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4.1 out of 5 stars
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on July 15, 2001
Dr. Powell has butchered this classic to the point that this copy is not useable. Instead of the clear, simple prose W.D. Wattles wrote, you are left with the mindless drivel that Dr. Powell uses as examples to illustrate Wattles' points. Wattles expressly left out examples, and it was very effective. If you want to read what Wattles wrote, your only choice at this time is to find it elsewhere on the net, as the original version is no longer in print. There are a number of versions of this book floating around, but this one has the least in common with the original.
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on October 13, 2000
I began reading this book late spring of 2000. I've read the entire book ~ five times and a few of the chapters several times over and over. I am still re-reading it, because I have set out to put it to the test. My application of this book has been imperfect, but I keep striving. As a result, even with my imperfect application, I went from a position at work that I disliked severely, to a position with a 20% increase in just a few months. The new position came to me in a wonderful and unexpected way.
The frosting on the cake is that all the other areas of my life also improved: serenity, strength of character, stronger faith, more love and compassion to my peers, creative thinking, etc. I began my approach to the methods within "The Science ..." with the mind set, "Okay, I'll put it to the test and see for myself if 'Thinking and Acting in a Certain Way' will produce my desired results like Wattles says." So far it already has been a wonderful journey. It is by far the easiest book to read and re-read and APPLY. Keep in mind that not everybody starts this type of book from the same place in life or mindset. For best results: Keep an open mind, re-read it several times, use it as a tool to re-condition your thoughts, demand it delivers what it promises, and challange it by serious application. Dare to challenge yourself. Put it to the test!
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on June 10, 2001
If you would like to read Wallace Wattles' book I would strongly recommend you read *his* words, not Judy's.
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If you are going to buy Wallace Wattles, you may as well get the three books in one anthology. It is only slightly more.

It (SGR)is an easy read, and it's highly useful. You can get rich by acting in a certain way, and having certain beliefs. I believe this already. The one concept that was new to to me the importance of gratitude, which activates the higher vibrations of your mind, and assists mightily in manifesting what you desire.

Currently, I am reading the science of being great. It is a very simple straightforward book that anyone can follow.

Is this the foremost book on Law of Attraction? No. Yet it is still worth a read, and highly recommended. For other recommendations, check my other recent reviews.

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on June 20, 2000
If someday somebody creates a "Hall of Fame" for self-help success books, this one will definitely be in there. I've read this book at least a half dozen times since I bought it a year ago. What makes it so appealing is that it's short, to the point, and very readable.
You can probably read this book in a good two hours. It takes me longer because I stop periodically to absorb the message. The tone of the book reminds me of "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill.
This book was originally written almost a hundred years ago. It is focused on the acquisition of money, period. It's not about raising your self esteem, setting goals and leading a happy life. It's just plain money making. I like a bold author who cuts to the chase. I particularly like his assertion that we have "a right to be rich." No, it's not about greed and selfishness. It's not about trampling over other people.
The only downside to this book is that it won't appeal to some people because it comes across as "psycho babble" in many ways. There really aren't any particular exercises in this book "how to" get rich in the sense of what to do for a living or what investments to make. The reader just has to take everything on faith that he/she will magically, through thought and acceptance, get rich. Okay, maybe a lot of people find that hard to believe, but he doesn't advocate sitting in a corner meditating all day either. I would summarize his prescription for getting rich as going about your daily business, but organize your life in such a way that money can flow into it. I have friends who insist that no matter what they do, they just can't get ahead. They know all the reasons why things won't work. Can't find a good job. Employers don't pay enough. It's the economy. It's my upbringing. Blah, blah, blah. Life really is a self-fulfilling prophecy. I have had some people object to this book because all it talks about is money and really nothing else. If money isn't important, why do we work so hard and look forward to promotions and raises? There is a sense of denial and shame that go with money, and I'm really glad I read this book to remind me that not only is getting rich a right, it is natural and it doesn't have to harm anyone or anything.
My favorite chapter in this little book was the one about gratitude. The author advocates being grateful before having the money. He claims that abundance is natural and invevitable if we accept it, so we should be grateful for it ahead of time instead of afterwards. Maybe that's why there are so few rich people. We're all saying "show me the money" without accepting that it will happen and naturally happens. Once we receive the money, then we will be grateful. Ever notice how few people in the world are really grateful? I suspect it's because we were taught to think backwards. I find the biggest impediment to our supply of money seems to be in the mind. It's hard to get rich when everyone around you is complaining about how unfair life is.
I'm giving this book 5 stars because I find it to be very readable and very true. I warn the reader that much of the book requires a ton of faith. It may take a while for the ideas to sink in, especially if you're used to working hard for money. It's worth reading several times but spaced apart. I find myself even now reading it every so often to refresh my mind.
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on May 22, 2000
Ladies and Gentlemen, this book will without any doubt change your life, by changing your mind about the concept of "money". So many of us were brought up with the idea of money as a finite resource, which you had to compete for. This book is desgined to release every preconcieved idea that is holding us all back from wealth.
The basic premise of this book is that becoming wealthy is a science, that once understood, and replicated will create wealth in everyone's life. Wealth is as infinite as the creative mind. Create ideas, take action and abundance will flow.
I have read over 200 books on success and wealth, before I read this book. Nothing I had read upto this point had such an incrediblely profound effect on my wealth, because it changed my misconceptions on what it took to become wealthy. Within ten months of applying these principles and concepts, I had expedentially increased my income to levels that would had been unthinkable 12 months earlier.
I would reccomend that every student of this book, also read, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Money is Easy by Larry Winget, The Einstien Factor Wenger & Poe, Psyco Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz & Born Rich by Bob Proctor. All these books will enhance your understanding of this incredible book.
The ideas and concepts, once studied and applied will transform your mental approach to money. This is a book that will take you a day to read, but a life-time to understand fully. Give it serious study, and I guarantee you success
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on May 18, 2000
Of late I have been reading books about abundance, getting everything you want and getting the riches I deserve and they all have the same theme. I think this is a good thing as opposed to a bad thing in that it gives you confidence that it really works or a sneaky suspicion they all copied from each other. That not withstanding, I certainly believe that this particular book conveyed what you have to do in a rather straight forward and simple manner, that is until you got to the last 2 chapters. I was lost. It seems that if you are going to fail it will be due to the last 2 ambiguous chapters. You are to work efficiently but exactly what that means isn't really explained. You are told to do what needs to be done in the most efficient manner and to get it done right away. In the next sentence you are told not to overwork and only do what is in the present. If you follow my drift this is a vicious circle and I never understood exactly how I was to achieve success with that one. I would still recommend the book because it further strengthens the idea that thoughts can manifest themselves in a very real way.
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on January 31, 2001
I first got a copy of this book in March 2000. It is the best thing which happened to me last year.
I read this book nearly every day for two months. I still read from it at least once per week. This constant re-reading is necessary, because the main thesis of the book - obtaining wealth is one's duty to God and mankind - is so different from what your friends and family, the entire culture believes. In fact, while reading this book, the author recommends that you give up recreations and listening to the news, because you will undergo a major revision of what life is about.
I am like one of the earlier writers. I was in a job I did not like, but after consistent appplication of what I read, a new and perfect job unexpectedly came about. Apart from this, I am extremely gratefuul for my new outlook, and next to my Bible, this is the most helpful book I have ever read.
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on September 17, 1999
This is a down to earth, tell-it-like-it-is, guide to not only how to get rich, but why one must do so in order to fulfill their purpose. I've read many positive thought books that gave useful information, but never one that explained so well the reasons to be rich - aside from the obvious.
Mr. Wattles speaks with clarity and gives step by step instructions on being responsible for one's need to be rich, such that it fulfills the requirements necessary to live fully the life given us by the Creator.
For me, particularly, this book really helped put to rest some old, negative connotations associated with having money. I now see why I not only should get about being rich, but that it is my responsibility to accomplish it with great relish.
Happy reading!
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on June 24, 2002
A crystal clear look at truth. I would compare this gem to The Game of Life and How to Play It, by Scovel-Shinn (except that it's even better). It is a master piece written by someone who clearly understood (he passed away long ago) the reality behind the illusions of time and space. It could also be categorized as a "New Thought" book.
WARNING... I understand that this title's copyright has expired, therefore there are others who have reprinted this book, making slight modifications that entitle them to add their name as a co-author. Don't go there. Don't let anyone else tell you what Mr. Wattles had to say, because he says it all so well himself in this true reprint!!!
This is a MUST HAVE book!
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