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4.4 out of 5 stars
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on March 19, 2006
OH, MY GOD! Paranormal romance lovers alert! There is a new kid on the block and her world of Valkyrie’s, Lykae’s, Vampire’s and Shapeshifters is going to knock your socks off!
Enduring decades of torture from the vampire horde, Lachlain MacRieve senses that his predestined ‘mate’, whom he’s waited for over a thousand years, is near. Her scent is strong, but before he loses it forever he draws on a long-held reserve of strength to break free from the chains that have held him in the fires of a vampire’s hell. He follows the scent of his mate, unable to fully comprehend the mate he’s waited centuries for is a vampire. His only thought is to take the delicate golden haired beauty to his lair, a Scottish castle hidden away in the Highlands where he can slake his overwhelming lust and claim her for his own.
Emmaline of Troy, in all her life has never fit in! Sheltered and hidden most of her life, this little Halfling was raised in a Valkyrie coven and had never even seen another vampire. All she knew about Lakaes and Vampires were they were mortal enemies to the Valkyrie. Gentle, easily frightened, but determined to uncover the truth of her lineage, her one foray away from the coven and she is captured by a wildly handsome, and frighteningly strange man making outlandish claims that she’s his ‘mate’! Bizarre as it seemed to Emmaline, it was even more bizarre to Lachlain that his mate would be a half-vampire, half-Valkyrie yet he would fight anyone who dared to try to take the woman he’d waited centuries to find.
*** Not much more can be said other than to shout it out - TREMENDOUS !! Cole has kick started an awesome new series by creating an amazing alternate reality world filled with extraordinary characters, thrilling action, danger, humor and phenomenal sensuality. This is an author you would do well to put on ‘auto buy’ status. This paranormal debut by Kresley Cole is ‘smoking’ and I can’t wait for further episodes to emerge!

Marilyn Rondeau, Reviewers International Organization
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on July 13, 2007
What can I say... I love this book. We've got Lykae's (werewolf), Vampires and Valkeries. The hero Lachlain is very tormented, dangerous and HOT... he's also found his mate. Emmaline the heroine is not quite what I expected. She's very sheltered but very modern. She goes through great character growth which makes it interesting.

The secondary characters are a lot of fun and make you want to read their own stories so I am keeping my fingers crossed for that.
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on October 24, 2006
This book kept me reading til the very early AM. The story was good, though the reason it got a 4/5 for me was the herione was a little scaredy cat. Would have liked to see a stronger herione in this book, and the hero was.. mmmmmmmm, delicious.

Worth a read, definitely looking forward to any more books by this author, and any more in this series!
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on October 26, 2011
This is the first book I read in the serie and it blew my mind right off! When I was getting desperate do read something decent in the genre, the synopsis for this one intrigued me and I say, I was really happy I dared to buy and read it.

The characters are incredible. They have distinct and very fleshed-out personnalities and the situation in which they are thrusted, amazing to say the least. Emmaline is a soft character yes, but not annoyingly so and althought the change she end up being at the end is a bit extreme, I never rolled my eyes (which is a thing I do repeatedly when reading paranormal erotica.... Guess I never fell on the good books before this one). Lachlain is the same ; he's a very angry character but with acceptable limits. The story, which is a bit a race against the full moon is engaging and althought sometimes I felt like more communication between the characters could have prevented trouble, it wasn't over the board.

The balance between the characters interaction and blossoming love and the story itself is perfect, none shadows the other and althought on my second read this story didn't make as big an impression then the first time around, I warmly suggest you give this serie a try. It's the best I read of the genre so far. Like the title say, if the synopsis got you intrigued like me, don't waste time reading reviews. Buy the book now, you won't regret it.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon June 15, 2009
Ms Cole has created a unique paranormal world here and although it took me a bit to get into all her legends and lore I thoroughly enjoyed this sexy, witty and thrilling romance.

Emmaline our heroine is half Vampire, half Valkyrie. She has been raised by her aunts in New Orleans but as the story begins she's in Paris searching for information about the father she never knew. Lachlain is a Lycan or werewolf who has been imprisoned and tortured by the evil Demestriu for the last 150 years. When he scents Emma somewhere on the streets above him he knows immediately that she is his mate and nothing will stop him from reaching her even if it means loosing a limb in order to escape.

The initial meeting of our couple is quite erotic. Lachlain, almost crazy from his years of torture kidnaps Emma and then is somewhat shocked to discover that the mate he's waited so long for is in fact a Vampire and therefore his Clans natural enemy. Remarkably it is Emma alone who is able to soothe the tortured beast within him. Lachlain then forces Emma to travel to Scotland with him. The world has changed a lot in 150 years and of course he can't drive, never mind all the other technology. These scenes are hilarious as Lach attempts to catch up with the times by reading magazines and watching TV. Yet as the two get to know each other and the passion starts to build they were also very sensual. Emma is shy but clever and slightly goofy. Lachlain as her hopeful mate is patient, loving and grumpy with a great Scottish accent. Emmaline's character evolves throughout the story as she drinks blood from `the source' regains her strength and discovers some new powers. Lachlain is continually at his wits end. Trying to please her but making a mess of things as he regularly lies about releasing her and is a little too alpha male.

The ending was exciting, full of twists and very funny. With a complete cast of great secondary characters, you just never knew who was going to turn up next; lycans, witches, valkyries, shape shifters, demons, fey and wraiths... oh my. A glossary of lore has been included which helped me with Kresly Cole's incredible paranormal world and I look foreword to the next instalment in this unique series.
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on September 25, 2010
Yet another Kresley COLE book that rocked the Immortals After Dark Series. It was riveting and compelling. Lots of times you get where a book is going and this book was a new shift on each page, with the common drift in heated romance. All of the momentum was clear with this novel and it entertained completely. I laughed, belly laughed, right out with parts of the book. I won't spill the details but NIX is rocking in this novel and she Brings It like she always does. This book was captivating and I loved the flesh play, LOVED IT. Such a sexy story. You will not be disappointed. Kresley can cook up a good story that keeps you wanting more and more. OK, I just had to put MORE into the review because every time I read it in Kresleys books, heart stopping flesh play follows... well and we all like that don't we.
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on September 18, 2014
My first encounter with this kind of genre was with Nalini Singh's Guild Hunter books and I quite liked them. Then I moved to Gena Showalter's Lords of the underworld and I thought to myself WOW this is great but nothing prepared me for how much I absolutely Loved A hunger like no Other. This is my favourite book in this kind of genre.
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on September 1, 2011
Kresley Cole delivers a wonderful paranormal world that I keep returning to visit! I love the banter between the main characters! This series is one of my all-time favorites. Thank God more books are to follow because I'm not ready to say goodbye! Honestly, folks, every book that I see is written by her, I buy without hesitation!
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on July 8, 2016
This book
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on October 16, 2015
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