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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on August 31, 2002
This is a terrific children's book. While the subject appears to be about baby owls, and it does cover a few interesting facts kids will like, there's more going on here. The book really addresses every child's greatest fear, being separated from a parent. The baby owls wake up and Mommy Owl is GONE!!! They confer with each other on where she could be, and they get more and more worried. But she returns at the end of the book, and assures them she will always come back.
The pictures are wonderful. Unlike most other birds, owls lay their eggs 2-3 days apart so the babies hatch on different days and thus are different sizes. My kids love how there is an oldest, a middle, and a youngest owl. They also like how the oldest tries to reassure the younger ones, and how the youngest always says the same thing.
The pale-yellow type on black is also neat, reminding kids that owls are nocturnal birds. The information says this book is for ages 3-7 but we read this to our kids before they were 2 and they loved it then and still love it now.
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on January 17, 1999
This is one of those "special" books that you won't mind reading to your little one over and over again. I find that a great children's book is a lot like a great children's movie; both the parent and the child enjoy it yet at different levels. Such a tender story of a little one's fear that their parent won't come home. However, the beautiful and touching illustrations almost steal the show! You can see the worry in the little owl's eyes and hear little Bill's anxious "I want my Mommy!" My two year old daughter loves the part when it's "dark" outside because the artwork truly conveys the dark; but not in a scary way! I loved when the oldest owl, Sarah, suggests that they all sit on her limb together. My favorite illustration is when the mother owl returns and the 3 little fluffy baby owls are jumping up and down. You'll snuggle a little closer to your child when you read this one together. Just the sweetest little book you and your special one will ever read!
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on March 11, 1998
"Owl Babies" is a work of art, visual and poetic. The repetitive cadences building the story page after page, together with the perfectly-judged atmospheric paintings, combine to create a world we enter unconditionally.
This book has it all, in the classic theatrical sense - unity of time and place, a predictable safe story told with an appropriate degree of suspense, thrilling buildup to catharsis, epilogue full of warm reassurance. It is the one bedtime book everyone should possess; not just for the kindies.
Note: almost the same applies to the marginally-less beautiful "Can't You Sleep, Little Bear?"
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on January 23, 2002
Bill and Percy and Sarah wake in the night to find their Mommy has gone. At first they are sure she will come back, but as time passes they all become a little worried. They think. They worry. They spread out. They huddle together. And after a while, Mommy comes home.
This is a nice book to help little ones deal with separation and worry, or a good read for animal lovers or kids who are afraid of animals. The illustrations of these wide-eyed little creatures are heartwarming. A good snuggle book.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon March 25, 2016
I bought this storybook to read to my own children when they were young and it was one of their favourite books. As a teacher, I have also read it to classes of Kindergarten children (ages 3-6) and they always absolutely love it! I give the owls voices. The two bigger baby owls' voices are just a bit different from my regular reading voice. For the youngest owl, I use a higher-pitched voice.The children laugh out loud whenever he repeats, "I want my mommy!" They love the ending of the story and Bill's statement at the end as well.

This book is a great example of children's literature with wonderful illustrations, humor, repetition. and some rhyme. It has a lot of potential. Because the story is about owls awake at night with their mom away looking for food, this can lead to discussions about nocturnal animals; it also touches on the owls' habitat, food, and predators. This book could also be used to talk with children about their feelings, times that they're scared and what they can do to feel better (in the book, the three owls sit together on the same branch when they're afraid). It's also a great book for children to learn about prediction and making inferences.

I highly recommend this book to parents and teachers of young children, ages about 2-7.
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on December 17, 2000
Those big round staring eyes of an owl certainly strike a chord with most of us. Their almost human expressions seem to tell us that they are something special.
The three little owls in "Owl Babies" are certainly intelligent creatures. They soon realise when Owl Mother has gone she must be off hunting for food. Big sister Sarah keeps their morale high when doubts arise about their mother's safety. Little Bill can only say, "I want my mummy".
When they begin to fear the worst (foxes loom large in their imagination) they close their eyes and wish Owl Mother would come home. Their faith is rewarded for soon " softly and silently she swooped through the trees to Sarah, Percy and Bill". Isn't that great alliteration and imagery?
The pictures that accompany the story focus on the expressions of the three owl babies. Since it is night time we don't see much beyond the safety of their tree. The pen-and-ink drawings of our feathered friends are superb. Those droopy little pink beaks and big brown eyes have a strong plaintive appeal.
"Owl Babies" will be a rewarding book for all readers. The strong two-way bond between parents and children could not be better expressed.
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on November 23, 2002
It's hard to say more about this wonderful book -- just wanted to add that my 23-month old has loved it for the past two months and I know this has to do with her presently intensified separation anxiety. Lovely story, artful evocative illustrations. One of my favorites to read!
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on August 4, 2005
I really love this book a lot. It is touching and sweet. I read it to my son on a regular basis from early on. He enjoyed the dark black colour of the pages when he was a tiny baby, I have a lot of fun reading it to him and I know he enjoys listening, this book is a must have.
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on May 15, 2001
Like the owl mom, all parents have to leave their little ones sometimes. And like the owl babies, all kids are worried when mom or dad is gone. This book presents both realities in a format that the youngest toddlers can understand. This book is different because it presents the experience of separation the way it really happens -- the owl babies start out brave and rational, but become more and more anxious the longer mom is gone. Just when things are at their scariest, mom returns. Reading this story gave me the opportunity to talk to my child about separation and to remind her of the most important thing about all moms -- they always come back.
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on September 15, 1999
I first came across this truly beautiful book when it was read on Teletubbies one morning. I cried! - and simply had to buy a copy for my little girl. Abby is now almost two and we read this book every night - often more than once. It is the most interactive book she has - she pulls sad faces and everytime Bill says "I want my mummy", Abby screws up her face and says "Ohhhh poor Bill!" When mummy finally comes home she is so excited that she too flaps up and down! She adores its. I couldn't recommend this book highly enough. Every child needs their own copy of this, Martin Waddell's and Patrick Benson's finest work.
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