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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on October 5, 2003
My girlfriend wanted me to read this, and i wanted to like it. Let me give the uninitiated a brief glimpse of the book; it goes something like this:-
Start: Exciting, swift, entertaining........starts to go on a bit.......long periods of yawning and feeling guilty for skim reading page after page.......gets better again :End
There it is, no more no less. Not a great masterpiece of literature as some believe (If you'd ever read one you'd probably know). Average, long winded. I could try and tell you why, but the book has left me so exhausted that i am not going to waste any more effort on it.
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on August 10, 2002
This one read like a lead up to another book. With exception to the 150 pages of Gabrielle's creation and the 100 pages or so Of marius's story , the book dragged on and on about the past. Take out 300 pages and this would be a good book. This is the second book I've read of the Vampire Chronicles and to me it's No where near the first and I hope the rest are better.
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on March 15, 2004
This does not come close to Interview. It's probbaly one of the worst structured books Ive ever read. Its made up as it goes alng. Die hard fans would give 5 stars for anything Rice wrote so dont follow those reviews. I just dont understand how a book about vampires does not fit into horror, action, adventure, drama? It was just a story. It could have been summed up in 100 pages but instead it dragged on and on. The biggest reason I give this 2 stars is because it is narrated the exact same way Louis narrated in Interview. And it's almost like Rice picked up on this as well because over half way through it's like, "oh by the way, Im a loving emotional guy too." Huh? Its Louis writing as Lestat!
Now I have the next book which continues the story and its twice as long. I only wish I could read as fast as Lestat, but then again I only had to read every other page in this book to know what was going on. I just skipped over the 5 paragraphs it takes for Anne to desribe a grain of sand.
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on January 19, 1999
I can't believe all the positive reviews! A good book is supposed to make you forget that you are physically reading - this only happens once in this book, and it takes place in the first few pages. I kept wishing that certain characters would die so that the plot could move along. Yeeesh- you die hard Rice fans will accept anything.
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on August 26, 1999
This book had brief moments of greatness but all in all the book was dull. Anne Rice trudges on endlessly it seemed at times, trying hard to make an exciting novel, but in the end fails miserably. The best part of the book was when it ended. This book has extinguished any desires I had to read the rest of the vampire chronicles.
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on July 9, 1998
I rate books three ways: it's a book 1)to forget about as quickly as possible 2)fine for a quick easy read, entertaining enough but not worth reading twice 3) amazing, unique, well written, worth reading again and again because each time the book becomes richer. Anne Rice's books are in general a 2. Her ideas are imaginative and unique, so it's unfortunate that her writing style is a little self indulgent. Interview with a Vampire was fine, but ,my God, I had to force myself to finish this second in the series. Furthermore, I find that her charcters have no depth and eventually become worn out. Plus, I have no sympathy for any of them, so it's hard to get involved with the book. However, if you don't expect a piece of literature or don't even want one, then it's fine. You won't be worse off for reading any of the Vampire Chronicals.
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on May 27, 1999
What is it with horror writers they gotta describe every object, every emotion, every physical movement down to it's grainiest detail? Dramatizing each step or raised eyebrow to the point where I had to look at myself in the mirror. How can I make my face become thoughtful and smooth and childlike all at once? Can I exude an evil and yet sensuous aura if I do this with my lips and then hold out my hand as if recieving a diamond pineapple? Is Rice trying to frighten me or drive me nuts alltogether? I don't know...I find it all very silly. As for the story itself it does bear a certain romantic gravity. And she does draw some fantastic images and pose some interesting philosophy. At times it is entertaining but the grandiloquence overwhelms. Somehow I made it through the whole thing...whatever that tells you.
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on June 21, 1999
While this second book in Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles has a promising start, it soon falls apart and becomes a monotonous mess.
Stop reading the Vampire Chronicles after you have read Interview with the Vampire.
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on July 27, 1999
The Vampire Lestat picked up near the end, but I basically didn't like it. It was mostly atmospheric. The main character seemed whiny, and the story was not really terribly coherent. He'd go around feeling sorry for himself, meet an older vampire, learn their story (which was similar to everyone else's) and then finally in the last 75 pages or so speeds through about 150 years to an action sequence which ends in a way inviting a third book. There is a third book, and I think a fourth and a fifth, etc., but I don't see myself reading them any time soon.
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on August 17, 1999
I loved and still do the first book "Iterview with the vampire." And my hopes were so high for this one....but I didn't want all the sadness, the tears..we had enough of that with Louis...and the homosexuality amongst the vampires....Why not put at least ONE female into the heart of at least ONE vampire...not a mother, or sister, but a woman he would lust for. I'm sorry, but I wouldn't mind a little passion there between a woman and a vampire.....Sorry Ann, but you've written about men lusting for each other enough for a lifetime.....
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