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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on June 22, 2004
This is my first Dinah McCall book. I had left it on my TBR pile after discovering my usual book review site gave it a 'D' rating. I am so glad I picked it up anyway. I found it very entertaining and did not agree with any of the criticisms except those of Macie, the heroine. I not only fully agree she was put there just for 'girlfriend' material, I find it hard to accept any hero finding her alluring! Macie is sweet and caring, a paragon of virtue almost, but she is so ignorant and clueless I ended up clueless myself about why McCall even wrote her into the story. Fortunately, Macie is not one of those TSTL heroines because she doesn't get in the way and she does whatever the hero tells her to do so I didn't have to worry about those TSTL moments romance writers must think readers enjoy (why else why would there be so many?).
Macie reminds me of one of my elderly spinster aunts - she doesn't know what 'intel' means and Jonah has to explain. Hey, this was written post 9/11! Macie's excuse for not knowing is that she 'wasn't thinking'. Well, she is this 'duh' woman from start to end but apart from her, I enjoyed the action, the pace and liked Evan, the kidnapped son. I am looking for more of McCall's titles now but hope these wallpaper heroines are not the usual fare.
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on July 4, 2003
This is another strong read from a great author. Ms. Mccall delivers again with a strong hero and a great heroine.
Jonah Slade is an undercover CIA agent and he finds out that he has a son that is fifteen years old and that Evan has been kidnapped by a drug lord that has promised revenge for the death of his son. Jonah is floored when he finds out that he was lied to fifteen years earlier, and that he has been cheated yet again by the Blaine family. He will do all he can to save the son he didn't know he had even if it means that he gives himself up to Calderon the Columbian drug lord.
Macie Blaine has loved Jonah for years. Even when he was dating her older sister. She is torn in two when she finds out her sister has been killed, her father has been shot, and her nephew was abducted. She knows the only thing left to do is to track down Jonah and tell him the truth and to ask for help.
Jonah agrees to go back to California with Macie and finds himself not only worried about the safety of his son, but also finds himself attracted to Macie. She is everything her sister wasn't and more. She was kind, loving, and forgiving, and strong when she needed to be. Soon Jonah is totally in love with her and will do all he can to get his son back so he can start a family with Macie.
This was a fast paced read and although Macie is not one of her stronger characters she is still likable. The secondary character plus the added intrigue of who the mole in the organization is helps move the story along. This is really a great book to add to your summer reading list!
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on May 23, 2003
The course of Jonah Slade's life changed the day the woman he loved told him she had aborted his child. Not having any family, he joined the CIA in undercover work. Fifteen years after the day Felicity told him she aborted his child, Jonah was sent on a mission in South America with instructions to bring a drug lord down who had plans to assasinate the president. When the calvary arrived, he watched as the son of the drug lord killed one of his men and without hesitation, took a head shot at him. It was his bad luck that the boy's father saw the whole thing and vowed revenge. For he knew what Jonah didn't...that he had a fifteen year old son.
Macie Blaine had a crush on Jonah when she was thirteen and he was in his mid twenties. She was heartbroken when she found out what Felicity had done and told Evan, his son, exactly who his father was. After she did that, she was disowned and left California for Chicago to start her own business. When she gets the news that Felicity is dead, her father in critical condition, and Evan kidnapped, she calls in every favor she has to find Jonah. For the message left was 'an eye for an eye, a son for a son'.
The Perfect Lie is an emotional read about a father who never had the chance to know is son, and may never get the chance. It is about the courage of a fifteen year old boy, facing an evil he never imagined exsisted. It is the story of a woman who wants to save the boy she loves and the man she is falling in love with.
A great read!
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on May 13, 2003
Sixteen years ago in Bel Air, California, Jonah Slade is elated that his girlfriend Felicity Blaine carries his child and plans to propose. However, his bliss ends immediately when Felicity informs him that she aborted the baby and will stop seeing him. Jonah angrily leaves while Felicity knows her inability to stand up to her billionaire father Declyn ended the relationship though she lied about having the abortion.
Over the past six months, Jonah, a CIA agent works undercover as a mercenary for Columbia drugpin Miguel Calderone. Jonah sets up the bust, watches Miguel's son Alejandro kill a friend, so he kills Alejandro. Miguel sees the incident and vows vengeance.
Thugs invade the Blaine home killing Felicity, severely injuring Declyn, and kidnapping her son Evan. Felicity's sister Mercedes, estranged from her father, visits Jonah to enlist his help. He is stunned to learn he has a kid and plans to free him, as he understands Miguel's message, "a son for a son". As the rescue mission unfolds, Jonah and Macie, as he calls Mercedes, fall in love, but first they must save the teen and survive the mission before seeking anything long-term.
THE PERFECT LIE is an exciting romantic suspense novel that readers will enjoy once Macie visits Jonah. The story line is loaded with action and a strong cast though one traitorous individual seems out of character. Jonah is a courageous protagonist and Evan is clearly his son though the two never met. Macie is a brave person not afraid of the truth even when it proves costly. Dinah McCall provides a taut thriller that the audience will welcome.
Harriet Klausner
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on March 27, 2004
This is a great book! I couldn't put it down. It was totally gripping and also very sexy and romantic.
The only drawback was that it was SO gory. Blood was constantly spurting out of people and flowing all over the place. I thought it could have used a bit less of that.
Still, it's just the perfect thing to spend an evening with. It's a quick read, despite having over 300 pages, and it just flies by.
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