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on November 14, 2014
Best book ever homeopathic, very complete information is given and easy to read and understand.
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on July 6, 2014
This book is very good, but you have to be an experienced user
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on February 7, 2014
This is a good book to have if you are already somewhat familiar with homeopathy, which works amazingly well on everyone. I have double-checked with a homeopath before giving some of the remedies recommended, not because the book is faulty but because I am not qualified to make a definite diagnosis.
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on February 6, 2010
Very helpful for any pet owner wanting to give their pet a healthy alternative! Easy to read and locate specific items.
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on November 2, 2002
I just had the book for a couple of days, but it has already come to use. really serious work! recommended for all serious homeopaths and veterinarians and people with animals! very easy to find the illnesses and the different kind of expression they may have in the individual animals
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on August 15, 2002
This is probably the best homeopathic veterinary book for pet owners/guardians in the market.
In the first part, Dr. Hamilton explains the basics of homeopathy and how the rules apply to home caring for a sick animal. He even gives instructions on how to medicate your animal, since the administration of homeopathic remedies differs from allopathic ones.
The second part is a detailed and easy to follow Repertory, meaning that conditions by system are presented and remedies are suggested according to symptoms. This is followed by special conditions, such as pre surgery and after surgery care, heat-stroke etc. The section ends with a Materia Medica adapted to the animal symptoms.
This book has been a great resource for my cats. It does not replace the veterinary care of a trained homeopath, but it can be vital in cases of emergency. I used it at least on two occasions with my younger cats, and the both recovered in a matter of hours. One of them, my younger kitty had been ill for months, and both my homeopath and my allo vet had not been able to help him. Fed up by the failed attempts, I went through the pages of this book, until I stumbled on a remedy that seemed to fit perfectly. And it worked! My boy has been healthy ever since.
Now I keep it close to my bed for easy access.
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on July 6, 2002
Before I read "Small Doses," as far as I was concerned, the jury was still out on homeopathy. It seemed a little too "out there" to accept. But Dr. Hamilton's book, with his explanation of why and how he thinks it works, along with case histories, a materia medica, and a review of body systems, convinced me that there's something very powerful going on in a homeopathic cure. And his argument against vaccinations is cogent and convincing.
Dr. Hamilton uses a combination of allopathic (modern) and homeopathic as well as other modalities like herbs in his treatment. I admire his willingness to go the extra mile with his clients. He is someone I would trust with my animals.
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on January 4, 2002
I had been looking for a detailed guide to homeopathy for help for the itching one of our dogs had. Wow - talk about excellent guide. The introductory chapters on homeopathy are excellent.
The real help came when my same baby started having serious liver problems and I didn't know why. With an ALT of over 500, it wasn't looking good. I wasn't comfortable with giving her the special dog food containing Ethoxyquin(pesticide in dog food?? - don't think so). The book recommended Milk Thistle. After talking to the vet, my husband and I began a natural diet and milk thistle immediately. Within a month the ALT was down and in another 2 weeks she was back to normal. Mind you, my little girl is 14 so I can say this book has been a lifesaver. This book along with consulting your vet is definitely worthwhile. You can't go wrong getting this book for your furry friends.
It's now April 2003 and now she has a bad heart murmur. After consulting the book and doing more research, found that CoQ10 has been very helpful in alleviating (and in some cases reversing) heart disease in humans. I've given her 1 10Mg CoQ10 tablet a day and after a week, she is showing improvement. One sign of a heart murmur is a hacking cough. Her coughs are not as frequent now. This book was certainly worth buying :-).
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on July 21, 2001
I had the opportunity to join in egroup discussions with Dr. Hamilton but at the time was unable to let him know I REALLY APPRECIATE THIS BOOK because I'd not purchased and read it yet at that time. I hope he reads these reviews - his book is just what we all need. This is THE book for someone to purchase and read if they seek an understanding of homeopathic / natural care for their furkids (animal companions), and wish to treat their animals at home, affordably, when the illness does not really warrant an emergency visit or intensive medical treatments. Thank you, Dr. Hamilton, for this book.
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on June 18, 2001
A good sized book, with good binding & paper. The printing is clear, font type & size well selected & adequate.
Dr. Hamilton begins by explaining how as a veterinarian, he grew he grew increasingly frustrated with the limitations 'modern' veterinary care; of how he was often only able to provide temporary relief, with ailments returning time and time again. He tells of his exploration into alternative veterinary medicine and how by the mid/late 90's, he had become convinced of the benefits of natural/homeopathic sustenance, prevention & treatment.
The book is essentially divided into 2 sections:
a) The 1st Section contains a reasonably detailed summary of the history of homeopathic care & sustenance, its nature, philosophy and development. Dr. Hamilton carefully explains the theories and principles behind homeopathic care, of how it deals with the entire being (pet or human), seeking always to identify and treat root causes of ailments and diseases. He expresses his concerned that 'modern' medicine is too often symptom oriented, and drugs are prescribed to suppress symptoms without curing the ailment itself. With symptom suppressing medication, relief is temporary and over time, ailments often reappear in even more virulent forms.
Dr. Hamilton cautions the reader of common pitfalls faced by beginners and emphasises that proper homeopathic care requires much careful & systematic observation.
He tells how homeopathic care is deeply rooted in human civilisation and quickly dispels any notion that homeopathic remedies are 'quack' remedies based on old wives' tales.
(b) The 2nd Section consists of a series of chapters which carefully details common disorders and diseases afflicting our dogs and pets. From skin disorders to bloat, from cuts & scratches to death-causing diseases (and practically everything else in between). The author explores causes and effects, and suggests homeopathic preventive care and remedies. Potencies & dosages of homeopathic medicines are explained.
The chapter on vaccination is particularly interesting. This issue is dealt with in some detail and Dr. Hamilton is openly critical of the current vaccination practice.
An extensive list of further reading & references is provided.
This book requires careful reading & concentration. This is definitely not the book for a quick introduction on how to use aromatic scents & oils ... but, I suspect will be invaluable reference for anyone seriously wishing to learn homeopathic care, diagnosis and treatment.
I know I'm going to have to re-read this book several times ... The book leaves no illusion about me being ready to prescribe any but the most simple of homeopathic remedies ...
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