the Incurable" instead.
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on September 11, 2005
Ok,,,so Kevin is selling information and he wants a fee,,,,it is America isn't it? The membership fee is nominal compared to even a thirty day supply of a questionable, expensive pharmaceauticals. I recieved a prompt response to a question I had for Kevin and was led to a web site that...incredibly...IS free but SHOULD be charging for the vital/critical health information contained within. We need a book like Kevins in this toxic popular culture we live in. Frankly,,,the information in the book may be just the tip of the iceburg,,,but at least now we know there is an iceburg!! Kevin is just a messenger folks who happens to have his book currently listed at No. 1 on the New York Times bestseller list(hardcover non=fiction) final thought is this,,,I wonder if anyone...ever...has been paid to write a bad book review? hmmm:)
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