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on December 14, 2002
Janina Renee holds degrees in Anthropology and Cultural Studies. She has taught and lectured on a variety of subjects, appeared in films and on radio. She says her "life calling is to explore means by which to translate the magic and mystery of the old ways into practices that are meaningful for modern people."
Tarot: Your Everyday Guide is her third book, and in it, she shows readers how to use tarot cards for advice, rather than for prediction. She uses a practical, problem-oriented approach, explaining "how the cards can suggest courses of action, attitudes to take, and other things we can do to help with some of the common questions that come up in our lives."
She first describes the kinds of questions that might be asked, saying that if you don't have a specific problem, you can always ask for advice on how to improve your life. She offers general instructions on how to lay out and interpret the cards.
The bulk of the book is devoted to describing the individual cards and their potential meanings and interpretations. Renee provides enough information that readers can understand the advice the cards are offering, regardless of their individual situations. She explains, however, that nothing bad will happen if a person doesn't take the cards' advice. She says the cards "are entirely neutral and have no good or bad, positive or negative associations, since they merely suggest things you can do, and not things that are going to happen to you."
Many factors go into making decisions and sometimes we need help in sorting the relevant date from the non-relevant. Tarot: Your Everyday Guide teaches readers how to use "the wisdom of the Tarot to define our issues and frame our outlook [to] help the course of daily life run much more smoothly."
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on August 19, 2001
Ever done a Tarot reading to make sense of a difficult situation, examined all the cards, and still had no idea how to solve your predicament? Renee has written an excellent book that gets down to practical neamings of each card. She is coming from the perspective of "advice" readings, where you consult the cards in order to tackle a particular problem. Each card, including the often-neglected Minor Arcana, is examined in detail, and treated as advice you could take in a situation. You drew the 4 of Pentacles? Time to hold on to your resources and focus on security. The 6 of Pentacles? Now is the time to be generous. None of the cards are treated as "bad" cards, because--to use a cliche--to everything there is a season. This isn't an arcane, solemn tome about the Journey of the Fool and the mythical archetypes he runs into along the way; it's about your journey through your own life, and your own life situations both mundane and spiritual. Great for beginners and experienced readers alike.
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on November 28, 2000
First of all, a word of warning: This is not a "card-a-day" book (in the sense it isn't divided in 365 chapters as you could expect from the title. Or at least that's what I expected). This book is one of the most complete works I've found on tarot understood not as a means to divination but as a way to find guidance. I really enjoyed the fact the cards came from several different decks. This is a rather unusual book, and it feels like a real treat to those who do a daily reading to focus in in the morning.The approach is simpler than Mary K. Greer's "Tarot for your self", which might be slightly daunting for absolute beginners (much as I love the book). Janina Renee is also the author of "Tarot spells", another book which goes beyond the repetition of material many works offer these days.
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on April 30, 2002
I buy loooottts of books.. and I've been reading as much as I can on Tarot. Some of the information seems too basic (like 'playing fortune telling at a party'). Other information is so symbolic that, while important and interesting, it is impossible to relate to life. This book just CLICKED for me. The cards finally were presented in a way that became relevant to me - a tool to guide me and others through the ins and outs of life. Janina has quickly become my favorite author on the subject to date. I just ordered her other book Tarot for a New Generation. While I no longer fit into the young adult target population, I have read this book is relevant to all ages... I hope it is as good as Tarot: Your Everyday Guide... Please keep writing for Tarot!!!
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on July 21, 2000
The beauty of this book is that it can be used by both beginning and advanced students of the Tarot because of it's practical approach to the messages in the cards. Each card is discussed in light of what advise it offers in a variety of life situations. Janina Renee also uses illustrations from a variety of tarot decks, a refreshing change to many volume which choose one deck. I found this very helpful in finding the common elements among the decks and the accompanying text illuminated this beautifully. I simple down-to-earth approach to the "facts of life" as interpreted by the Tarot
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on November 4, 2000
This book is very practical and no nonsense. Gives good advice for those everyday problems that vex us all. I highly recommend it.
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