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on April 11, 2004
This book was a HUGE disappointment. The beginning was GREAT. It was very descriptive and enjoyable. But, as the book neared the end, I was hugely disappointed. Mrs. Oke skipped some major parts toward the end. The ending was not at all satisfying and it didn't even fit the story. It was unexpected and not good, to my better judgment. I was VERY disappointed and strongly feel that this is DEFINITELY not Oke's best. The plot did not lead up to the ending...although I enjoy a bit of romance (that occurred in the ending), in this book, it did not seem to fit WHATSOEVER!! In conclusion, I feel this book deserves three stars, because, I didn't care for the ending and I didn't like the last 2 or 3 chapters of the seemed as though Oke got tired of writing it, therefore, it seemed as though she hurried to finished it, depriving us of details on key information.
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on April 10, 2000
Definitely a slow starter, this one didn't grab me right from the beginning the way most Oke books do, but I was glad I stayed with Running Fawn until the story picked up. While far from the best in the series, _Drums of Change_ shows the huge gap between two cultures very well, as well as the confusion of a girl who is taken from one world and placed into the other. Without a doubt, there are some shining moments, but if you found it a little dragging, try another book from this series before you give up on Janette Oke.
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on November 16, 1999
Janette Oke is by far my favorite Christian author. I liked this book because it taught me about the Native Americans and their culture. I felt touched that the missionary cared so much about Running Fawn's tribe. When Running Fawn finally accepted the Christian faith, I wanted to jump up and cheer! This book also shows people that Jesus loves everyone: no matter what color or race you are or how different you are from others.
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on August 6, 1999
Janette Oke is my favorite author, and this is my favorite book. Running Fawn is a character that seems so real that by the end of the book, she felt like my best friend. I could feel everything she was going through. I wanted to cry when she was miserable at the school. No matter how many books I read, this will always be my favorite.
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on January 15, 2000
The entire story depicts Running Fawn as a strong woman, unwilling to give into the missionaries and their beliefs. The entire ending just doesn't go with the rest of the book, within ten pages, she went from being true to her heritage and beliefs, to a baptized christian. It was disappointing to say the least
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on May 10, 1999
I love books by Janette Oke. This one was great. It had a really interesting storyline and taught you a lot of facts about history. I learned things I had never known that helped me in school. The book was not my favorite because it did get a little long. It then picked up a lot. I definitly recomend it!
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on November 2, 1999
Well, we were supposed to chose a book from all the books in the library for a book record. I have chosen this book from all others and it appeals to me that it's a wonderful book, a book worth reading. Vivid descriptions that makes me feel as though i was in the surrounding too, experiencing the events.
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on July 19, 1999
I absolutley adored this book! It was magnificently peiced together to form the most beautiful love story. If you read one book, make it this one!
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