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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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This is political commentary of the most polemical sort. For over three hundred pages, Steyn, a right-wing columnist, takes potshots at the US as a nation about to permanently fail because it has failed to adopt neo-conservative principles fast enough to withstand the internal rot brought on by too much public sector spending. For him, every public institution that reflects a big government approach of more spending - in other words all Washington, DC - is fair game for his vitriol. The US is going down the tube because its leaders - namely Obama and the Democrats - continue to undermine the country's individualistic right to prosper by promoting a greater public reliance on government programs. At no time in reading this book, did I get the feeling that Steyn was prepared to discuss the right-wing agenda of deregulation over the last twenty years that has perhaps contributed more to this mess than any ideology before or after. Everything he says in this book is said that America is presently in a mode of selling out to foreign interests such as China and the Islamic world. The Obama era, according to Steyn, has become a period of significant shift in world power, away from America to trans-national institutions like the UN, NATO, the IMF and the WTO that are now jockying to assert a greater sense of global control. As a moderate right-winger, I appreciate the dire straits the once mighty US is presently mired in economically, socially, and politically decline, but I don't think it is very helpful to lay the blame for this doomsday prospect entirely at the feet of those currently in power who are trying hard to learn from the lessons of a deregulated America pre-2008. In this very partisan diatribe, the reader will only find a spirit of meanness and contempt as it accuses the other side for taking a mythically once-great nation into the abyss through policies that encourage cultural diversity, inclusion, and regulatory controls. Political bashing of the Fox News variety is all this book is about. Even the one-liners are corny at best. I can see why political firebrands like Anne Coulter and Bill O'Rielly praise this book as more grist for right-wing talk shows. While this book is full of supporting detail for what can be called the end of an empire or civilization, Steyn isn't prepared to provide any revolutionary solutions to turn it around other than less government and the defeat of Obama.
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on January 23, 2012
Makes for an interesting read, and Mr. Steyn sure is a contrarian, but his right-wing bias skews everything.
Too much emphasis on Islam's huge baby surplus & not enough on what will happen once we populate ourselves out of resources.
We've got plenty of weaponry, and it looks like we're exponentially using up everything else.
I don't expect a book to have all the answers, but if America collapses, who controls the nukes, the Anthrax,
and all the other high-tech murder machines?
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