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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on January 21, 2009
Let me just say that while the life of a rock-n-roll groupie isn't one I've ever aspired to, there is something about it that is so tantalzing that I had to read this book. And, boy, what a book it is! I'm With the Band is about being part of the band without playing an instrument or singing. It's about hanging out and waiting durning sound checks and it's about the all the other groupies who are dying to take your place. It's an eye-opening read, though one well worth it. Another good one: Take Your Shirt Off: A Novel of Hollywood.
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on February 13, 2013
I had just finished reading "The Dirt" and wanted to read more books on the same topic - life behind the scenes with rock stars.
I found this book difficult to get through because it was like reading a dippy 12 year old girls diary, who had managed to "Forrest gumped" her way into meeting and being with some really amazing rock stars.
I realize at the beginning of the book she is quote young, but she never seems to mature throughout the book.
It is pretty bad that Motley Crue, with all they have put themselves through, wrote a better book then this
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on June 11, 2014
Ms. Des Barres has clearly had an interesting life, and it was interesting to hear about the musicians she was with and the atmosphere she lived in, but I felt like there was never a point that either went into extended detail so that you felt you were at the party, or a deep personal reflection. It felt quite surface, but I applaud her attempt at writing about positive female sexuality.
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on June 7, 2015
I've never read this book before, but admitting and loving the fact that you're a groupie especially in this time period is something I can never understand, let alone a book about it. I did not grow up in the 1960's and don't even really understand what the culture and timing of it and how it all came together.
But, to each their own. I hold no grudge but I find it odd that this woman did this for a living which can never be a good thing if you are a feminist or believe in that. I had mixed feelings about the book and Pamela Des Barres but I did enjoy her stories, her escapades and the people she chose to surround herself with. Personally I would never do some of the things that she did, but it was kinda fun to read about it. The choice is yours, to either read this book or not.
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on May 10, 2013
Poor Pamela - an ordinary girl with a rather extraordinary past. Very interesting and sometimes shocking. I enjoyed every word.
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on November 4, 2014
product as described and shipped quickly.
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on June 5, 2015
meh. so so
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on June 30, 2013
I absolutely LOVE this book!!! I bought it because i did some research after watching the movie, Almost famous!!! And so i purchased this because it is a true story, and i also love history not to mention my friend Dave Navarro forwarded it, so i had to :).
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1 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on April 15, 2004
Pamela was there...this is a great book, a cool read and no BS...highly recommended for all classic rock fans. The book is fascinating and is one of the best accounts I've found that describe the Doors and Led Zeppelin from a close up point of view. If you enjoyed "Almost Famous" - you'll appreciate Pamela's book.
I was pretty mad when my friend lost my copy, but I'm gonna get another one!
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2 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on November 12, 2003
The biography served two purposes for me personally: it helped me to understand an era I am too young to have lived through, and it helped me to understand women better.
Pamela Des Barres, the author, was a post-feminism woman in a pre-feminism world. Do not be intimidated by the title and the concept -- this is not an endless parade of sizzling, raunchy sex scenes. If anything, you'll be whipped by Pam's emotions and handcuffed to her heart.
It gives a rare look at a person who simply bares her soul, and that is what is compelling to anyone, even if they do not know who The Who is. It is quite possible that this book will stand the test of time for its glossy look at gritty humanity. It could very well be retained in the collective consciousness as a book that is sufficiently well-written to trick future generations of readers into accidentally reading about this moment in history, much in the same way The Great Gatsby still unwittingly educates its readers about the 1920's (only, of course, this is non-fiction).
My main complaint about the book is that it was written in a linear but sporadic group of stream-of-consciousness scenes, and often left me wondering if I as a reader was seeing the whole forest through the trees. The characters were adequately bizarre, but many of them in roughly the same way, and without much depth. For instance, after reading the book, I could not tell you very much about each individual person in the GTO's, the girl group around whom much of this book is loosely centered. Such are the perils of writing accurate but concise non-fiction autobiographies, however, and to her credit, Pamela does not hold back her own thoughts and feelings to any noticeable extent, and that is the glue that ultimately holds this book together.
As the ancient Greeks noted, it is almost a sin to imprison something as sacred and free as speech (or song) into something as cold and confining as the written word. That thought echoed through my mind over and over again as I read this book. For one thing, sex and emotions seem so sadly trite when simply written on a page. On a second, much more frustrating level, there was no sound track to go with this rock and roll story. Some of the very many songs that Pam quotes in the book, I simply did not know the tunes for, so while it was almost as good to just accept that they meant something to her and to just let it go at that, it was not quite as good. In order to fully appreciate this book, I think it was important to understand how these rock stars were able to drive people to do such compelling things, and sadly that cannot be grasped without the use of sound, although this is certainly no fault of Pamela's. It was nice, for instance, to read in the couple of interludes that this book devotes to George Harrison that he was more than just a keeper of gaudy, overpriced eBay auction material, but without hearing him live, the reader can never know for sure how much more (although listening to his records is of course helpful). Her impressive accomplishment here is that even with the use of nothing more than the written word, Pamela keeps a small but genuine piece of his essence alive, along with a host of other music figures and friends from that era.
In short, I thought this would be a book about sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll. Instead, I got history, humanity, and Pamela.
Thank you, Pamela!
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