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on December 3, 2002
My husband and I received this book as a gift with the intention being that he would read it to me a little every night. As much as my husband enjoys reading, he wasn't really looking forward to this. But, I talked him into read me one of the stories one night and every since then he's been hooked.
The book is filled with short, heart warming stories, many of which have put into words what we have been feeling. We both look forward to bedtime when at least one story will be read almost every night.
Despite the title, this book is as much for expectant fathers as it is for mothers. Reading this together has been a bonding experience of sorts for us. We both highly recommend it, even if you've never read a "Chicken Soup" book before, and even if you're a "guy's guy."
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on September 23, 2000
My mother just purchased this book for me a few days ago. I've already read all of it. I plan to re-read it. The stories, cartoons, poems, etc. are so moving. You will find yourself connecting to these anecdotes in a way that will increase your awareness of yourself as a future parent or a parent-once-more. This book should be a hit with expectant Moms (AND expectant Dads), no matter what their situation. This book offers a variety of points of view and discusses many situations. There were humorous stories about pregnancy and delivery, expectant fathers points of view, the emotions of expecting and facing adversity during pregnancy, the special bonds created when adopting a child, passing the torch from one generation to the next. Cartoons, and other humorous anecdotes are guaranteed to make you laugh. Some stories will make you cry. This book will move you. The emotions and bonds created during pregnancy and adoption will be deepened and you will find your soul stretching!
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on March 13, 2003
I was not familiar with the "Chicken Soup" books until someone gave me this one as a gift. I must say it makes a very thoughtful gift for a preganant woman, but otherwise you should treat yourself to it. The short stories in this book are written by different authors, all with real-life expectant parent stories. Some stories are sad, some joyful, some downright miraculous- but all of them are inspirational. The stories relate to a wide variety of expectant parents including those who adopt, struggle with infertility, experience an unplanned pregnancy, suffer loss, and juggle a large family. Read all the books you want on physical pregnancy health, but put this one on your list for spiritual pregnancy health.
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on February 7, 2001
I couldn't put it down. I found myself crying, laughing, learning, and just bonding with this book. Every night a while I layed there restless and unable to sleep I'd open the book and read. I was bummed when I finished the book because I didn't know of another book that could compare. I have grown weary reading my expecting books since I have read beyond the weeks of my pregnancy. I didn't want to read anymore about how big the baby is 4 months from now... but wanted to focus on what it's like to be pregnant, have a baby, have children, etc etc. I found just that. It's a very inspirational book.
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on September 15, 2000
Hello~ My name is Judith Hayes and I am one of the honored authors included in this new book. My story is 'Love Letters To My Daughter'. Not only was it written with great love from the heart of a mother, but I was also priviledged to be a Childbirth Education teacher for many years. During those years I met hundreds of precious women, girls and couples who were expecting. I heard their fears, their joys, their anxieties, but mostly their great anticipation of a new life that was about to be born! I hope you enjoy my story and the other touching ones in this book. Shalom~ Judith Hayes
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on May 4, 2003
Although I read almost every single publication of Chicken Soup, I must say this is definitely my favourite, especially that we are expecting our third child.
Before reading this book, I must admit I was not sure if we did the right thing to concieve a third child but now I know more than missing to cherish every moment of our pregnancy.
This book has moved every kind of feelings in us from happiness to excitement, to sadness at some times and made me thankful for this beautiful gift from God.
This is a must for every expectant parent.
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on August 30, 2000
I saw this book in the library in passing and decided to take a glance. My youngest is 2 years old, but my sister is expecting her first. I knew within five seconds of reading one of the stories that I was hooked. Not only did I check out the book for myself, but I also bought it for her. Anything that can bring me to (happy) tears so quickly, has got to be good! I'm about half way through, and I was right. It has brought back many wonderful memories. A must read for expecting and "old hat's".
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on February 8, 2002
My husband and I read this book together at night before going to bed when I was pregnant, and really enjoyed it! We found it to be inspiring and a great book to read when we were excited and nervous about becoming parents. Even after we had our baby I found myself still enjoying it. I have since loaned it to a pregnant friend and she has loved it as much as we did. This book would be a great one to give to a friend who is expecting or to buy for yourself.
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on August 15, 2001
The stories in this book will really affect you - it was a perfect gift for Mother's Day. The book has been an incredible outlet for all the varied emotions I've felt when pregnant - happiness, anxiousness, wonder - and I had a real connection to the women and men who shared their stories. I've had trouble sleeping at night and it was a favorite companion, inspring me and reminding me of the incredible gift we'll have. It made me cry with joy.
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on April 19, 2004
this book was exactly what i needed to help me love the feeling of being pregnate. during my second pregnancy i wasn't feeling all that hot until my hubby came home with the book. i read this book three times already, even my four year old loves the stories. i cried and laughed and cried some this book if you're looking for something to cheer you up while you're feeling down! An excellent book--I promise!!!!
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