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on September 8, 2010
The Boy Who Changed the World
Reviewed by Irene S. Roth

The subtitle of the book tells the reader
exactly what the book is about: How your life
matters. What a wonderful message to give to
kids! Books like this can encourage a young
reader to excel, no matter what (s)he does.

Throughout the book, Andrews discusses
some of the questions that we all have about the
meaning of our lives. How can we each make a
difference in this vast and sometimes empty
world? As the reader turns each page of the
book, (s)he will learn that everything we do
does indeed matter. In fact, what you did
yesterday, what you do today, and what you
will do tomorrow all matter. What an
empowering message for kids.

This overall theme has even more far
reaching implications. It would seem that all
our actions have an impact on others, in one
way or another, not only currently but also
right through history. In fact, generations from
now, people will still be reaping some of the
benefits of our current actions.

This book has bold, colorful illustrations. It is
easy to read. It could be read either in one
sitting or over time to serve as a reminder that
what we do matters in the grand scope of
things. That is what the butterfly effect is all

I recommend this book to kids of all ages. It
will be a book that could be read many times
and it will enrich as well as inspire the reader
each time.

I received this ARC from the publisher
through [...],
[...] book reviewers
program. I am disclosing this in accordance
with the Federal Trade Commission's 16CFR,
Part 255.
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on September 7, 2010
for those that know me, you might wonder why i would ever agree to review a children's book. number 1, there was not much else to choose from. number 2, it looked cool. plus, it was a special on the review list that said i could still take another book even if i chose this one, so i tried it out. it was really cool. the kind of book i want to read to my kids. it's about how one life can make a significant difference in the world. it talks about norman borlaug and how his contribution to the world through seed that could grow in areas that typically wouldn't grow known seeds of the day. but it goes back and talks about the person who hired him to do that, and the person who influenced him and so on. if you read my previous post about 'the butterfly effect', then this is a kid's book based on the ideas in that book. at any rate, i thought the drawings were pretty cool, and i love the story. i'll read it to my kids on a regular basis for sure. one life can make a difference, and that's a cool message to spread. 4/5 on the blair-o-meter.
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on September 7, 2010
Book: The Boy Who Changed the World
Author: Andy Andrews
Illustrated by: Philip Hurst
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers
Genre: Children's nonfiction
ISBN: 978-1-4003-1605-2

I recently received The Boy Who Changed the World by Andy Andrews in the mail. After enjoying his book Heart Mender so much, I had high hopes for his children's book and he didn't disappoint. Before purchasing this book, be aware that it is not fiction. This means it is not as captivating as the stories you will often find in children's books. However, it is an interesting story, especially for your older children and is a great springboard for discussion.

The storyline: This is the story of Moses Carver, George Washington Carver, Henry Wallace, and Norman Borlaug. The book covers each of their stories and how they began a ripple effect that in essence, changed the world. The moral of the story is that everything you do matters, it has an effect.

What I liked about this book: I LOVED the illustrations. It reminded me of the books my great aunt used to write. They are colorful, kind of old fashioned, LOVE LOVE LOVE them! The storyline is great. I like the fact that it is true, that it inspires kids to do what they can with what resources they have available to them. To dream big.

What I didn't like about this book: There isn't much to say here. I thought it could have been a little bit simpler. It is definitely not a book my kids would understand. I would say this is more a story for the older children in your life.

Who this book is good for: This book is fantastic for children aged 7-9! It recommends ages 4-8 however, I have doubts that a 4 year old would understand where the story was headed and what it meant. At the same time, there is no harm in starting it early and explaining things to them as you go. It is a great springboard to talk about the effects of their actions. To discuss their dreams and aspirations, what they are good at and how they can use that to help other people.

**I received this book free of charge from Thomas Nelson Publishers
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon September 7, 2010
Fabulous! This book is amazing. Bright colored images that will stir the imagination of your kids.
As soon as I received this book, I sat down with my three younger kids and read it while our eldest was helping his dad in the kitchen. Everyone enjoyed it and thought the story very interesting. It is a good demonstration that whatever we do in life do have an effect whether immediately or later in life.

My 6 year old was the most attentive to this story and kept wanting to look at the book afterward. It is a precious book with a good life lesson included in it. What I particularly like is that the characters are real life people who existed in the past. Somehow, the lesson sinks more in our heart and mind when it is about people who lived before.

This book is definitively a keeper for our family. It is the kind of book that I would like to keep for my own grandkids someday. I want my kids and their kids to know that "Everything You Do Matters." It doesn't matter if it is small or big it still have an effect!

This review was possible because I received a copy of The Boy Who Changed The World from Thomas Nelson.
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on September 7, 2010
The concept of this book is wonderful. Not only did I find it to be about making wise choices because the choices you make effect others and ultimately the world, but also about being humble and giving credit where credit is due.

While some of this story was a bit over my four year old's head we will read it again to instill the lessons of making good decisions and being aware of one's behavior.

The illustrations in The Boy Who Changed the World are magnificent. Colorful and beautiful.

This is a lovely book to add to your child's library.
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on April 6, 2015
This is a lovely book to encourage children to think about their actions and how they affect not only them! This helps children to see our bigger world and how small things they do can have larger impact they don't even know.
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on May 7, 2014
One of the most positive books you could buy for a child. Geared toward children but all ages will enjoy it.
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