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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on April 14, 2004
Since the content of Tolle's books has been covered well elsewhere, I'd like to address the person new to Tolle and wondering where to begin.
In my personal experience, if I could only afford to purchase one book, I'd start with PRACTICING THE POWER OF NOW. I feel that it essentially restates the material found in the original POWER OF NOW but in a format I found easier to digest. I don't see much point in owning both books (which I currently do.)
If you connect with PRACTICING and want more, then I'd recommend the audio book/retreat Realizing the Power of Now: An In-Depth Retreat With Eckhart Tolle. (It's less than $10 if you purchase the audio file from Audible.) I'm only half way through listening yet I constantly find myself thinking " I understand what he meant." It truly is an excellent supplement.
There is one more Tolle book here, STILLNESS SPEAKS. I borrowed this from the library. It's basically just out-takes from the other books, sort of a quotable quotes book that restates things in a nutshell. It would make a nice gift to a Tolle fan, but again, doesn't offer anything more than the other books. I suppose my message is: everything you need to know is in the original POWER OF NOW, stated perhaps more clearly in PRACTICING and excerpted in STILLNESS but supported well in audio format by the retreat CD.
I find Tolle's basic message very powerful, enlightening and simple. As he himself constantly repeats, he's not saying anything here now. But he explains it in a way which finally connects the dots for me. Unfortunately, this simple message seems to be getting constantly repackaged and I hope it doesn't turn into a "Chicken Soup for the Enlightened Soul" series. (I should probably go make sure that's not the title of an actual book! <g>)
Curator, AfroAmericanHeritage dot com
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Practicing the Power of Now is a handy companion to Eckhart's wildly popular The Power of Now. Essentially, Practicing the Power of Now contains the same information as in the first book. However, I have to say that I prefer this format. The first book was written in a question answer format. These questions came from the author's students. He also included amalgamated questions that covered a variety of common queries. These question and answer sessions gradually took the reader from common perception through to an understanding of the illusions that we generally accept as real and the importance of the present moment.

Practicing the Power of Now is written in formalized chapters summarizing much of the material written that first book such as being and enlightenment; the origin of fear, entering the now, dissolving consciousness, etc. The best quotations, mediations, and exercises first previously presented are also included.
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on May 10, 2004
I have collection of over 250 books.If i have to choose 1 I will choose this book without wasting 1 second.This is the only book I carry wherever I go.This book is enough to change your life & the way you look at it & others.
Just read it fully & then open it anywhere,Whenever you feel the chaotic moments around you are overshadowing you.Then Abra -Ca-Dabra......Everything is fine again.I enjoy this magic in my life everyday 'Now' & Wish You will enjoy it too.
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on July 11, 2005
I bought both "The Power of Now" and "Practicing the Power of Now" at the same time and read both books quickly one after the other.
I was disappointed to see that the "Practicing" book is, to me, no more than an abridged version of the original (even though some new material has been added in this one -- but you really have to search for it!). I was expecting a book with new ideas on how to exercise "the power of now" but obviously, I was wrong.
The complete material from the original book is your best bet -- and it costs a few bucks less than this "abridged" version too!
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on April 20, 2004
There is so much breathtaking wisdom in this book. I wanted to give you a sample of Eckhart Tolle's profound guidance concerning relationships, as this area continues to plague men and women.
" Never before have relationships been as problematic and conflict ridden as they are now. As you may have noticed, they are not here to make you happy or fulfilled. If you continue to pursue the goal of salvation through a relationship, you will be disillusioned again and again. But if you accept that the relationship is here to make you conscious instead of happy, then the relationship will offer you salvation, and you will be aligning yourself with the higher consciousness that wants to be born into this world."
"Do not accuse each other of being unconscious. The moment you start to argue, you have identified with a mental position & are now defending not only that position but also your sense of self. The ego is in charge. You have become unconscious. At times, it may be appropriate to point out certain aspects of your partner's behavior. If you are very alert, very present, you can do so without ego involvement - without blaming, accusing, or making the other wrong."
"LEARN TO GIVE EXPRESSION to what you feel without blaming. Learn to listen to your partner in an open, nondefensive way.
Give your partner space for expressing himself or herself. Be present. Accusing, defending, attacking - all those patterns that are designed to strengthen or protect the ego or to get its needs met will then become redundant. Giving space to others - and to yourself - is vital.
Love cannot flourish without it."
This book brings you profound wisdom to free you from pain in all areas of your life, and bring you fully into the present to illuminate your true self. It is one to re-read many times, as well as to share with others.
Highly Recommended! Barbara Rose, author of 'If God Was Like Man'
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on June 14, 2003
The title of this book is misleading. I loved the Power of Now. I read the book and just finished listening to the 5 volume audio version. By its title, I thought "Practicing the Power of Now" would supplement the Power of Now, and include exercises and practices that would assist me in moving into the Now, finding the silent watcher, etc . . . In reality, the CD contained verbatim exerpts from the original "Power of Now," and no new material.
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on November 17, 2003
All spiritual practices are meant (in part) to help people deal with troublesome human emotions -- like anger, resentment, and frustration. Some readers have expressed a lot of anger in their reviews. A recent review on "The Four Agreements" for example likens the philosophy in that book to Hitler. Other reviewers are upset about the money authors are making from their books; some even see a plot by publishers and authors to merely make more money. At first glance, then, it seems as if readers aren't getting the help they need with anger from spiritual books -- or these attacks wouldn't be occurring (and they wouldn't be so vicious!). But no spiritual practice is wasted. Everything we learn about spirituality helps us learn how to do the thing spirituality is meant to do: to manifest the aspirations, the ideas, the hopes and dreams in our hearts. When we manifest our dreams, we put more love into the world -- for what else are our dreams but representations of love in physical form? Not going for our dreams, well, not going for our dreams causes the kind of frustration that goes into some of the reviews posted about spiritual books. Learn more about how to manifest your dreams! If the spiritual practices you've learned thus far don't seem to go far enough, look harder. There is a new wave of spiritual teachers emerging with more information about manifestation than has been offered before. These new teachers know that it isn't enough to know how our "thoughts" become part of the real world. They understand the vital role that "feeings" play in the manifestation of dreams -- and their work will take you to the finish line of spirituality. Without books like Eckhart Tolle's "The Power of Now," though, this new wave of teachers would not exist. Tolle points out the importance of getting out of our minds. That may not seem like an important spiritual point, but it is. It may not go far enough, but it is the starting gate -- and until you find the starting gate, you can't get to the finish line. Review by Mary Anne Thomas, author of "Ask and You Shall Receive," email
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on September 19, 2003
As some readers have already pointed out, Mr Tolle has to be congratulated for helping in sending a message of a possible higher and more rewarding life.
But let's not be naive: No book in the world will ever be able to take the place of a living and genuine master helping one to achieve higher consciouness, and that is what we are looking for, isn't it?
To live in the present more is required than certain "how to" books, and unfortunatly, we humans have crystalized the absurd idea that we can get somethingh for nothing. "There is no such a thingh as a free lunch". Real work to change ones "level of being" has to be conducted in a "School", under the guidence of someone who has already awakened, otherwise it is simply the blind leading the blind. A suggestion of a literary work (that will not awaken you as well but is a good help to show the way) is a book called Self Remebering, by Robert Earl Burton (available here at Amazon).
Sorry if I am not so enthusiastic about Mr Tolle works, but in my experience we have to be practical about what matter's most in our life, and that subject is as serious as it can get (altough it needs not to be tense).
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on January 29, 2003
The book was a gift by my father, who requires it in his humanities class. At first I was impressed by the book, but later I began to realize that if just wouldn't help everyone out there who have stress in their lives. Tolle is absolutely correct about the positive "power" of thinking in the present, instead of worrying about the past or the future. However, some of his collateral comments are eccentric to say the least, and he comes across as someone who has seen and touched god, and if you spend money to buy his book, maybe you can touch god too! Look, if you want to fall for that stuff, you might as well enroll in the Church of Scientology. Like I said in the review title, someone who has been traumatized over a recent event may find some help in reading this book---it may get their neurotransmitters back in line sooner than if they havent read the book. But for someone who has had generalized anxiety disorder or panic disorder for years, the chance of cognitive therapy (psychotherapy, meditation, practicing congnitive therapies in books like these, etc.) working is slim. This is because many people have a genetic basis for their anxiety, and CANNOT HELP worrying about the past and future. Unlike people who have had a temporary emotional setback and can read a book like this to get back to mental health, people with a family history of mental illness have neurotransmitters that are permanently unbalanced, and usually need drug treatment. So, before you buy the book, think about what is causing your anxiety, and ask your relatives if they feel the same as you, and for how long they have felt that way. Then you can decide to buy books like these, or to finally take the big walk into the psychiatrist's office. If you do decide to see a psychiatrist, you may want to try some natural therapies first. Some are safe, and some are dangerous, so you need to consult a book to help you. One of the best is titled The Failures of American Medicine.
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on January 12, 2003
Such a simple message, yet so profound and full of wisdom! I did not read Eckhart Tolle's first book on this subject because at the time of purchase, I preferred the Reader's Digest version of his message. I got it! It's written in a way that makes sense and is very satisfying.
This is what I learned: When faced with the illusion of a problem, you have the ability to chase that problem away by living in the Now. In other words, if you mentally take an issue out of the "problem" category, you will in essence take the problem's power away -- it is no longer a problem. This way of thinking, thinking in the NOW, has eleviated stress in my life. I can now look at my life with appreciation, moment by moment. It takes practice. When you do this, you are making a choice to seek positive solutions rather than hone in on that which is negative or out of your control.
In reading this little book of wisdom, I've found that the secret of life is your perception. Living in the Now, truly living in the now, is uplifting, satisfying, and the most powerful place to be.
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