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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on August 23, 1998
As a former F-15E WSO in the 336TFS depicted in this book, I can say with absolute confidence that this is a totally accurate account of the Strike Eagle in Desert Shield/Desert Storm. Mr. Smallwood took great pains to interview as many of us that flew the aircraft as was humanly possible and he has MORE facts than the Air Force in terms of the leadership problems and difficulties in fielding a new aircraft with new crewmember in a combat situation. This book brought back laughs, sobs and the very smell of being in the jet! He described instances that I was involved in as if he were standing there when it happened. If you ever looked at the F-15E and wondered what it would be like; read this book! It is very accurate and reflects the emotions of going off to "war" and being in combat. All of us that flew the aircraft salute Bill Smallwood for his insight and commitment to accuracy.
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on September 7, 2000
F-15E is a qite new aircraft when Desert Storm started. It's a new star to the US and brought back a lot of foottages of precision strke day or night.
But there were stories of those pilots when they were sent to the field. How did they prepare and how did they make them ready for the battle. You also can find the conflicting of rescuing down pilots and the commander of the SAR squadren. You also can find how those pilots came back in one piece and those who didn't and what happened.
With latest information and excellent combat experience, makes this book an excellent book not only to understand the F-15E, but also the real life and death of those pilots.
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on August 16, 2001
As a fan of military flight sims, I looked forward to reading this book in order to enrich my understanding of modern aerial combat with the F-15E. Unfortunately, the author's ponderous, wooden narrative and puerile dialog dampened my initial enthusiasim. Though the book is filled with interesting anecdotes and insights that only a person who was actually there would know, they are squandered since the author's command of English is at the level of a grade schooler. I had to stop after only 2 chapters since I couldn't bear it, it was like being forced to watch Sesame Street. I didn't expect the Great American Novel, but the writing here was absymally poor.
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on June 22, 1998
This is truly the best book I have ever read. It is mainly based on interviews, so you know what it felt like to be in the pilot's situation. It covers everything, including facts that just a short time ago were strictly confidential. In other words, this book "Swears to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth". When reading this book I became attached to the brave pilots, WSOs, and commanders. They stuck by each other in the good times and the bad times, combined good teamwork with talent of flying, and finally overpowered the Soviets until they were forced to surrender.
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on June 7, 2001
When I bought this book I expected a fairly dry and technical recounting of the planes' operation in the '91 Arabian Gulf war. While there is much attention to technical details this book spends a lot of time focusing on the people that flew and supported these remarkable aircraft.
If you're a fan of the "Mud Hen" or just interested in what it was really like to fly in Gulf War give this book a look. Well written and entertaining from cover to cover.
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on December 17, 1998
Very good description of aircraft's weapons systems. It really changed my opinion of the War in the Gulf. I thought these pilots had it easy but it was a tough hard job flying these machines over extremely hazardous conditions.
A good companion for this book is the Jane's F-15E computer flight simulation. You'll have an excellent hands on experience of what it's like to fly one of the finest Air Force Jets in the inventory.
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on February 14, 2003
A great book about F-15E pilots experience in that war. It does not however specifically tell you anything much about how the aircraft performs or how it functioned in the gulf war out side of the pilots personal accounts. If you are interested in pilots war time experience - great. If , like me, you are more interested about the aircraft itself you might want to consider some thing else.
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on April 16, 1999
This is an unbelievably enjoying book. It really shows that the fighter pilot role is not easy. An excellent supplement to this book is the combat sim Janes F-15. As you can gain the terminology that will translate both ways. Also you will understand the F-15E's complicated radar, and the load put on the pilots
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on November 3, 2002
I have read some books about flight, this is the one make me a "deep" image in my brain in each battle scene it describes. No need to say more, all flight readers or hardcore flight simulation fans can't miss it. One word to say "Cool" :-)
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on April 27, 1998
A history of the Stike Eagle in the Gulf War. Plenty of exciting anecdotes by pilots, describing ground strikes, air to air engagements, etc. A perfect companion for the computer game 'Janes F15 Strike Eagle'.
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