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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on June 23, 2016
At almost 600 pages in length, this book is very rich in detail, which is something I was grateful for as there was so much history, tradition and scientific facts that were pertinent to the story. The fast pace, mystery and excitement made it hard for me to put it down.

Angels and Demons is one of the most engrossing books I have read in a long time. Dan Brown's writing style is definitely a good fit for me and I can't wait to continue on with the rest of the books in the Robert Langdon series. I would recommend this book to those who enjoy suspense focusing on controversial topics.
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on September 9, 2005
Well, I am finally getting around to reading Mega Bestselling author Dan Brown, what a rush! This book is an incredible thriller, a tour guide to Rome, and an educational adventure all rolled into one. I've never learned so much from a work of fiction. Having Taken some art class last semister, I appreciated so much the references to art from the Renaissance. I think the book suffers a bit from Crichtonism. That being defined as "when an author can't decide what to do at the end so he throws out the most ludicrous thing he can think of." The ending does stretch ones ability to suspend disbelief. In spite of the poor ending I am looking forward to reading the "Da Vinci Code." I also recommened "A Tourist in the Yucatan" for a cool, arcehological thriller, that is very belivable!
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on December 9, 2004
Like many people, I discovered Dan Brown through The Da Vinci Code (The Da Vinci Code and "A Tourist in the Yucatan" were my favorite thrillers of the year). As much as I enjoyed the just-one-more-page-before-I-turn-out-the-light qualities of this book I still prefer The Da Vinci Code. Angels & Demons is the prequel for The Da Vinci Code and I could truly see Brown's growth as a writer in his later work. I would consider his plotting skills in Angels & Demons good, but by the time he went on to write The Da Vinci Code I believe they were perfected.
Angels & Demons still possesses the page turning, fast paced plotting present in The Da Vinci Code. However, in my opinion, some of the plot twists, while being thoroughly entertaining, were also entirely unbelievable. I don't believe that fiction needs to be exactly like real life, but I can only suspend disbelief so far without falling out of the story.
If this was your first Dan Brown, and you enjoyed this one, I would highly recommend picking up a copy of The Da Vinci Code. If you've already read The Da Vinci Code, you'll probably like this one too, just know before you begin that you've already read the best, now you're going back for the rest.
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on March 8, 2007
While it does not read like a literary classic, this book will be one of my favorites for a long time. The plot, characters, and setting are all good enough to make you keep your nose deep in this book. The special aspect of this book is the religious debate Brown intertwines within the story line. Of course people sensitive to having their beliefs discussed will be put off, but if you are open minded (religious or not) you will love this aspect of the book.

It is inevitable to compare A & D to The Davinci Code. I think this book is just as good if not better. The illustrated edition for both books allows you to see all of the architecture, famous art, and historic people without having to search the net, which was of course invented by the scientific institution featured in A & D. Enjoy!
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on June 21, 2006
Contains extremely interesting historical and architectural facts. It made me want to go to Rome just to see everything Dan Brown has written here. The plot is interesting, the book is riveting. Kind of predictable though, but the way the story was structured makes you want to see how it turns out. Kudos to the author, Brown's really an extremely talented story-teller.
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on March 11, 2006
Angels and Demons is one suspense packed thriller that you just can't put down! Dan Brown has managed to combine The Vatican, the secret brotherhood of the Illuminati, murder, assassins, the Swiss research facility - CERN, a Harvard symbologist, stolen antimatter, a dead priest / physicist's daughter who helped develop the antimatter, the Swiss Guard, and super high speed aircraft, (from Boston to Switzerland in 1 hour! ) all in a race against time.
This book is riveting, as the plot thickens and intensifies and I found myself "peeking" into the next chapter - something I NEVER do! The suspense was too much - but excellent! I just could not put this book down and had to let everything fall around me as I raced to finish all 430 pages! The ending will blow you totally away - and just when you think you had it all figured out - It will stun you!
I found the history of the Vatican, the information on the conclave in electing a pope, as well as all of the history, combined with the history of the Illuminati totally fascinating. My interest never waned throughout this fast-paced, compelling story. I really don't want to retell the story, as you can read it in the above editorial review.
Robert Langdon, a Harvard professor of religious iconology and Vittoria Vetra, a physicist are in a race against time to save Vatican City from a diabolical plot - revenge and hatred from the ancient brotherhood of the Illuminati against the Catholic Church. With the Pope murdered, the four favored bishops are found missing from the conclave. At precise intervals, the Illuminati inform the Vatican that the bishops will be murdered. It is up to Langdon and Vittoria to try and figure out the "clues" from the Illuminati and save the bishops. But not only are they trying to save the bishops, they are also trying to save the entire Vatican, as stolen antimatter is hidden somewhere inside the Vatican. Time is also running out as the antimatter has the capacity to level the entire city. Antimatter "is the most powerful energy source known to man. A single gram of antimatter contains the energy of a 20-kilotin nuclear bomb - the size of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima."
You will find this book totally fascinating and incredibly compelling. You easily get caught up in the story and with the factual basis of the battle between science and religion. Dan Brown had managed to interweave the two into one non-stop thriller that will take your breath away.
Check out; Giorgio Kostantinos-The Quest, as well - very interesting and based on Da Vinci Codes.
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on February 27, 2006
Having read "The Da Vinci Code", I was quite exited to dig into "Angels & Demons", Robert Langdon's first adventure. I found out, however, that I was reading the same book. Robert was yet again with a female "sidekick", the ending "twist" had the same elements, and the villian had the same mindset. Only the location and a few plot elements changed.

Having that being said, I would like to say that "Angels & Demons" is still an interesting read. Dan Brown seems to do his research while writing his novels, and since the chapters are short, I kept saying "Just one more chapter" as I read the book. I managed to finish it in two days.

Robert Langdon is awaken from his home in the United States due to a phone call by Dr. Kohler, the President of CERN, a Swiss science facility. There, Langdon sees the dead body of a CERN scientist with the word "Illuminati" burned onto his chest. Shortly thereafter, they discover one of the deadly projects the scientist was working on has gone missing; anitmatter. Anitmatter has the ability to power the continental United States with just one pound of it, or become the most dealy weapon ever made. Later, they discover that the canister is somewhere in The Vatican, the Illuminati's ultimate enemy.

If you already read "The Da Vinci Code", you can see the similarities. However, one of the things about Dan Brown is that he writes in such a way that we already know the outcome, we just want to see how it happens. "Angels & Demons" is well worth a read, but if you are new to Dan Brown, or, more importantly, Robert Langdon's universe, I strongly reccomend that you read "The Da Vinci Code" first, as that is a superiour novel and the ending won't be known before you start the second chapter.
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on February 25, 2006
One incredible thriller, Angels & Demons by Dan Brown. This book is about Harvard symboligist Robert Langdon meeting up with Vittoria Vetra, a young scientist from CERN Technology. When they are sent to Vatican City to help reveal an ancient cult called the Illuminati, the whole story changes. They race through Rome and Vatican City to find an assassin planning to murder 4 of the most important people of the time. Throughout the book, Robert and Vittoria find out many famous and shocking things about this 400 year-old, secret cult! Throughout the book, Robert has to figure out many well worded riddles just to find little things like a church. This book had an amazing, shocking ending just like Dan Brown's other books. This book was very exciting because the author always made everything seem like the characters had very little time to do everything. I didn't feel like I was in the book at all because it was all about chasing around a killer to save important people, and I've never done that before. Even though I couldn't relate to the book, I still was very interested by the main conflict because it was fast-paced and it had nail-biting scenes every page.
You should also check out-'The Quest' by George Kostantinos and commented by Dan Brown.
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on April 16, 2005
ANGELS & DEMONS is one of the best thrillers I have ever read. Besides being unable to put the book down, my wife and I learned a great deal about the Catholic Church, Rome, and the creation of anti-matter in the laboratories of Switzerland. I was fascinated to learn about the connection between the secret Illuminati brotherhood, the Masons and even the U.S. one-dollar bill. Behind the superb story, there is a rich backdrop balancing the conflict and agreement between science and religion. With the election of a new pope in the foreseeable future and the election before last November choice between Gore and Bush (with their admitted ties to the secret societies of the Masons and Skull and Bones), this book gives readers much to think about, provided they have time to catch their breath from all the surprises, chills and thrills in the ingenious plot. Another Amazon pick I'd like to recommend is McCrae's THE CHILDREN'S CORNER with its twists and turns, excellent writing, formidable themes, and thought-provoking insight into the human heart.
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on March 26, 2005
I enjoyed this book greatly despite some of the negative things I've heard. True, it's not my usually cup of tea, and our book club doesn't usually read this type of thing, preferring instead something more "modern" and literary such as McCrae's CHILDREN'S CORNER or that great read, THE LOVELY BONES. But we decided to give Mr. B a shot and the result was none too bad. After Robert Langdon, a professor of religious iconology at Harvard, receives a fax showing a brutally murdered corpse branded on the chest with an anagram of the word 'Illuminati,' he begins his exciting and suspenseful adventure. He travels to CERN, a highly advanced scientific research facility and meets the director, Maximilian Kohler, who sent him the fax. AT CERN Langdon learns that the corpse in the fax belonged to Leonardo Vetra, a christian scientist at CERN, and that he was murdered by an underground antireligous group who called them selves The Illuminati. Before he was murdered Leonardo Vetra and his adopted daughter had created a deadly substance called antimatter. Vetra and his daughter had successfully created a quarter gram of this antimatter which is capable of blowing up and entire city but find that it had been stolen. They find that it has been planted inside the Vatican City and will detonate at midbight. Furthermore, a Hassassin has captured four cardinals, the prefereti, and will kill one at a time every hour until midnight. The hassassin will also brand each murdered cardinal wtih an ambigram of the four elements, wind, water, fire, anmd earth on their chest. This leads to a chase through Rome with puzzles and clues to the location of the next murder. ANGELS & DEMONS, a prequel to THE DA VINCI CODE, is really exciting and suspenseful. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fast, exciting read and likes suspense.
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