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on December 12, 2012
A Million Suns brings to mind all the best parts of my dad's Heinlein and Asimov novels that I read growing up. Deep philosophical questions, speculative future technology, and bold adventure.

Amy and Elder are thrown into adventures both separately and together, and every story is a good one. They thought they had discovered all the secrets hidden on Godspeed, but it soon begins to look like they've barely scratched the surface. Will they share their new discoveries with each other, or will secrets turn into lies and yet more cover-ups? The twist and turns had me frantically turning pages and staying up way past bedtime.

I love the way this novel manages to give me a real sense of the closeness and claustrophobia of life on Godspeed, yet it still manages to ring of the mind-boggling distances travelled by the ship. One of my favorite moments was when Elder actually steps outside the ship (in a spacesuit, ok?) and sees the stars and the vastness for the first time. It's just awesome. My imagination was completely engaged.

Revis has managed to deliver a solid, well-written and engaging follow up to her debut novel. An excellent read for sci-fi lovers, readers looking for a new spin on dystopian, and also those who like having their brain poked into an active thought pattern once in a while. FIVE STARS!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon March 21, 2012
I received this audiobook for review from the publisher. I did not receive any compensation for my review, and the views expressed herein are my own.

When I reviewed Across the Universe, I said that I thought that it was a solid series opener even though it didn't knock my socks off. Apparently, Revis was just getting warmed up because A Million Suns totally rocked!!

The second in the series picks up 98 days from when Amy was awakened from the cryo chamber. Orion, the ship's previous Elder, sends Amy on somewhat of a scavenger hunt to search for clues to discover the secrets that Eldest was trying to hide. Although he tried to do the right and noble thing, it appears that ruling without Phydus may be clearly more difficult than he envisioned. The inhabitants awaken from their drugged-up stupor and some residents cause dissension. Total chaos abounds: People stop working, the food supply becomes low, some become violent, crimes commence which results in a police force being established, and some troublemakers try to start a rebellion. Everything that can go wrong does go wrong. Add to that a psychopath who is killing people and making it look like Elder is eliminating the dissidents. What a recipe for disaster!

Revis had me literally on the edge of my seat! There was so much tension and dischord, and Bartie is a brilliant antagonist. Aside from Elder, I think that he was my favourite character. His arguments were very persuasive and reasonable and, under different circumstances, I would have loved him. However, because he was against Elder, I just couldn't side with him.

My only complaint is my irritation with Amy. Her emotions keep waffling back and forth regarding Elder. Does she love Elder, or not? She keeps lamenting, "If only I had a choice, then I would know." Well, just because she is the same age as Elder does not mean that she needs to become betrothed to him! What is precluding her from dating one of the 20s-generation on the ship? They really are not that much older than she is. Why does she think that Elder is her only option? Sheesh, there must be tons of young men who would jump at the chance to date someone as unique as Amy is. After all, she is not of the same ethnicity and the introduction of new blood to the gene pool wouldn't be a bad thing to a couple thousand people who are contained in the same environment!

The last third of the book is a riveting ride, and so many secrets are revealed. I love how Revis continuously fleshed everything out, unraveling all of the lies. The ending left me wanting more, and I cannot wait to find out what happens next! I cannot believe that Shades of Earth, the final installment, is not due to be published until 2013! That is just too far away!

I normally dislike when the same narrators are not used throughout the series. However, in this case, I am pleased that Tara Carrozza and Lucas Salvagno took over the reins. Even though the characters have only aged several months between the two books, circumstances have led to their jump in maturity. I felt that Carrozza and Salvagno added more maturity to the characters of Elder and Amy.

MY RATING: 5 stars!! It was superb! I loved it, and I will likely re-read it again in the future! You should definitely read it! Thanks to Penguin Audio for the opportunity to review this fabulous audiobook!
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on January 12, 2012
If you didn't already know that Beth Revis is a genius, you should realize this after reading A Million Suns. I'm always worried with sequels that they won't live up to the crazy expectations I have for them, since I loved the first book so much. But in my (not so humble) opinion, AMS is better than Across the Universe... SO MUCH BETTER. Every little thing that left me feeling unsatisfied with in AtU is dealt with in AMS. LOVED IT.

These characters have been put in near impossible situations, where they're forced to make life altering choices. It isn't easy, and there's very little wiggle room. And you keep asking yourself "can they do this? I can't possible see a way out of this mess!" Maybe there is, and maybe there isn't. Even after reading the book, I'm not so sure myself. Nothing's easy or simple, and morality (like many real life situations) isn't black and white, but rather varying shades of grey.

I know some reviews of AtU mentioned that the chemistry between Elder and Amy really wasn't "there". Well, it's here and it's arrived now. And it's hot (but still, very much appropriate for their age and the age of targeted readers). They both really bloom as characters and individuals, but as friends as well. One thing I really loved is that similar to Ally Condie's Crossed (as mentioned in my review of it), there is the question of how important it is to allow a choice in love. Exactly what does love have to do with choice? Both books come to similar conclusions, but I think it's a fascinating story they tell as they explore this. It really made me wonder whether I truly believed that myself.

And for Harley fans, I can promise you that he's involved in his own way. I was so happy to see this, because he's such an incredible character and definitely a fan favourite.

What we're left with is a heart pounding novel, and I think Revis is absolutely brilly. She actually makes you think and question what you've been presented with as "fact"- both in her books, and in real life as well. One of my favourite things about this series are the number of questions she raises about political theory (intentionally or not), but seeing as political science is my speciality, it's something that I found to be highly recognizable in her books. I think this could be a fantastic discussion starter for teens and adults alike. Revis demonstrates a depth of insight that I find to be rather uncommon among YA books, which I think is going to make Across the Universe appeal to a wider audience as a whole. It isn't just for teens, but adults as well because she has so much to say about human nature and society as a whole. But most importantly, Revis keeps it interesting. There's nothing boring about this one.

I am going to warn you however, that reading this book is going to leave you BEGGING for more. Literally begging.

A special thank you to Penguin Canada for providing me with an ARC, no other compensation received!
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on December 4, 2012
I loved the first one and this one was just as good. The plot carries where it left off from Across the Universe (it’s strongly recommended you read it before jumping into A Million Suns).

The plot was really good and there was another mystery Amy had to solve. I loved the little clues dropped in throughout the book and Amy was just picking them up like breadcrumbs. What I loved about the book was just when you were getting comfortable and watching Amy pick up the pieces to put the puzzle together, you’re blindsided with events. These aren’t just any sort of events this is more like mind blowing What in the World OMG events where you either pull your hair or you just wanted to do a huge face palm moment (readers of this book will know what I’m talking about).

It not only stops there. These blindsiding moments really pack it in towards the end of the book which makes it so exciting and enjoyable to read. I absolutely loved her writing style in this plot. Another aspect of the plot that I really liked was the chaos Godspeed was under. It’s like watching cabin fever explode onto the ship.

Character wise, I’m enjoying how they’re developing. Elder’s really taking the reigns of the ship and I liked his development. He’s growing up (that dear dear boy. *wipes tears* haha) and it’s nice to see he’s finally taking charge and getting what he’s been trained for all this time.

Ending is left in a cliffhanger and I’m ready to jump into the third one (can it be released NOW? please?) lots of questions asked! and hopefully they’re be answered soon! it’s a great series so far, most definitely recommended for YA readers (sci fi geeks most welcome!)
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on July 2, 2014
I really enjoyed the second book of the series. It is hard when you read a trilogy that you love. A person always compares others of the same genre and style to that, however in it's own right I really enjoyed the first two books. They haven't been mind blowing best books ever, but are worth a read and I go through them quickly. I look forward to the third book and hope it ends the series well.
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on February 20, 2014
if you buy this book make sure you have the next book as well because chances are once you start reading you wont be able to stop until you know how it all ends
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