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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on January 17, 2000
I remember walking through a bookshop a couple of years ago and seeing Conversations with God - it caught my eye with it's sparse cover and confronting title. A staunch athiest, after a youth of "Christian" schooling, I picked it up, had a quick flick through and scoffed, "Guy talks to God, what a crock!" and dumped it back on the shelf.
Six months later I walked into another bookshop and picked up a book because it's soft yellow colour caught my eye - It was "Meditations From Conversations with God". Oh dear, not that again. I opened it and lost my breath. The page was July 1 - my birthday, and I read, "I do not make a judgement about the creations that you conjure. I simply empower you to conjure more-and more and more and more".
This statement rang purely and profoundly true, to me. I bought that book and never looked back. My soul leeching job in advertising was discarded and replaced with a year of adventure and travel and now, less than two years after picking up "Meditations...", I teach meditation and spirituality and write full time - and still dip into my well worn yellow book for love and guidance from time to time.
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on March 21, 2004
This book takes selected sentences or short paragraphs from Conversations With God Book 2 and spreads them over a diary format, one for each day of the year. Below each is a space for personal thoughts or whatever else the reader chooses to write. Breaking the wisdom down into small "daily meditations" means you can ponder on the ideas and insights without having to read the original book properly!
Since I first discovered the CWG books in the late nineties, hardly a month has gone by without me dipping into one or another of the series. Although I personally have not used this book in the way prescribed as I already keep a diary, I have folded the pages of my favourite quotes to glance at occasionally e.g. "You call forth precisely what you think, feel and say" (January 17th), "The young people are destroying your way of life. The young people have always done that. Your job is to encourage it. Not discourage it" (July 24th) "All attack is a call for help" (September 29th) and so on.
The Conversations With God books, including this one, are contemporary spiritual sanity, clarity and hope for the future. I am completely biased in their favour. If you want other perspectives on the books, have a read of the reviews by some religious fundamentalists who feel that the writings of Neale Donald Walsch are lacking or even some kind of blasphemy.
Thanks again Neale.
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on May 13, 1999
these 3 books have changed my life. It all makes sense now. I encourage all to read.
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on November 9, 1997
I loved this book! As a student of metaphysics for many years, this book is wonderfully expressive of all the things I imagined God to be. God's ideas about sex, religion, politics, education, and business are awesome. I tell everybody about this book and I wish everybody would read it and start to adopt the ideas put forth and really create some radical changes in our world as we approach the millenium.
Even though we have been on this planet a very long time, we as a people have not advanced very far in our spiritual development and evolution as is in evidence by the sad state of affairs our world is in today. This book excites me and the ideas about how our world would change if only everyone understood that there is only one of us, and what we do to each other, we do to ourselves.
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on February 25, 2002
This is a good book for looking to life in a happy way. But there is a major failure here, since 'Why are we living?' question should be asked to 'GOD' -Who created the all universe & all human beings- and we should look for the message from the GOD. Not we should just imagine & go into our way.
The positive & happy look to life was written in a perfect way in Risale-i Nur Kulliyati, (including The Words 1-2, and The Flashes) by Said Nursi Bediuzzaman.
Anyone like this Conversations with God-1-2-3, I advise Risale-i Nur Kulliyati (The Nur Collection) by Said Nursi Bediuzzaman to completely understand & learn 'WHY ARE WE LIVING on earth? and WHAT IS THE AIM & GREATEST HAPPINESS OF LIFE?.
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on November 9, 1998
As stated in Book 1, God speaks to us through many forms and I believe these Books are a powerful message to a society that is in denial. They confirm the message that we are God created exactly as himself and that once we know ourselves we know God. This makes a whole lot of sense. The powerful message regarding religion has confirmed my feelings for years that religion is not good for us. I have grown as a person spiritually since leaving the church and the journey is one that gets better with the material that presents itself such as these wonderful books. I'm waiting for the arrival of Book 3 as here in Canada it seems to take longer.
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on August 28, 1998
I came upon this book by "accident", read it many times, and turned to it in times of joy and sorrow. It has shaped my being, taught me how to frame every experience - to see the experience I can have - what I can make of each hardship and gift to become closer to God and become the person I have the potential to be. This book has comforted, surprised, and challenged me. I look forward to moving ahead in my journey through life. I'm not afraid, but rather excited and connected.
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on February 10, 1998
I write in the book everyday and more often than not the meditation for the day deals directly with an experience i had that day. I live in a Baptist/Catholic area and most people are not open to any of the ideas expressed in the books so if any one would like to communicate about the expeiriences thy have had with the CWG series i am putting my email address on top please feel free to send your thoghts or comments i'd really like to hear from you
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on August 10, 1998
I have not read a more profound and thought-provoking book in a long time. I just returned from an incredible military experience in Bosnia and wish that I could have this translated for all of those spiritually torn people to read and incorporate into their lives. There would be no need for the military there, or anywhere else in the world if all would incorporate these ideas into their lives, hearts and souls.
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on May 7, 1999
The book was excellent, I just hope it is true.I am a skeptic who has been serching for God and faith my whole life. I always knew there was something wrong with christianity. Now I know I am not the only one who doesn't believe in Christianity, but knows that there is something more.
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