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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on July 7, 2016
Newberry award winning novel The Hatchet by Gary Paulson is a wonderful "Person versus Nature" book.

Thirteen year old Brian Robeson leaves on a plane to Canada. While in the air, The pilot suffers a severe heart attack which leaves Brian alone stranded in the wilderness with just his Hatchet his mother gave him before he left. Brian has to deal not only with surviving, but also with his feelings about his parents divorcing

This Enthralling book will keep readers reading, Wondering if Brian will ever see his normal life or more importantly, His Parents again?
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on April 7, 2003
The book Hatchet is about a thirteen year old boy named Brian Robeson. Brian is on his way to Canada to visit his father. During the flight up to Canada Brian's pilot has a heart attack. Brian is the only other person on the plane and has to figure out a way to land the plane. Brian crashes the plane in the Canadian woods and learnes how to survive in the wilderness by himself.
I think that this was a good book. I liked that he was all alone and figured out everything by himself and was able to stay alive. I don't think that the author did anything wrong with this book.
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on May 21, 2004
Hatchet is a great book for people who like adventure books. It is about a boy who is flying to his mother's house. He had to take a plane, but the pilot was not feeling well. The pilot had a heart attack. The boy tried to fly the plane, but he could not steer it and it crashed. The boy was stranded on an island with a hatchet that his father had given him for his birthday. He built himself shelter with wood he cut up with the hatchet. He had to eat fish to survive. He had to cut up the fish with the hatchet. The boy had to completely change his lifestyle to survive. He had to have a positive attitude to survive, but some days he did not feel that great. He found the radio from the plane. He tuned it and got a man on the line. He told him that he was stranded on an island. Did the man save the boy? Read Hatchet to find out!
I thought that Hatchet was a great book. It was very suspenseful because I did not know what was going to happen next. I do not recommend this book to people who do not like action or adventure. I would rate this book a four out of five stars.
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on May 9, 2004
The book "Hatchet" by Gary Paulsen is about a 13-year-old boy, named Brian, who got separated from civilization for 54 days. It is a story about survival and the reader never knows what will happen next. The thing that is so amazing about Brian's story is how he survived with only the clothes on his back and the hatchet he wore on his belt. He learned from his mistakes and nature. The reader will learn lessons about living in the wild.
The main character of the story is Brian Robeson. The author doesn't describe how Brian looks but he describes how he thinks and acts. Brian's parents are divorced so he is going to Canada - to live with his dad for the summer. Brian is the protagonist of the story, battling a conflict against nature - the antagonist. Gary Paulsen, the author, narrates the story in the third-person point of view, telling what goes on in the mind of Brian.
The story has an adventurous plot, told in chronological order, which begins in a little bush plane flying over the Canadian north woods with Brian and a pilot. Gary Paulsen uses foreshadowing on pages 5 and 6 when the pilot rubs his shoulder, complains of aches and pains, and emits body gas. Soon after, the pilot grabs his chest and screams about his chest splitting apart. Then Brian has a flashback and remembers, "When a man in front of Paisley's store had suffered a heart attack. He had gone down and screamed about his chest." (page 11) Brian realizes the pilot has had a heart attack Then the pilot dies.
The plane crashed in an L-shaped lake and Brian escaped with his life. All he had was his hatchet and the clothes on his back. He would have to survive in the setting of the Canadian north woods in the present day.
The first thing Brian had to struggle against was hunger. Gary Paulsen uses personification (on page 48) to describe Brian's hunger. "Now, with the thought of the burger, the emptiness [in his stomach] roared at him." Brian realizes he has to stay positive, and he has another flashback (on page 51) to an English teacher who always told his kids "You are your most valuable asset. Don't forget that. You are the best thing you have." So, Brian stayed positive and focused on this first theme of the book.
Brian then looked for a good shelter. He found a small shelter by a stone ridge and made it his new home. But soon after, a porcupine that entered his shelter during the night injured him. He realized his shelter would not be safe unless he made a fire. So the next morning, he went out to get a lot of firewood. He set up the fireplace in the shelter so animals didn't try to get in any more. He used the hatchet to make sparks. After many tries, he finally got the fire going. The fire would keep him busy getting firewood.
He then realized that with the fire, he could signal planes to land and find him. So he set up wood for a tall signal fire on top of the shelter and made sure there was a stick that he could take out of the fire in his shelter and run to the signal fire to light it. Here (on page 102), Brian repeated over and over again a second theme for his survival: "He had to keep on hoping. He had to keep on hoping."
Now, Brian just had many things to do. He found raspberries, uncovered turtle eggs, and created a bow and arrow. He hunted for birds and fish. He worked hard every day chopping wood and stacking it near his shelter.
In the climax of the book, Brian heard a plane! Brian was away from the shelter so he had to run really fast, "his legs liquid springs"(page 116) is a metaphor that describes his legs. Brian rushed inside his shelter and grabbed a stick that was on fire and ran it up to the ledge. He lit the fire, but he was too late. The plane had already passed. Brian feels as if there is an end to his hope. And the author describes Brian's feelings with imagery (on page 121): "He went down to his knees and felt the tears start, cutting through the smoke and ash on his face, silently falling onto the stone." Brian is so empty after the plane passed by that he let the fire go out. The fire was his symbol of warmth, food, safety, life, work, and hope. When he lets the fire go out, it means he wants to die. Brian tries to kill himself with his hatchet.
Brian tries to cut himself with his hatchet, but it doesn't work. After that experience, he was born again as a new Brian. Forty-two days later, he sees a wolf and he realizes "He knew the wolf now, as the wolf knew him, and he nodded to it, nodded and smiled."(page 121). "He was not the same now." He was a part of nature like the wolf. I won't tell you anymore because it will ruin the surprise for you.
The book is called "Hatchet" because it was the hatchet that saved Brian's life. The hatchet was used to start a fire, to cut wood for the fire, to make a spear to catch fish, and bow and arrows to catch birds and rabbits, and to give him the ability to get inside the plane. "The hatchet was, had been him [Brian]."(page 174) The hatchet was a symbol of Brian.
I think this book was very well written. The author used such detail to describe items of importance. The plot was amazing! I look forward to reading the next story about Brian called "Brian's Winter," which tells how Brian would make it through the winter if he hadn't been saved.
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on April 2, 2004
Paulsen, Gary
A Pandey
Period 5
An outstanding novel by Gary Paulsen! Hatchet is the best book I have read, because its so adventurous. Brian Robeson is a 13-year-old boy who is going to meet his dad for the first time after his parents divorce. He received a hatchet as a parting gift from his mom, which later helped him out. The story gets exciting from the beginning because his plane crashes and he is stuck in the wilderness. He must learn to survive because all he has is clothes on him and a hatchet. He soon starts to adapt to the environment and learns many things on his own. He learned many things to survive he ate berries, made a spear to catch fishes, ate eggs, made his own little shelter, learned how to make fire with his hatchet, and many more. This book is all about Brian adapting to the environment around him, and he does!
What I liked about this book was that it was really adventurous and made me read on and on. I love this book because it shows how a teenager could survive in the wilderness on his own. I love the way he gets so happy whenever he finds a new food or a new way to get something. The really interesting part was when Brian gets the survival pack by going down in the lake the plane crashed into. It was like treasure for him it had a sleeping bag, pots and plate, rifle, fishing rod, a first aid kit, knife, compass, lighters, matches, food, and many more things. I like the quote when he just lands into the wilderness and he says, "So.So.So here I am." Right after that he says, "I am hungry"!
What I didn't like about this book was that whenever an airplane arrived it always missed him and left him lonely at the forest. Also there aren't many quotes in this book except in the beginning. I think that the book could have been more interesting if he would have not been rescued. I really admired his weapons he made to capture his food. I really loved the way Brian learns to survive, he survived for 54 days before he was rescued! This was a great book and i loved it. This quote was my favorite in the book," right now I'm all I've got to survive. I have do something."
My favorite part of the book was in the beginning when Brian is on the co-pilot seat and the pilot starts holding on to his stomach and starts saying," I don't know what I ate but it hurts". The pilot soon gets a heart attack. The pilot goes down and tells him to take over, Brian doesn't know much about flying the plane! The plane was now going to crash and Brian only hoped it lands in a lake and always kept on saying, "I am going to die". Luckily the plane lands in the L shaped lake and he survives. This was my favorite part because it was so funny and scary. I love this book and look forward to read another one of Gary Paulsen's novel.
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on March 26, 2004
[...]The Novel is about a thirteen-year-old boy, named Brian Robeson.
Brian's parents are divorced, than Brian was visiting his father in Canada.
Brian's dad lives in the Canada where he plane to go. While flying to Canada the pilot
has a hart attack.
. Brian can't fly and his plane crashes
in the Canadian wilderness . Brian is alone all of his belongings are lost . Brian tries to
find something to eat and looks for a place where he can live. After couple days, Brian
started to
go fishing, hunts rabbits, and birds. Brian builds a shelter. Robeson has to believe in
himself, he needs to do what he thing, he decide about everything alone , by himself.
This book is very interesting. When I read this book I feel that I'm in there with
Brian and we are trying together finding out how to solve his problems.
I like many things in this book, but I think that sometimes it's boring because
author writes about too many things.
I give this book 8/10 because it's many interesting action and I like main character
because he tries to fight with nature.
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on March 26, 2004
Chris Mulica
ESL Reading
The novel Hatchet is a very good book. Sometimes it makes you cry. It shows that every person can do stuff that is hard to imagine. It is a life story that could happen to any one. Main character Brian Robson is going to visit his father who lives in Canada. During the flight pilot has a heart attack and died. Brian landed the plane in the Canadian wilderness. He has nothing with him; nobody to talk to or to share feelings with. The worst part of it is that he has nothing to eat. He is so hungry that he would pay any price to get food. After few days of starving he eats some raspberries but they weren't the good ones so he throws up. He made his own tools and he starts to a new life there. He even made a fire, which helps him a lot. He is getting some new ideas how to get food but he has no idea how is going to get back home. He is there for 54 days and then something happens.
When I was reading this book I felt sorry for Brian but I also was proud of him. When he was doing all those things it was hard to believe that he was only 13 years old. Especially when he made a fire, without matches or lighter. He also made his own weapons to get food by using only his hatchet. This book makes me happy because it shows that you just have to believe in yourself and do what you think is good.
The best part of this book is that it is very easy to read because it doesn't have a lot of hard words. It is also very interesting with a lot of fast action. This story could happen to any person, which makes it more interesting.
I learned from this book that you must trust yourself no matter where you are. Sometimes you can do things that you think are impossible to achieve.
There is only one thing that I would change in this novel; I think that it a little too short at the end. I would make it a little more interesting and longer so it would be nicer to read it.
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on March 26, 2004
This novel is a very good and interesting book. It shows how one person can survive in the Canadian wilderness. Brian Robeson was going to Canada to visit his father. The pilot had hardtack and the airplane crash on the lake. But Brian was safe. He slimed away from the sinking wreckage of the plan. When he rested on the shore of the lake that had crashed he got up and tried to look for somewhere to sleep because night was coming. First he lived in the forest and he didn't have anything eat he tried to find something to eat. When he found raspberries he eat too many of them and he threw up because the doesn't good. Brian started new life there. He tried to hunt for animals to get some different food. He even made a fire, which helped him a lot. Brian was there for 54 days, bat he survived.
When I was reading Hatchet I felt born for Brian because he was only 13 years old and he had to be alone. Sometime it was funny when he was doing this stuff because couldn't do it. Overall I thing that this book had good influence on me.
I like this book because it is easy to understand and it is not to long. I also like because I like to read adventure books and books that have a lot action. I learned from this book a lot. The first thing is that you have to always yourself you can't depend on someone. I also learned that if you want to do something you just need to be trying to do it.
I would give this book 9 out of 10. There was nothing that I want to change I thing that it is a very good book.
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on March 26, 2004
Brian Robeson was on his way to visit his father in Canada, when the pilot had a heart attack and died. The plane crashed into the lake and now Brian is stuck in Canadian wilderness alone with just his hatchet. Brian needs to find food, place to live and most importantly to survive. Brian had to learn to overcome his self-pity and managed to find food. With hard work Brian made a fire, was able to make a spear and catch a fish.
Now even Brian sees the change in himself. Brian understands how different he became in these weeks. What kind of danger he met and survived, how he became stronger fighting with a bear and moose. How important is do not make any mistakes, because they can cost you your life.
I liked this book because it is full of adventures. I enjoy reading this book, because the vocabulary wasn't too hard. I learned a lot from this book. I learned that you could do whatever you put your mind to. If I could change a novel I would like that Brian would find his survival pack sooner. I would rate this book ten out of ten, because it is a great novel for everybody.
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on March 26, 2004
This book is about a thirteen-year-old boy. The boy named Brian Robeson. His parents are divorced. So in the summer he wanted to visit his father because he was living with his mom. He was really happy that he will be able to see his father. Then they started to fly and the pilot had a heart attack and died. Brian was scared and didn't know how to land the plane. I was scared for him too. He started living by himself. He did not know anything about how to live in the wilderness alone. And there were no living people out. He had a lot of challenging things but the most important thing he had was a hatchet it helped him a lot. He learned how to make a fire with the hatchet. He also learned to be careful with this tool since it was a weapon that the coned defend himself with. Brian had changed as a person from this experience he was almost an adult in his thinking. However, I think there could have been more action. It would be more interesting if there was more action. I would give this book 5 point out of 10. I was feeling very sad when he was alone, I was scared for him. I would be crying if I was him. It would be really scary for me being all alone in the wilderness, with all kinds of animals.
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