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on April 18, 2001
Shocked at first glance by Mr. Wildes unexpected light hearted and humorous discussion of what was to me a very SERIOUS, sacred path.. a quest NEVER to be taken lightly or joked about. I expected to hear Gods Voice, having called out desperately since birth for A CLUE.. meaning.. The RULES.. a map.. as I was apparently on the wrong planet. Reading the intro to Wildes "The Sacred Self".. (my first "Wilde" Experience) I thought the binder was on the wrong book.. Sacred? His words didn't seem "Sacred" at all.. rather witty, clearly not "religïous".... however very honest, clear and to the point. Following an immediate connection to God within all of us, it suddenly occured to me that God could quite possibly have a sense of humor, since we are created in his image and some of us do display a sense of humor, and so after a short debate with myself and winning the argument, I thanked God for speaking to me through Stuart Wilde and for handing me a very clear and friendly guide.
I have almost memorized "The Sacred Self" having turned to Stuart many times needing a reminder.. encouragement.. strength to continue on this path which we all share in varying degrees of awareness. Sometimes no path is clear and no one nearby is aware.. His wisdom shared humbly with kindness, lights the way.. a calming voice, a friend.
"The Quickening" is another "jump start" a spark to jolt us back to awareness.. to remember our intention.. causing sight when perhaps we'd prefer to not open our eyes. You can't really see much if you don't open them and there is so much to SEE on this adventure if you face the challenge! "The Quickening" inspires the boldness and courage to look straight at the fear of the unknown and remain AWAKE in spite of the urge to sleep walk through the journey.
Stuart Wilde shares his path in his unique style of wisdom and wit, urging you onward.. like your best friend out for an adventure.. you must see this...wait til you see what's over there.. come on already. WAKE UP.. lets go.. when you just wanted to sit on the porch. You can't for long, the energy is contagious, suddenly a "Quickening" (why am I just sitting here) and you just have to find out what exactly IS over there. The answer is on the path and the path is easier to follow with a friend along. Stuart Wilde is a friend with endless energy to share and he can make you laugh even when you think you're LOST!
By: Janice Curran-Koppell - Publisher
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on October 13, 2002
This book is an engaging, no BS, mind-boggling, open-your-eyes seminar on instant enlightenment. Even if you are (to borrow a favorite phrase from Mr. Wilde) thick as two planks, this book will smack you upside the head and make you realize that you possess far more power than you ever realized. The world as we know it is your toy to play with, if you would just acknowledge your inner power. Really, if youre tired of the 9-to-5 drudgery that many of us are hopelessly stuck in, this book is for you (actually, several other Wilde books are just as eye-opening, its just that this one is my favorite). Get yourself a nice cup of of tea, lemonade, a beer or whatever turns you on, and read through this book. POW! What a wake-up call, you'll never be the same.
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on May 22, 1999
My husband calls this one "Wilde's Do-It-Yourself Manual." There is really a great deal of wisdom crammed between the pages of this little book. It is rare that you read a book that has something significant to offer on almost every single page, and in many cases, every paragraph! It is really an eye-opener, an attitude adjuster, a healing in a very small package. I wish I could just convert it to liquid and drink it up and have it become part of me. As it is, I try daily to remember something helpful I learned by reading this little book - and I am never disappointed with the results of that. In "The Quickening" one finds priceless instructions on how to sharpen your inner knowing, the intuitiveness that will guide you at every moment of your existence, how to avoid being sucked into another's negative reality and build a life and a you that pleases you. In "The Quickening" Mr. Wilde addresses you as a fellow spirit and he really offers you a leg up, so to speak. It is really quite simple to me, if your spirit was a house (and it is really, I mean we live there don't we?) which you were constantly trying to mend and build to it's finest - with this warehouse of spiritual tools in "Quickening" it is as if Wilde drove up to your door and delivered you a life time supply of the finest Georgia Pine. Take it, and say Thanks Stu.
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This is the 5th volume in the metaphysical empowerment series after Affirmations, The Force, The Trick To Money ... & Miracles and discusses how one can live your life as a warrior sage instead of in "tick tock." The operation of the life force (etheric) is lucidly explained and many helpful exercises and psychological techniques are provided. Wilde's inimitable style, his humor and his love for the individual against the establishment make his writings a great joy to read. The chapter on turbo throughts (empowering your thoughts with real strength) is especially valuable. Some helpful illustrations are provided. For readers wanting to explore Wilde, I suggest starting with "Affirmations" but the other titles may be read in any sequence.
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on June 15, 2000
I loved this book. Wilde shares precise and elegant instructions, advice, and wisdom, in a quick and easy read. His sense of humor is a delightful surprise and moves the book with authenticity and sincerety. For some reason I came away from this book trusting this man and his insights. I've put much of what he discussed on abundance to work, and he's absolutly right. Thanks so much Mr. Wilde. I loved it. :-)
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