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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on February 1, 2004
This is a very interesting book, in which the author describes a profound and enlightening model of the world. Newton's views are affirmed by his field of work, where he takes his clients into deep hypnosis to gain 'soul-information' about the true nature of reality and the purpose of our lives. The author writes with such integrity and passion, I am personally convinced that Newton is the real deal.
The underlying message of the book - and frankly the good news - is that there is a bigger picture, that there is divine, loving purpose to life, and that our souls continue to live after death in the spirit world - (i.e. Paradise). Of course, this message is not 'news' at all, but rather basic wisdom which has been expressed in some form or another since the dawn of mankind. This book's message is aligned with the ongoing advancement of our evolutionary human awareness, and provides us with great detail into the nature of the bigger picture beyond the 'veil' of our clouded finite perspective.
Newton's clients affirm that life on the Other Side is our real 'homely' existence, and that our souls can re-incarnate as many times as we like on physical planes such as earth, in order to face challenges and trials which simply don't exist in Paradise. (A good way to interpret the nature of our short lives on earth is to perceive them as quick trips to the gym which advance our spiritual muscle and learning better than we could in the 'cotton wool' realm of the eternal spirit world.)
For each trip to earth, we can choose our own bodies, (the greater the physical challenge, the greater potential for spiritual advancement - hence, disabled bodies are actually blessings in disguise); we choose the timing of our incarnation and the conditions of our upbringing, and overall, our degree of wisdom and spiritual enlightenment throughout life is determined generally by our soul's level of growth and advancement. (I.e. materialistic or shallow folk might be beginners at the game of life, whilst wise and spiritually mature folk have probably done the rounds many times before). It is true that more and more great writers - including many advanced psychics- are singing off exactly the same hymn-sheet, affirming Michael Newton's model of the world. ...
All in all, I believe that "Destiny of Souls", and its counterpart "Journey of Souls", will stand the test of time, and provides humanity with another stepping stone towards an enlightened perspective of the way things really are.
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on January 3, 2001
I read M. Newton's first book (Journey of Souls)about 5 years ago, and I couldn't wait for a follow-up.... finally, it's here! I am a "spiritual student" since the past 35 years, and I read tons of books about OBE, after-life, lucid dreaming, astral travel, Soul Travel, etc. This book sums it all up because Michael Newton tells a non-biais account of what happens BETWEEN lives....
We've all read about the "Tunnel of Light" seen by those who've had near-death experiences, the call of Light Beings, the account of those who "saw" dead relatives talk to them while they were still living, etc.... Destiny of Souls makes an account of about 70 cases where people tell what REALLY happen after a person "translates" (dies.) The author goes a step further than light tunnel, and so forth.
Moreover, there is a common thread among all those (all of us really!) who goes through this process: the love of dear ones that welcome us after departing from this Earth world, a personal spiritual being who guides us to our rightful place, the summary of our past life in a "holographic library," the Council of Elders who help us sort our different experiences (past and future), the choice of our new body (male or female, since Soul is androgenous) for a new incarnation on this planet - or elsewhere in the universe! -
All in all, an excellent book which will give hope to anyone seeking (and hoping) for something beyond the veil of death... For years, I was a practitioner of astral travel and today I learned the subtle art of Soul Travel (taught by ECK Masters,) which goes much further than "limited" astral travel, so I was able to validate my own personal experiences through reading some of the accounts in Newton's book.
A must read for the REAL spiritual student of all ages!
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on August 1, 2003
I had read JOURNEY OF SOULS which left me thrilled beyond words. Then a friend of mine recommended MANY LIVES, MANY MASTERS (Weiss, MD) which confirmed a lot of things in JOUNEY OF SOULS. MANY LIVES wasn't as an easy read - but it confirmed that the Bible did mention reincarnation prior to the Roman era which was important to me. Then I read DESTINY OF SOULS!! It is more detailed than JOURNEY and wasn't as fast a read - since you wanted to concentrate on every word that was said. But the trip through this book was fantastic. Dr Newton has spent a lot of time researching what he is talking about and gives examples to back up what he is saying. I did contact him about having a regression perfomed - and he is retired now. He was kind enough to recommend someone that has been trained through him. You can locate a regression therapist via [...] - if you are interested too. These books have tied up all the religions I have been exposing myself to and questioning. I have been purchasing JOURNEY OF SOULS for those I care about and recommending DESTINY OF SOULS once they have completed JOURNEY. Another I would recommend is MESSAGES FROM THE MASTERS: TAPPING INTO THE POWER OF LOVE by Brian L. Weiss, MD. These two authors are from different coasts and have different training and background - but have clients that state the SAME THING!
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on April 20, 2013
For over 20 years I have been searching for truth, the mystery of life, how it is orchestrated, where life begin, what happens when we die, why "bad things happen to good people" and many other inexplicable scenarios. The intrigue of the case studies presented, how past lives relate to current issues and the structure of souls groups is fasciating. Although I do not agree with all of Dr. Newton's personal conclusions, it is apparent that he is adept with his questioning and the presentation of material that he has gathered from his clients while under hypnosis. Much food for the thoughts of a curious mind! Thank you Michael.
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on April 12, 2002
Many people have heard of past life regressions via hypnosis. There seems to be a multitude of beliefs as to exactly what happens in past life regression. Is it real? Is it something other than an actual past life? Now to add more information to this debate and a whole different fascinating field of study, we have the work of the author Michael Newton, PhD. Instead of just past life regressions, Michael has concentrated on what happens between the different lives? When one life ends his studies begin and continue until the next reincarnation.
The book represents years of study and includes information from dozens of case studies. The subjects covered include reincarnations, angels, ghosts, how evil people are dealt with after they die, soul mates and literally dozens of similar items.
With chapters on Death, Grief and Comfort, Earthly Spirits, Spiritual Energy Restoration it deals with many of the questions that people may have about the after life. In addition it covers an advanced social system of souls that his research has uncovered. That system includes Soul Groups, a Council of Elders, Community Dynamics, and the Ring of Destiny.
Well written and easy to follow, it is a fascinating read that some will find enlightening while others will find offensive and most will find somewhere in between.
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on January 2, 2002
I first read Journey of Souls a few years ago, and had the same feeling of resonance that many reviewers did. But I wasn't convinced and still wanted to know more. I wrote to a reviewer on this site who had visited him, and following her suggestion, wrote to Dr. Newton for an appointment. At the time, he had a three-year waiting list, and was seeing about 2-3 clients a week. I saw him just before Destiny of Souls was completed, and while I did not experience my memories with the same clarity the subjects in his book did, I can say with utter certainty that Dr. Newton is not making it up, and is not manipulating his readers.
From my conversations with him, I have found him to be very intelligent, caring, funny, and honest. My experience in hypnosis was a bit unsettling for me, as much as the skeptic in me wanted to dismiss the truths I had learned about myself, I could not attribute my memories to anything that I had seen in his books or elsewhere. Nor did he plant the ideas in my head. He is absolutely the stubborn investigator he describes in his books and challenged the things I said, questioned me during the session, compared to things I had said earlier to make sure I was still saying the same things. Then, at the end of the session told me where I had said something similar to his other clients that had not been in Journey of Souls (but is now in Destiny), such as my detailed explanation of the medallion worn by one of the "Council" members.
In retrospect, I think the most amazing thing about my session was my casual attitude - as I talked about "unbelievable" things like hybrid souls I might as well have been telling him "the sky is blue" with the nonchalant way I felt. In fact, a few times I did get frustrated with his questioning, the same way someone would if challenged with "No, the sky is GREEN". What I was saying felt then, as it does now, to be nothing but pure and simple truth.
For the further skeptical, my small claim to fame is that one of his "One of my clients said.." comments to illustrate a point about soul names was something I told him after my session. So I know that whenever he says a client said something, they did.
I would encourage anyone who is interested in having this regression done, to write to him care of his publisher and include a self-addressed stamped envelope. This is the only way to contact him. One note though, he is currently in the process of retiring his practice and directs new clients to people that he has trained from across the country. Even if you don't see him personally, though, the experience of the regression is absolutely worth it.
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on July 29, 2001
But had always had my doubts, thinking, there was no way out. Well, like most people who were raised on one religion, I tried to exhibit the traits of a good believer. Not until in my more mature years did I start doubting, the validity of my religion, not altogether, but mainly as related to hell, and heavens, punishment, and many other issues. Dr. Newton, was one author along with a few others who confirmed, what I believed in initially, of mainly living many lives, and in the reincarnation of souls. I am half through with this book, and I don't want to finish it. After I read his first masterpiece 'Journey of Souls', I knew I was hooked, or rather hypnotized. There is a consistency in Dr. Newton's siting of events, added to his intelligence, persistence, and knowledge. This is once in a life time book. If you just have to read one book, and get answers to many many questions, it should be this one. Any other book is dawrfed compared to this one, because this is the real ONE; it answered more questions than I origially bargained for. Dr. Newton,.. thank you. ( I had to order this book via the internet, since it would naturally be banned in my country )
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on July 23, 2001
This is an excellent book because, among other things it provides a useful model pointing to the manner in which the human soul may achieve something approaching perfection. Not so much in the specific steps that an individual may follow but more in terms of the procedures that may be involved "between lives" so to speak. This tends to provide some form of connection that might be available in the formal review of one's life paths. Of course there are many many questions that are unresolved - many mysteries are exposed by the account given in the book but on the whole the result is quite satisfying. There are at present a number of books available that tend towards the genre of what may be called "attestations of individualistic accounts of past life experiences", that is, of books that attempt to call forth evidence to persuade one that reincarnation, in some form is an ongoing process for all. However, this book goes much beyond that in trying to generate some form of "unification theory" and within the limits of one person's experience. This is exercised through a consultancy practice referencing the thoughts of many others - even if undertaken through a particular framework. The result is most acceptable and extremely thought provoking without necessarily forcing one viewpoint but in fact opening many paths for personal exploration.
The consistency of the model presented, arising as it does from so many subjects, does rather raise a question concerning the extent to which like attracting like might be a factor in accounting for the "rounded" aspect of the material as it is presented.
None the less, this does not in any way detract from the overall insight that is presented. As mentioned previously, an excellent book and well worth the money!:)
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on April 21, 2001
Have you ever read a book about Spirituality and it rang so true to you, you knew it was right; there was no question of faith, but knowledge? That's how it was for me reading "Destiny of Souls." I really had enjoyed "Journey of Souls," it, too had seemed more like a trip down familiar paths and "Destiny of Souls" is a continuation of the same wonderful trip that brings great peace of mind.
If you wonder: Why are we here? What is life all about? What happens to us when we die? Do love ones really try to contact us from the beyond? Well, you would do yourself a big favor by simply reading this book with an open mind and heart. Perhaps you, too, will find the solid ring of truth in the stories you follow in "Destiny of Souls."
Oh, it's a very enjoyable read, too. It may make you feel like you're visiting your real Home, the Home we all came from. It gives hope, too. I did a review for our church newsletter about "Journey of Souls", and people came up to me and thanked me for introducing them to the book. They found it helpful, especially those who had lost loved ones. This book may help you heal your own grief issues. I can't say enough good things about it. THANK YOU, Dr. Newton.
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on February 18, 2001
The descriptions in this book of "the world beyond" are reminiscent of what's portrayed quite humorously in the movie "Defending Your Life." Dr. Newton weaves the stories of 67 people together in this follow-up to his "Journey of Souls" in such a way that it staggers the mind to hear the similarities between each case presented. The information given is what emerged during sessions with patients, along with insights received from those meetings. It is presented in a factual, clinical way that respects the major religions/schools of thought, while at the same time not negating any of them.
From spiritual learning centers such as classrooms and libraries to meeting with councils of advanced guides, Dr. Newton takes the reader on a journey of discovering who one might have relationships with in the current life that stem from interactions made in between lives. These relationships could include a primary or companion soulmate(s), affiliated souls, other guides, etc., as either partners or teachers (and sometimes both).
The author discusses animal souls as well as the souls of the very young. He also talks about how a human soul may choose to split itself into several bodies for accelerated learning, and how each of us always has a part of our soul in reserve, in the spirit realm, while we are incarnated. He further delves into specific examples of the patterns behind certain types of relationships, such as why some souls reunite with souls who have hurt them previously, or how several souls may switch roles in order to better understand the reasons behind what had happened in a previous life.
I am intrigued by the psychology of what a soul might do in the spirit realm, whether it's preparing for a learning experience or just hanging out in rest and relaxation mode. I can see parallels between descriptions of decisions made in between lives with decisions that we make here in our earthly lives, apparently with the same people more often than not. I particularly enjoyed reading about the different levels and colors of souls, and how some have specific roles to play (Masters of Design, Harmonizers, Nursery Teachers, etc). Spiritual energy restoration by master healers as well as the Space of Transformation also interested me.
Both of Newton's "Souls" books are excellent reading for anyone who has lost a treasured loved one. I gave my copy of "Journey of Souls" to a friend, and not only was she blessed with reading about these studies, but other members of her family were blessed with a large measure of comfort as well. I highly recommend both of these books to anyone who is interested in metaphysics, the "afterlife", or serious soul work.
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