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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on May 29, 2001
The Artist's Way was introduced to me by a friend at work and quite honestly I didn't know whether or not I would last the distance. But last I did, and the healing and life-changing that occurred because of this 12-week exercise are now part of my everyday life. No, I don't still write every day, but at least twice a week, and when I'm having difficulty with something at work or at home. Writing is so beneficial, it's a way of discovering your inner creativity and/or exposing it. I would never have believed that I had a creative bone in my body until I read Julia Cameron's book. She is truly a great motivator and writes in a way that is clear and understandable - and believeable! I recommend this project for anyone who has perhaps lost their way, needs to rid themselves of the turmoil within, or just to start to enjoy life to the fullest and find a new you along the way.
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on May 17, 1998
Ive read and worked with this book twice now and am half way through Vein of Gold. I have founded an artists circle in my area which in 8 short months has gone from us being relative strangers to a group of intimate friends - we've kept it small - 5 of us for this reason. We have even got to the point of producing a joint portfolio and have synchronously found some one to market us as a group - CINQUE. The ONLY CRITICISM I have of Julias books is that she CHANGED THE COVER - I have her original bright cover with the hand print and I have to say that is what attracted me to the book in the first place and I dont feel the same attraction to the new covers at all - I dont think they reach out to the artist child within as the original one did- and everyone else I know thinks the same thing!!!Apart from that I wish to express a great debt of gratitude to Julia for her work.
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on May 22, 2000
I loved reading and working through the exercises in this book. I have found the insights and exercises priceless. I had been suffering from creative blocks, but had no clue that I had them or what they were.
I was given this book by my mother long before I was ready to begin working through my blocks. An act that in hindsight confirms that God was working to help me before I knew I needed help. I picked up the book as a skeptic but was quickly converted by the amazing way that the truth in this book resonated for me. With this book, I was able to explore and knock down my creative blocks. I have recently begun my journey follow my dreams largely due to the self-realization exercises and encouragement in this book. While I will agree with other readers that this book does require a huge time committment, I believe it is time well spent.
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on March 18, 2000
I first heard about this book 6 months ago, then again 2 months ago (synchronicity!). Both times I'd gotten to a point in my life where I was asking the question, "There is much more to me than who I am now but WHAT? " This book has quite changed my life. Today I know what my fears/blocks are. Where they stem from. HOW TO WORK WITH THEM and HOW TO FREE MYSELF FROM THEM. Today, I have the freedom to be Anita the person as well as wife,mother, sister and daughter. I found the Morning pages, Artists Dates and Tasks liberating to do. When one week is busier than others, I "extend" my week to complete my Tasks at my own pace. If you're looking for "YOU" then this is the place to start! I hope you have as much fun as I am.... My thanks to Ms. Cameron for having the courage to write this INCREDIBLE book!
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on August 6, 1998
Loosely based on a 12-step program, Cameron's 12-week workbook program for unleashing creativity is a dynamic tool for life change, whether the participant-reader is in THE "change of life" or A change of life. Each week's work includes beautifully written, thought-provoking text, as well as a series of exercises to bring home the point of the week's "lesson." Cameron designed the program for blocked artists, but anyone who will take the time to follow her text and work through a sampling of the weekly tasks will benefit, even those who protest they are not "creative." Without writing a poem or painting a canvas--or any of the other activities commonly considered creative--we are nonetheless the creators of our own lives. Anyone determined to avoid change should, at all cost, avoid this book.
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on February 6, 1999
It has been several years since I completed The Artist Way. No other book I have ever participated in had such an impact on me. My entire life changed during the course of working with this book. I took much longer than the 12 week program, slowly and carefully unlocking the doors to my most inner self. I am grateful to Julia Cameron for writing this fabulous book, and grateful that I continued with this manuscript, inspite of the incredible, sometimes terrifying changes, that it initiated in my life. Some 5 years later, I still faithfully write my morning pages and no longer cringe when someone introduces me as "an artist". My only dis-satification is that the morning page journal has gone out of print. It was the best journal...easy to write in, lined pages and large format.
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on April 2, 2001
So, I wrote a fairly negative review of this book. I have to be honest. I didn't finish it. I had only gone through about half of it at that point. As soon as I picked it up again, it got better. I said that she gives you a destination, but doesn't really guide you along the way. Well, she points out so many of the pitfalls, and so accurately that I'm ashamed I ever said that about her. The chapter on Crazy Makers was just the beginning of a long series of chapters on specific, detailed issues you might face along the way.
I find myself reccomending this book to people all the time now, or quoting specific sections when they tell me about their problems. Hopefully my previous review didn't do too much damage. I sincerely apologize.
again, if you want to talk, e-mail me @
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on March 1, 1997
As an artist and teacher, I know that most people sell themselves short when it comes to creativity. If they can't draw, write, paint, etc., they think they aren't creative. "The Artist's Way" will help you to discover that you really ARE creative - not matter what your skills or talents or perceived lack of them - and probably in ways you never dreamed possible. If you are already engaged in creative activities, "The Artist's Way" will help you to identify what is keeping you from the fullest expression of your creativity.This is not just some flavor-of-the-month New Age spirituality/self help book but a practical, personal guide to creative discovery that anyone can use immediately. Make no mistake - "The Artist's Way" WILL change your life - it has certainly changed mine
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on April 24, 2001
I've tried some but not all of the exercises in The Artist's Way. The "art date with yourself" really is a must for anyone who does art, even as an amateur. I found that I would go months without painting because I didn't take this "quality time" with myself. Now I try to take a Sunday or any official holiday from work and make an art date just with myself. The first time I did that, I painted a series of small watercolors, better than any I'd did before.
The "morning pages" or writing a journal about anything at all, first thing in the morning is very tough. This exercise is hard to keep up with, but really gets you to "talk to yourself."
There are a number of books on creatvity and art that are popular, but this one is by far the best I have read yet.
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on August 3, 1999
In the last six months, I have experienced more things in my life than I ever thought I would--both incredibly positive and extremely devestating experiences. I'm in week 6 of my work with The Artist's Way and it has provided such a positive and creative framework for me to actively heal. Several months ago, I made a commitment to myself to change my life and The Artist's Way has been a tremendous resource for me. I've discovered abundance and spirtuality all around me! Sure, it's a rocky path, filled with ups and downs, but stick with it! You will learn and grow in ways you never have dreamed of.
Anyone who is looking for a great framework in which to heal--do the work in this book!! It will really support you in ways you probably don't even know exist.
Thank you again!
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