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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon July 29, 2014
I'm a physicist and I recommend this book to non-physicists. It tells a wonderful and significant story of how we have come to our current understanding of the nature of space and time. Many reviews are biased, one way or the other, because of Prof. Krauss' fame as an atheist. Sure enough you get the taste of that in the book, but not unless you are sensitive to it. As an atheist, you shouldn't be attracted to it as an attack on religion and as a theist, you shouldn't be put off by it's lack of respect toward religion. It really is a layman's pop-science book. It is an easy and entertaining read.
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on April 18, 2016
Interesting read and a very welcome addition to the current collection of theories. The author tries to make it readable by a lay person, but the task in itself may be impossible, for a lay person would have to be familiar with many quantum physics and cosmology concepts. I disagree with the Big Bank theory and I wanted to see what and how 'nothing' could recreate itself into something. One of the boundaries of our mind frame is the fact that things have to have a beginning and an end, hence the need for a beginning... in this case a beginning of the Universe. Why is it so hard to think that the Universe... just is? it has, it is and it will be...irrespective of time.
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on October 17, 2014
Hard to read for the ordinary reader, but after you get around all of the scientific words it is interesting.
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on February 19, 2013
If you know anything of cosmology this book may not be for you. There is great coverage of cosmological history, but if you are like me you've read this stuff a hundred times. The actual meat on why the total energy of the universe is zero I found a bit muddy; of all the chapters to be less than clear about, eh? I would have liked to have read more about about the quantum basis for the spontaneous creation of space time. I like the detail covering the significance of feature scale in the cmbr and curvature. But if I read ' gotten' again I think I'd scream.
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on June 28, 2015
Parts of this book just went 'whoosh' over my head, still I think I walked away learning quite a bit. The big detractor in the book is Kraus's constant attack on religion. I picked up this book to learn more about cosmology, physics, and the history of science, the latter is a topic I enjoy very much. If I wanted to entertain a debate on the sustainability of religion, I would have read somethng on that topic.

Finally, Richard Dawkins Afterward at the end warrants taking half a star away from my ratings. I had the audio book, I believe Dawkings was reading it himself, and I had to eject the CD before my stomach did something foul
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