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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on June 23, 2002
This book does a good job of putting us all at ease that by letting us know we are not alone and that IBS can be controlled with diet. The advice about changing diet is good but too extreme. Most people will not need to go to the extreme diet elimination that the author suggests. Unfortuntately, the advice on medications and dietary supplements is based for the most part on annectodal experience rather than scientific evidence. While the author has her IBS under control...most people will be able to get their IBS under control with a less drastic measures ie. elminating alcohol, soft drinks, high fat foods and dairy. It is unlikely that most people will need to follow the authors footsteps and take peppermint tea 4 times a day, high dose calcium three times a day, and metamucil 3 times a day to become regular. In fact many of these unproven nutritional supplemnts can have adverse long term health effects and should only be tried with medical supervision
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on July 28, 2003
I can't recommend this book highly enough. For years I've been plagued by what doctors had diagnosed as IBS. They talked about foods, particularly fiber, but since I've been a vegetarian for nearly 30 years, I thought I knew what I needed to about food, and was told that my diet was good. I thought the answer for me was in eating very little, no more than twice a day, and hoping... Nevertheless, the problems persisted, becoming at times quite debilitating. A few weeks ago I learned of this book. I carefully read it, and, last week, for the first time in ages, I had two cross-country flights without any difficulty, and a week's vacation with only one problem. It's all due to this book, which is quite well written, extremely practical, with detailed suggestions, and transformative, in my experience.
Now, I suddenly have the feeling that perhaps actually feeling "normal" is possible, and normal is taking on a completely new meaning for me. For anyone with IBS, or who knows someone with IBS, this book is a MUST!
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on October 9, 2002
I am a male that was diagnosed with IBS approximately three years ago, and suffered with it for four years before that. After being dianosed (at 36 years old, I got it at 31), the doctor told me change my diet, and that was all. I tried eating different, but it did no good at all. My family doctor tried a protein diet, but that failed, and I basically just accepted the fact that I would have to suffer with this problem. I finally found Heather's book, "IBS, The First Year, and after trying the diet, my symptoms have almost all disappeared, and I had trouble almost everyday. I don't use Immodium AD at all, my "insides" feel great, and all functions are almost comepletely normal. By the way...I've only been on the diet for ONE WEEK.
The food tastes fantastic, and I have had absolutely no problems sticking to it. I recommend this book to anyone suffering from IBS. Doctors don't know much about it, and frankly cannot give much advise, so thank goodness we have Heather to help us. Sometimes it takes someone who suffers from the same affliction to help the rest of us when doctors can't.
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on September 29, 2002
This book has given my son his life back (and mine). We have gone through numerous doctor visits and testing, but only this book has provided us with the much needed guidance and knowledge. My son was 12 years old when diagnosed with IBS. He was tried on different prescription medications, but Heather's suggestion of peppermint oil was not only more effective, but is also a nature based product.Truly what has been the best advice is to start off the day with a soluble fiber and eat these foods as much as possible. My son is now regaining weight and his energy level has increased.I am a nurse and was skeptical at first that I could find the answers from this book and not from his physicians. However,this book and Eating for IBS, also by Heather, have become my bibles.
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on August 10, 2003
I found this book, as well as the authors other work on the subject (Eating for IBS), full of useful information. However, I feel a better distinction between the two types of IBS should have been made when recommending dietary guidelines. Some of the recommendations, such as snacking on sour dough bread, will actually aggravate the constipation dominant form of IBS.
I also found several contradictions between the author's soluble/insoluble fiber content recommendations and several other sources listing the soluble/insoluble fiber content of various foods.
Overall, I would say this book would be a good reference to be used with other sources for anyone suffering from diarrhea dominant IBS.
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on August 6, 2002
Heather Van Vorous, I thank you..As I IBS sufferer for over five years due to removal of my gallbladder, I have found the answers to all my questions in this book. The answers that should have come from my medical doctors but did not. If you are an IBS sufferer, and do not want to live with "attacks" any longer, I urge you to purchase this book. It is very easy to understand and guides you step by step along the way. I have begun a new life, each new day I progress and reach different milestones. I feel great and so will you.
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on November 24, 2003
This book actually has a section called "What to eat when you can't eat anything" - for someone without IBS that sounds stupid - for someone with IBS it can bring tears to your eyes because you can be there everyday. You are hungry, you don't feel good, all you want to do is eat something - anything - and not get diarrhea and stomach cramps. The list provided in this book is only the start of a fantastic new journey toward being able to eat. It's so fantastic. Almost like being able to walk again!! And, that is just the beginning. The book is very easy to understand, very sensitive to your situation (unlike any doctor you've seen, humm!) and it gives you knowledge that WILL make your days more normal - identifies the triggers (foods) that activate the ibs and helps you work around them. Forget the doctors and the tests and the medicines - this book is all you need (well, along with EATING FOR IBS). I've had it for four weeks and for four weeks I've been able to figure out what to eat at a restaurant and be able to get on the back of a motorcycle and go on a long trip without fear! Try that with ibs! Thank God for Heather and the fact she has found an answer and shared it with so many of us. If the book cost a thousand dollars, it would be worth it! Get it, read it, your life WILL change. You CANNOT eat like everyone else, this books shows you how to eat for you......
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on October 16, 2002
This book is a real godsend for anyone suffering from IBS, in addition to Heather Van Vorous's other book, Eating for IBS, which has fantastic recipes. I had IBS-like symptoms for several years, and recently suffered a severe bout with it. While waiting to see a gastroenterologist I discovered Heather's book at my local library and decided to give the dietary guidelines outlined in the book a try. At this point, my condition was worsening and I had nothing to lose. Was I surprised to find that after only a few days of changing my eating habits by eating more soluble fiber I noticed a significant improvement. I felt considerably better, had more energy, and was able to freely go places I was afraid to go before. I felt like I was getting my life back. In addition to the wonderful dietary information, the book is also well documented and researched. It is very easy to read and understand, and the chapters are broken down into manageable segments on different aspects of coping with IBS. The author also stresses getting a correct diagnosis before assuming one has IBS. Due to this encouragement, I went ahead and had blood work and a colonoscopy, and was very surprised to learn I did not have IBS after all, but a condtion called celiac sprue which is a gluten intolerance. Even though I did not have IBS, the information in this book did help initially to improve my condition, and I am still following certain aspects of it (ie. soluble fiber) with the exception of wheat. I would encourage everyone out there who thinks they have IBS, but have not been tested yet to seek out a diagnosis. Don't assume as I had for years that you have IBS without eliminating the possibilities of other conditions.
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on November 25, 2002
Dear Heather,
> I have been following your advice on eating for IBS now for a month.
> have also sought out other support and medication as you suggested. I
> have learned a great deal about IBS. I have had great success with
> advice! I even had to take an antibiotic during the month and it went
> great. The last time I took an antibiotic I was in the bathroom for a
> week and was afraid to leave the house! I have IBS-D. I am a little
> concerned about the holidays, and some traveling that we are going to
> do, but I think if I stick to the program all will be ok. I still get
> bit nervous leaving home because I have not had any relief for so
> I have suffered from IBS my entire life I think. Thank you very much
> your great information and support!
> Blessings & Happy Holidays!
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on December 1, 2002
I just wanted to thank Heather for everything she has done for me as well as thousands of other people. I am only 20 years old and have been dealing with IBS for over a year. I am so grateful for her books. I have bought both of her books and read them both cover to cover a million times. Everything in her books make sense. At one point I thought to my self, "Why didn't I think of that?" I used to live on Immodium AD and Pepto Bismol until it stopped working. The doctors had no answers and weren't of any help. Thanks to Heather and her books, my life has completely changed. Her recipes are so good, even my mom uses them and she doesn't even have IBS. To anyone out there still suffering, Heather is your angel. She will truely change your life as she has done mine and many other people. Good luck and thank you Heather.
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