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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on September 2, 2013
Frostbite immediately starts off like a roller coaster! We're back with Rose, her best friend Lisa, her teacher (or lover as well) Dimitri, and the other AWESOME characters in this AWESOME book! Yes, I think you'll see the word AWESOME many times in this review. The book starts off with this major Strigoi attack, that had many strong guardians and royal Moroi's killed as well. Not only was it a normal Strigoi attack, but it seems as though they also had some help. Help from humans, who can actually walk in day light. Shocked at this horrifying news, St. Vladimir's Academy is intent on taking extra precautions into the students safety. Christmas break soon, St. Vladimir's Academy decided to hold a ski trip, but this time, it's mandatory for all students to attend.
I loved the idea that all students, teacher, and guardians have to attend this trip together. St. Vladimir's Academy also decided to get a few famous guardians, one of them who was Rose's mother, to teach the students the importance of being a Guardian. It was interesting to see a bit of Rose's personal life. I don't think I ever much questioned her family that much, so it was rather cool to read about her actual mother. When they all left to the ski trip, you can say that's when the awesome stuff happened. Lisa and Christian were all lovey dovey, and that's when Rose started feeling a bit jealous and left out. There was also Mason, oh how I love you Mason. Funny guy Mason, who is also head over heels for Rose. They're so cute together that if Dimitri wasn't there, I would want them to get together. Speaking of Dimitri, I was disappointed that there wasn't much tension between the two (Rose and Dimitri, NOT Mason and Dimitri). Though there is this new character we meet, who made the love story a bit more interesting (JEALOUSYYY). Tasha, Christian's beautiful aunt, stays with them as well. Rose stars feeling very jealous when she see's how Tasha and Dimitri are so comfortable talking to each other, it makes me laugh inside. We also meet a new character here, and it's ADRIAN! Finally, after reading his name practically everywhere in the blogging community, I finally meet him! *SWOON*
Anyways, I don't want to write any spoilers, but I just have to say that this book was just awesome. The ending was a bit tragic for me though. Something entirely SHOCKING happened, that I just couldn't even fathom the idea. Other than that, I loved the characters. Rose really grew up in this book, and you can really see that. Richelle Mead is a GENIUS, and I don't think I'll ever NOT love a book she wrote. Definitely cannot wait to see what happens in the next book, Shadow Kiss!
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on July 8, 2015
The first book in the series & the movie made me postpone frostbite for a few months, but when I picked it up last week, it was just the pick-me-up I needed. Once I stopped being such a snob and turning brain off, it was a blast. Yeah, the writing isn't great, but Oh! was it fun to read! I ended up procrastinating all the other stuff I had to do just to finish the book! And once that was over I was hooked! I needed my fix and ran to the bookstore just before closing hours to get the next one (Yes it was that awesome).

Great characters. I love Belikov and Hathaway together! And Christian is bae. The new royal was surprisingly very interesting and I love him (if only he'd let go of Rose).

I also realized some major character development from Rose. Yes, she is childish at times, but I can sense a maturity in her that is starting to evolve and, FINALLY, she starts thinking before she does stuff (YA characters take notes!).

HOWEVER, I did find it annoying how slow and dumb the dhampirs and moroi were to get themselves out of troubling situations. DoesRichelle Mead really think they are that dumb. And just explaining there stupidity with a sentence isn't enough for me to pardon them taking days to find a solution that I had almost immediately figured out.
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on October 30, 2010
As in the first book, Rose steals the show in this one again. I'd have to say I have never read a dynamic and exciting character as her. Her off comments, her toughness, and her thoughts elicited either a chuckle, or a cheer from me. I'd say Rose will be one of my favorite characters ever, and one of the most enjoyable to read.

This time around, the plot was good, although not as intriguing or mysterious as the first one. It still had its interesting moments though, and I thought the storyline with Rose and her mother was done very well. I rather like how Rose played tough, especially in front of her mom (with rather painful results) and her mom is exactly the same way. However both of them also have a soft side to them which neither will show to one another. Their relationship is awkward and they often clash because of their strong personalities and despite this, there's a underlying deep respect. I thought Rose acted a little childish in this book though and it did get annoying in certain parts of the book. I'm glad Dimitri and her mother gave her a good telling off for her behavior however, how long it'll take for Rose to stay that way one can never tell.

I absolutely LOVE the tension between Rose and Dimitri in this book. Wow! you can most certainly feel it and the emotions they're feeling is plain to see. I absolutely love the way both of them are portrayed. Lissa and Christian make a great couple, although because they're in many ways 'perfect' for each other, I think they're not as exciting to read about than Rose and Dimitri. I am taking a liking to Lissa though, she's starting to develop into her own character and not always having to hang off Rose all the time. I'm really liking the fact that she's starting to go on her own and her personality is growing stronger. I'm hoping her character will get even more stronger in the next book.

The ending of this one was a bit of a shocker although shame on me for not seeing this one coming. I think Rose is about to overcome quite of few changes to her life. Whether that changes her personality, we'll see in the further books to come. There's isn't much of a cliffhanger ending, but the particular story arc finishes and you're basically prepared to read the next 'episode'.

This book focuses more on Rose's development, and it's written well. The main plot advances just enough to keep the reader entertained yet at the same time, wanting us to keep on reading this fantastic series.
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on July 22, 2009
Frostbite is the second book in the amazing Vampire Academy series written by Richelle Mead. The first book was great but the second one is even better. Rose is 6 months away from her graduation; she'll be a full fledged guardian. She has to meet a very well known guardian for an evaluation, and since he can't leave the moroi he is protecting, Rose and Dimitri heads out to meet him. Only what they found wasn't what they expected. The entiere royal family and their guardians have all been slaughtered, evidences points in the direction of an alliance between strogois and humans. School is now on a high alert and many guardians comes in to protect the young ones, including Rose's mother. All school is brought on a mandatory ski trip and Rose meets Adrian who's disliked by all her friends due to his reputation. He isn't the one who will get them in trouble tho. Everything goes wrong when 3 students leave the school wanting to take out a group of strogois by themselves and of course Rose can't let that happen. She's running after them with Christian and finds more then she wished for.

I am totally in love with Rose personality, her dilemma between Dimitri and Mason, her hard time dealing with her mother, her sense of honor and how she does everything to protect the ones she loves. She isn't perfect, she got her flaws and that's what makes her so interesting. You grow with her as the series develops. It is definitely my favorite series! Even tho it's young adult rated, I promise you adult will find their share of excitement in this novel. I was very glad I already had the third book of the series in my possession, waiting for the release would have been torture!
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on January 19, 2009
For Rose Hathaway, life as a Guardian-in-training at St. Vladimir's Academy is never easy.

While her best friend, future charge, and sole remaining member of the royal family member (Lissa) may no longer be in direct danger, the Strigoi (those vampires who drink blood, possess super-strength, have red pupils, and also have no qualms about using their powers over the elements as a method of attack) are still the greatest threat facing their Moroi counterparts.

Rose and her number-one crush, instructor Dimitri Belakov, discover just how significant this threat is when they arrive at what should have been Rose's make-up Qualifier exam with famed Guardian Arthur Schoenberg. What they find instead is seven royal Moroi, massacred in their own home along with their Guardians - and evidence that the Strigoi are now being helped by humans.

With Christmas vacation drawing near, St. Vlad's is on high alert and not terribly inclined to unleash their students into the great wide world. A school field trip to an exclusive Moroi ski lodge is the perfect solution, not just for a Moroi seeking to elude the Strigoi, but also for Rose, who's looking to escape two recent female campus arrivals - one of whom has a history and penchant for flirting with Dimitri.

What guests from St. Vlad's and elsewhere will soon realize, though, is that their enemies are much closer than they think.

FROSTBITE is an engrossing, complex paranormal follow-up to VAMPIRE ACADEMY, with a page-turning plot and deeply layered characters, whose growth and development over the course of the novel is believable and (in some cases) inevitable. Though there were a few scenes that lagged, I had a hard time putting this book down even for necessities like eating and sleeping.

Reviewed by: Cat
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon February 26, 2014
I am really enjoying this series. Book two is every bit as good as book one. It tends to lean a little more towards character development for a while....then BAM the last quarter is nothing but action. This book, and series, is so far very very good. Please Ms. Mead keep it going like this, unlike the way the Anita Blake series went after about book 9 or so.
Very well done. I am getting tons of enjoyment out of this series. ( and later nights then usual, meaning less sleep) lol
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon March 16, 2014
The initial constant recap was a bit tedious but beyond that, I really enjoyed this book. Rose has really developed as a character and the new plots add a lot to the storyline. I loved that this book had less gossip. I love that the dynamic between Rose and her mother is further explored. I like Adrian and I'm curious how his presence will change things in the next book. This book had me laughing out loud at some of his remarks. Definitely worth the read!
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on January 6, 2009
Frostbite was so good, better than the first. And I've heard from my friend that the third is way better than this one so I can't wait to read it.

Frostbite didn't take that long to read but it was really intense the whole way through, especially the ending. Everyone at the Academy is going to a ski resort for the holidays hoping to be better protected after a family is found dead after being killed by a group of Strigoi. At the resort there's a mix of teenage problems that Lissa and Rose face as well as serious life and death problems that occur.

This was a really good sequal to the Vampire Academy and anyone who liked the first one has to read this. I loved it and so did a lot of my friends. Highly reccommended!
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on November 26, 2010
This one went a little slow for me. I wasn't totally into Rose's jealously issues but did things get interesting with the new addition of Adrian, the hot royal who is totally interested in Rose. Like she needed more guy troubles.

I really like the last few chapters of this novel. We got to know more about Rose, Christian, Mia, Mason and Eddie. I really like how all 5 of the worked together in order to achieve their goals. Richelle made me feel the pain that Rose felt throughout the book. My heart ached for her in more than one spot.

Please visit [...].
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on February 16, 2009
This first book in the Vampire Academy novels is a good read for a teen interested in vampire fiction. The characters are easy to relate to, the story line is decent and the writing is pretty good.
The book doesn't capture the heart and imagination like the Twilight saga, but I still found myself caring about the characters and wanting to know how they make it through.
I found that Mead spent a great deal of time leading up to the climax, but little time on the ending. I think the book could really have benefit from a little more balance.
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