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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on January 28, 2001
I had a wonderful epiphany while reading this book. I had gotten to the last two or three chapters and just could not make myself finish the book. My angels kept nudging me to see the movie "Clan of the Cave Bear" again. I finally watched it and noticed that it said the Neanderthal were here first then the Cro-Magnon came and they both inhabited the earth but the Neanderthal disappeared and the Cro-Magnon are where we came from. Neanderthal were very clanish and not too smart and it didn't look like the were capable of learning anything but basic survival. After watching the movie I got the urge to finish the book. I was reading about the soul waiting until the fetus was 4 months old at least before entering the fetus, because the soul had to work with the brain tissue and try to get it to function enough so the soul could experience what it went into that body to experience. What threw me for a loop was when the soul said he encountered an intelligence in the fetus that asked who he was and what he was doing there. It had never occurred to me that the fetus would have an intelligence without the soul being there. Then this soul said he was to help calm the fetus during birth and he said He wondered what these babies did before the souls started coming to earth and joining with these fetus's. So all these things sort of fell into place in my head. I have always had a problem trying to understand what people mean by ego. what the Neanderthal were was strickly ego that part of us that says we must survive at all cost. The died out because without the help of the souls they could not evolve. If we don't evolve we serve no purpose in being here. Our egos are that part of us that just survive. Unless we get in touch with our soul, higher self, whatever you choose to call it we are stuck in survival mode and don't improve or evolve.
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on January 19, 2001
Very good book, very easy reading lets it be known that our physical death is a routine part of our continuing eternal existence and is only the next step to our next life. What is it, balancing karma from previous lives that leads to the next adventure or is death truly the end of it all. Michael Newton's new book contains his insights as well as case histories of soul regressions to previous lives and the existence that occurs in- between past and present physical incarnations. There is a good mixture of science, procedural hypothesis and anlaysis, and subjective and soulful deductions of what our souls experience during its eternal existence.
I gave this book 4 stars only because I felt Mr. Newton's previous book "Journey of Souls" was better. "Journey" was the initial shock, it contained longer and more detailed transcripts of his patients' soulful adventures. This book contained more of Newton's own analysis, and while his analysis are very worthwhile reading, it just didn't have the holding power that "Journey" had. Still an excellent and insightful book.
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on October 12, 2000
We have no way of knowing, of course, if this book, or its predecessor, Journey of Souls, presents an accurate description of souls, although some people claim a sense of déjà vu or familiarity when they read them. Both books certainly did make an impression on me; the first one perhaps more than this one, simply because it covered the more immediate basics that we wonder about. This one delves deeper and further. I've read many books on reincarnation, but very few that purport to deal with the time between lives to the extent that this one does. Most books on the subject often appear to be a collection of anecdotes from other sources that have been rehashed and retold until they take on the credibility of urban legends, and the reader is well justified in dismissing them as New Age fluff. This one offers a great deal of new information on aspects that I've not seen before. Although we're not given much detail about the author's research methods, he's obviously put a great deal of time and effort into amassing the material. The information hangs together well, blends well with theories from other sources without plagiarizing from them, and makes systematic and reasonable sense. It gives you a lot to absorb and think about, and it does make fascinating reading.
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on October 2, 2000
Michael Newton is one of a handful of published researchers who is adding to our knowledge of life between lives through the use of hypnosis. In coming decades, this kind of research should build and expand until we have a detailed understanding of life on the higher dimensions. In this book he continues his years of investigations, taking us further into an understanding of the soul's journey in and out of incarnation. Some topics covered in this book are (1) The various ways recently deceased souls try to make contact with those left behind, (2) How our spiritual energy is restored after a difficult incarnation or traumatic death, (3) How our between-life vocations can manifest in our earthly careers, (4) More on colors as indications of levels of attainment, (5) Spiritual names, (6) Much more on our soul groups, and how we interact between and during incarnations, (7) The "Council of Elders", a review panel of higher beings who help us gain insight on our lives just after we complete one, and just before we begin a new one, (8)How souls are "born" from higher levels into the level we spend time in between lives, (9) Extensive case studies of the "library" of past lives which souls study in between lifetimes. With Newton's work and those of similar investigators we are finally gaining an understanding of life in higher dimensions based on research and first-hand reports, rather than speculation and belief. Other than Newton's work, two other good books along this line are out of print, but generally not hard to find. One is LIFE BETWEEN LIVES (1986) by Whitton and Fisher. That book also follows the case-study approach. A second book is EXPLORING REINCARNATION (1987) by Hans Tendam. This book is a rigorous summary of the whole subject of past lives, life between lives, and the reliability of hypnosis as a tool of investigation. It's not a light read, but is the most in depth and thorough book on the subject to date, and essential reading for anyone who wishes to become well informed about it. A marvelous personal account of an accomplished "soul traveler" is THE TIGERS FANG by Paul Twitchell, whose account of the inner dimensions is remarkable.
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on December 30, 2001
I have always been someone who is a little scared of the dark or more to say scared of what I might see in the dark which is why I was drawn to Michael Newton's book Journey of Souls and now his second, Destiny of Souls. I found that a lot of my fears about the unknown should not be feared and that the inevitable fact of death should not be seen as an end or black but should be looked at as light at the end of the tunnel, pardon the pun. I would not say that it has made me look forward to death but if you trust the say so of 67 different people, who all said very similar things then it would seem we all have our place in the spiritual world. The only bad thing I could say about the book is sometimes I needed a dictionary by my side but I found I could not put these books down and I am much more at ease with life and death than I was. So if your like me and have interest in looking for answers to why we are here and what we should do now we are then you might enjoy this read.
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on May 10, 2000
Better written, more thoughtful, and more comprehensive than Journey of Souls. That this information is now becoming available gives me hope that perhaps mankind's long spiritual dark age, full of superstition and ego-driven heirarchical ritual, is nearing an end. Are we as a species finally grown up enough to be given some insight into who we really are? Or is it just that those advanced souls who watch over this planet are starting to get a little panicked at the mess we're making of the place? Whatever the reason, I'm glad to be able to come to the conclusion (on my own, the author doesn't take a stand on real-world issues) that rampant materialism and short-sighted economic policy is the work of young souls without a clue. I wish all the kiddie souls in adult bodies who are busy trashing the schoolyard would knock it off. But if they did, what wrongs would the older souls get to make right? Anyway, I sure enjoyed this book. Very thought-provoking.
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on February 2, 2001
Having read dozens of books on before/afterlife, NDE's, re/incarnation i simply found this book to be the most interesting and complete book available. Yes, raymond moody, ruth montgomery, et al... have VERY good books out on the subject, but Dr. Newton's regression therapy reveals another side to people and thier past lives that just seem to give validation to my whole belief of life after life.
If you are a believer or better yet a skeptic on life beyond Earth this book will at least present a thorough look at what we are supposed to go through when we depart our physical life.
i highly recommend you read his first book JOURNEY OF SOULS before reading DESTINY. He makes many references to JOURNEY throughout the book and DESTINY is supposed to be a deeper continuation from where JOURNEY left off. In the least you may just miss a few things by starting with DESTINY.
This is just an outstanding and incredibily eye opening read.
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on September 27, 2001
Absolutely amazing. This book resonated with me so strongly that I feel that it is definitely truth material for the spiritual seeker. My entire life I have known that there was something, IS something greater than this material third-dimensional plane. A place where we wear no masks and where our souls are what define us. His research must have been divinely guided. To know (remember) that the roles we play here are only temporary, and to understand that we have CHOSEN this life, is the ultimate liberation from suffering and feelings of victimization. Accepting responsibility for one's path in life is the one step that can finally produce the freedom we are all looking for here on Earth. So much of our world and our media is consumed with the falsity of blame. We are all one. We are all together in this life drama of learning and growing and ascending into our true beauty. Thank you, Michael Newton, for reminding us.
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on May 17, 2001
In Michael Newton's second book, he continues to fascinate and intrigue us about life after death. As in "Journey of the Souls" we are treated to the authors clear, entertaining, writing style, which educates as well as entertains. This man knows his subject, and whether or not you agree with him, he makes for a good read. My only complaint is that at times he becomes a little too detail-oriented in some of his observations about various procedures that take place in the "spirit world". Most enlightening is the stages a soul goes through during it's development and the patience one's guide and teacher's have for mistakes and improvements. No fire and brimstone here! There is also an excellent treatement on suicide, and it's influence on the process. If you are attracted to a no-nonsense view of reincarnation without the dogma of religion to confuse you, read this book.
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on July 10, 2001
WOW! What I can write would not adequately convey my experience with this book. I highly recommend this book for those who are ready to understand the here and beyond. For me it is a confirmimg and reaffirming spiritual experience. It confirmed a lot of my own intuition about my parents' transition, as well as dream experiences I've had. So, I know it resonates truth. I have recommended this book to several friends,who are anxious to read it also. It is beautifully written and leaves you feeling like no matter what life brings to you, you can handle it now. It is helpful especially for those who are struggling in this life. It helps you to understand the consequences of your behavior, and why certain people are in our lives, (especially RELATIVES). This book is a great contribution.
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