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4.8 out of 5 stars
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The second volume of this wonderful YA series is just as good as the first one. This time around, two visitors from Mythrin come through the passage to Ammy and Simon's earth looking for a mythical sword. But which of the visitors is on the good side and which is on the bad side? Simon and Ammy have differing opinions and don't always work together to help their respective friends from the other world. That is until a third visitor passes through and everyone concerned realizes that he is really working on the side of evil.

A fun fantasy romp that was pure enjoyment. A complete contrast to the first volume which is mostly set in Mythrin this one is mostly set in our world though plenty enough happens in Mythrin as well. Mystical beasts and objects are always fun to read and while this book does contain a quest, it is not your typical journey type of quest making it rather unique. Really a whole lot of fun with engaging characters, well-written and a page-turner. Suitable for ages 8 and up, I still think it will appeal to teenage audiences as well as this 40 year old reviewer. I'm certainly looking forward to the third book (possibly the last in a trilogy?) which hopefully is in the works for 2009.
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on November 13, 2008
I enjoyed the first installment of the PASSAGE TO MYTHRIN series, THE RUBY KINGDOM, but I was fascinated with this second installment, THE PRISM BLADE.

Amelia, who came to live with her cousin and grandmother in Dunstone, Canada, in the first book, is about a week away from leaving to go live again with her parents in Vancouver. It is summer and hot. Amelia is excited to see her parents but doesn't want to move. She is still dreaming about being with Mara, the dragon she met in the previous book. Simon and Ike are practicing to compete in the Weird Games, a competition that is a big thing in the Dunstone community.

Amelia wakes up one morning convinced that Mara is in trouble. She tells Simon and his bud, Ike, and they go looking for another portal to take them to Mythrin. There they meet a race of humans who are being threatened by the dragons and vice-versa. They are both looking for a weapon that was lost eons ago that can defeat dragons. It is called the Prism Blade.

Amelia, Simon, and one of the Mythrin humans, Pier, come back to Dunstone and, low and behold, the blade is there. Then begins an adventure to compete in the Weird Games, find the weapon before the other side does, and to either destroy or use the weapon on Mythrin.

THE PRISM BLADE is a well-written book with well-defined characters. The Weird Games are interesting and funny. One of the dragons comes to Dunstone and takes the shape of a teenage punk kid, and he is very interesting. The lesson learned is that of home is where your heart is, and that it can also be in many different places. A truly wonderful lesson.

I enjoyed this episode of the series very much. Thank you, Ms. Bow.

Reviewed by: Marta Morrison
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on June 9, 2008
I was happy to find that enjoyment of the book does not depend on having first read The Ruby Kingdom. The three young human heroes - Amelia, Simon, and Ike -- are fully drawn and have distinct and engaging personalities. My favourite character was the "teenage" dragon, Ty, and I hope that we will read more about him in the next of the series. While I did not find the Casseri people to be as interesting as the dragons, the conflicting rights of both sides to live in peace was skillfully presented. The writer does a wonderful job of moving back and forth between the mythical dragon world Mythrin to sleepy small town Dunstone. Young adults -- and older adults too -- will find a suspense filled plot with a satisfying end. Highly recommended.
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on June 26, 2008
I first heard of the Passage of Mythrin series from a friend of mine. When I saw Pat Bow’s The Prism Blade was out, I couldn’t wait to read the book.
If you like dragons, excitement, adventure all wrapped up in a mysterious, intriguing plot, The Prism Blade is an excellent pick. Pat Bow’s use of language is like a beautifully woven tapestry. She had me rooting for her characters and worrying about them when I had to put the book down!
Bow’s story telling is compelling and accessible for both her young readers and adult fans.
I can’t wait to track back and read the first book and eagerly anticipate the third!!
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on June 13, 2008
This is a fast-paced, suspenseful adventure. Kids will be delighted with the resourceful young heroes and the equally clever intruders; they'll especially enjoy the teenaged dragon: and the fact that the adults in this novel never get in the way of the action.
Adults will appreciate the thoughtful characterization of humans and dragons alike, the way in which Amelia and Simon have to deal with issues of loyalty and identity, and that what violence does intrude is lightly handled. A good read for all ages.
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