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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on April 19, 2016
One of my favourite books of all time. Highly recommended. Interesting because of the historical settings, well written to balance the drama and emotions with some beautifully tender and sad moments.
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on June 4, 2004
A friend recommended this book to me, and I started it with reluctance, being a non-religious person. I really loved it and plan on getting my own copy. It is a wonderful and moving love story, and is not preachy at all. Francine Rivers brings the story to life with her descriptive and heart felt writing. The people are not made out to be saints, just real people with real life struggles trying to make it in the world. It really is a great book...not what I expected from Christian fiction, so I was really pleasantly surprised.
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on October 21, 2015
One of the greatest love stories of all time. When I read it in the bible it was good but Francine Rivers really brings it to life you can relate to the characters an the emotions they exude. I love all the books by this author but this is a "must have" title
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on March 13, 2014
this book will really help shift your outlook no matter where you are in life, whether that means making you more gracious and appreciative of everything done for you and those around you, or giving you hope for the future.
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on June 12, 2003
It based on the story of Hosea, in the Bible. Michael Hosea (like Hosea in the Bible) is told to marry a prostitute, named Angel. He works on her heart, loving her, and helping her work through her wretched past.
It is not a book for the faint-hearted. Francine Rivers is not afraid to hit you with the realities of this world full force. But that in part is what makes it so good. Because if our sin, the evil of this world, is watered down, then the Good, the Salvation is worthless.
There is great depth to this story. While it is all about Michael and Angel and their relationship and their relationships with God, it is also a story about God and how He sanctifies His Beloved Bride, the Church.
Francine Rivers does such a good job of taking hold of your heart. You will cry. You will yell at the characters. Once, I even threw my book down because it made me so angry. But then I pick it up and chapters later I laugh and cry with joy. It is a book that really touches you.
However, I would not suggest this book for younger people. Parents should read it first and then decide. It could be a little too much for some younger people.
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on June 10, 2002
When Redeeming Love was first released, as an admirer of Francine's story telling skills I rushed out to buy a copy. After reading it I returned to clear out the shelves of three different book stores, buying 4-5 copies at a shot. When it was released in hardback through a book club, I bought another 5 copies. Why so many books? Because it is the BEST witness of the Father's love that I can give to someone who will not listen to "God talk" or read traditional Christian fiction. What is a well written romance on the surface, is so much more at its core.
This story gets inside of the readers heart and mind, it creates a hunger to be loved unconditionally. To be loved in a manner the world via Hollywood tells us is possible, but life experince tells us is not.
This is God's love at work in Michael's life and Angel's, and for those readers who allow it, in our lives as well. We all sin and fall short of the mark, Angel did so in a very public manner. We all need to be redeemed, to know that we are loved beyond measure. Francine's retelling of the book of Hosea allows a glimpse of the depth and breadth of the Father's love for each of us.
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on May 5, 2002
This book will grab you by the heart in the first few sentences and hold onto it all the way through to the end. As a new-comer to Christian writting, I have to say this is the most powerful story I have ever read(And I am an avid reader). Taking place in the 1850's, it is a re-telling of the book of Hosea. Angel, having been thrown into prostitution as a child, is bitter and holds a deep hatred for men. Michael Hosea, a God fearing and loving farmer, is told by God this is the wife he has been praying for. Although Michael questions God(who answers him again) he takes Angel to be his bride and sets himself down a path to which his love, patience, and understanding will be challenged by both her and God. There are moments in this story that are written so well you can't help but feel Michael's desperation at the challenge God has put before him. And, you can't help but love what he is trying to make her understand, and love her as well despite all her flaws and misgivings about life and the Lord. I promise you will weep with such saddness and at the same time weep because Michael Hosea is so pure in his love for her. In fact, so much so that God has to intercede and remind Michael that his love for Angel is through God and not it's own entity. I promise this book will be worth your while. You will find youself looking for people to loan it to. It is just too good of an experience to keep to yourself. If you haven't yet grasped the full understanding of what God's love is, you will get a pretty big insight reading Redeeming Love. Francine Rivers has a beautiful gift and I will continue to look for books she puts on the shelf. Your sister in Christ, Shelli
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on September 15, 2013
This story will bless your life! It is about a girl with a meaninless life that finds forgiveness and redemption through God's unfailing love reveals to her by a man of faith. Once you star reading is not easy to stop until you reach the end! ;-)
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on May 2, 2002
"Redeeming Love" is a truly wonderful book, which will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. The story was so touching, and Ms. River's did a superb job of developing the characters. It is an exceptional story about Sarah, "Angel," a young girl of 18, who was sold in to prostitution as a little girl of seven. Michael Hosea, a divout Christian farmer, is instructed to marry her. A battle of wills ensues, and even when they eventually get married, Angel refuses to be held down. Gradually, Michael's unconditioal love, and gentle manner melt her heart, but Angel fears that she is unworthy, and is torn in to by conflicting voices of light and darkness. She leaves Michael to go back to her old life, and the story becomes suspenseful, and very exciting. I appreciate that Francine River's charcters are depicted as human, and are not portrayed as perfect. Angel can only get help from the One who is. An interesting fact about this book is that it is a powerful retelling of the book of Hosea in the Old Testament. God tells his prophet, Hosea to marry an adultress wife, Gomer to make an example for His chosen people, the Israelites, who were worshipping idols, and to illustrate his gift of grace. I would recommend reading the book of Hosea first, and then reading this superb retelling. It will definetely change your life for the better. Happy Reading, and God Bless!!!
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on March 10, 2002
Can you imagine loving someone so much you would do anything for them? Can you imagine knowing that they don't love you back? You put out all your strength to gain their trust and love and not get anything in return. Living live with our significant other is what God intended for us to do. But what if the person God has chosen for you, won't even open her hart to let you have a glimpse? Would you keep trying or would you give up and live the rest of your life miserable and alone? This was the decisions forced upon Michael Hosea.
Michael Hosea is a farmer who works his fields by day and reads the bible by night. Angel, who was sold into prostitution at the age of 8, is struggling with her troubled past. She doesn't open her heart for anyone, especially men who promise her the world. When God tells Michael to marry Angel, he hesitated, but did as he was told. She convinces herself that he is just going to hurt her like all the others and does everything in her power not to get close to him. She is so stubborn it frustrates him, but God tells him to keep trying.
This book files you with so many different emotions at once. Happiness, joy, anger, pity, sadness and sorrow, are just a few. At many point of the book you want to break down and cry, or scream out to the characters. Francine Rivers does a wonderful job of bring the story to life. With the setting in California's gold country, in the 1850's, it's a timeless love story that will take your breath away. Her words trigger your imagination, making this novel spellbinding.
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