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4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on September 4, 2012
‘The Busy Brides Bible’ is a must read for every bride to be. This book is a life-savio and so much cheaper than paying for a weeding planner. Not that I could afford a wedding planner anyways. This book leads you through all the preparations and plans that you should make from the day you get engaged to the time you jet off on honeymoon. What I love about this book is that it also tells you what not to do so you don’t waste any money. If you are a working woman and you are planning your wedding, you need to buy and read this book!
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on December 22, 2014
Truly said- your sister is your one true best fiend! I was gifted this book by her..and i LOVE it! I wanted a wedding with very specific themes..and all the wedding planners wanted to charge a lot. Of course, by the time I was done with all the planning MYSELF, I had saved some extra cash for the honeymoon ;) For a price so low, this book is unexpectedly and truly a life saver( rather, a wedding saver :D). Some of the best things about the book according to me are-

#Very systematically written. The parts are divided into specific chapters, with equal attention to each and every minute detail.

#Definitely made the build up to the wedding date less stressful!

#The Busy Brides Bible comments at the end of each chapter, gave it a real nice personal touch!

# The book includes EVERYTHING- ranging from detailed checklists, a budget guide, money saving tips, a guest list template, an example wedding itinerary timeline to an example ceremony program and trendiest examples of wedding themes!

# Author Angela Kear knows what she's talking about. It's hard to go wrong when you have an experience for more than 10 years as a planner of huge events especially weddings.

#The ideas are original and hence unique! My MIL was really impressed with all the prep ;)

#It made my wedding cost much less than it could have.

I am using it again for my sister's wedding next year! Hail the Brides Bible!
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on November 11, 2012
Weddings can be especially dreadful--hence the whole "bridezilla" concept. And a bride who plans her own wedding could be considerably worse-off, as all of the stress sends the blood rushing straight to her head. Angela Kear's guide, then, seeks to eliminate that stress. How well does it do that job?


I think, more than anything, what brides need is, not to be assuaged or soothed, but to have structure and consistency. The Busy Bride's Bible most definitely illustrates how to achieve such an environment. It gives clear and concise goals by date, details the "do's" and "dont's" of wedding planning, and even sheds some light on contracts with caterers and other service providers. I must say, it's certainly worth the nine bucks to keep your sanity.
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on January 7, 2015
Just like we have our bible which directs us in our everyday way of life, THIS is definitely the bible busy brides MUST follow for that super amazing wedding!!!! We all know the Bible never misleads. This book has every little detail included from what type of bouquet you should purchase, to details not to miss out while planning your big day. It shows that no matter how busy you are, you can still make that big day special without breaking the bank.

For all the busy brides-to-be, planning your big day can be overwhelming and the thought of putting it all in a planner's hands without you being involved can be scary.. It doesn't have to be anymore! The expense of a wedding planner alone, can make brides want to settle for less when it comes to planning the wedding. With this special book, you will have an in depth of how to plan your wedding in just your perfect way. I have a friend who just married recently (so many things didn't go well, it all got to the last minute changing of plans) and i really wished i came across this book earlier, would have made it all easy. The way the writer clearly states things to do, things not to do and how to reason in all possible circumstances is amazing. I have had a first class experience planning a wedding with my super busy friend and i can tell you this, it wasn't easy.

To have a beautiful and memorable big day (even with your already so busy schedule), you should definitely get this book to have your day stilled wonderfully planned by you. If you love your friend(s) dearly, this would be an amazing gift to someone who is super busy but you would love for her to have a memorable ceremony.
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on October 22, 2014
I was so overwhelmed when I first started planning my wedding. I'm so glad my future mother-in-law gave me the Busy Brides Bible as a gift! It has been the best and most utilized gift throughout the entire wedding planning process.

The most important thing the Busy Brides Bible does is to open your eyes to all of your options. See, I am a simple girl. I am not a girly girl by nature, but I still want to look beautiful, and I want my wedding to look nice and coordinated. When I first started planning, I loved pinning ideas on Pinterest. However, I got overwhelmed very quickly. What I really needed was something visual to carry with me when I started shopping for decorations, bridesmaid dresses, and picking out my flowers. Since my future MIL gave me this book, I have taken it everywhere with me to give retailers, my cake baker, and my florist clear ideas of what I am looking for.

The Busy Brides Bible also helps me keep track of my details so I can stay organized. I used it to plan my guest list, and I consulted it several times when my fiance and I were planning our reception menu.

Lastly, it covers everything I need to consider but never thought about before. Like I said, I'm a simple girl. Though I booked a hair appointment for my wedding, I never even thought about who would do my makeup, how I was going to get to the church or the reception site, or who would clean up the church after the ceremony. It's these seemingly small details that can get lost in the planning process. Luckily, I have had the Busy Bride's Bible to remind me of all the small things that will make my big day special.

This is the best money you will spend for your entire wedding planning process. Trust me! I am walking down the aisle shortly, and unlike most other brides I know, I am actually stress free because I know I didn’t forget ANYTHING--thanks to this book.
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on September 29, 2014
HELLO! I love leaving reviews on all of the products I utilized a lot and got a fantastic deal on. This book was a life saver for me, my husband works full time as a personal trainer and I'm a full time teacher so we both have very busy schedules and very little time off. We got engaged last July and planned our entire wedding ON OUR OWN! We got married in June of this year and thanks to The Busy Brides Bible we both managed to plan the entire wedding without the help of any wedding planners. I was aware the wedding planners are very expensive so not only did we manage to save money on the wedding but we saved a huge chunk of change on planning the entire wedding on our own. The ceremony was fabulous and everything turned out great, this book not only helps you save as much money as possible but also gives you so many easy ideas that anyone can manage on a tight budget. I would really like to thank the author Angela for writing this wonderful book and literally supporting my marriage each step of the way. God bless! Thanks again! Any woman who wants to save money and have a gorgeous wedding should consider purchasing this book.
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on October 29, 2012
I'm a college student, I work a full-time job and I'm also a new wife. Yeah, you could say I was a busy bride. Fortunately, I had a wonderful bridesmaid who got me the Busy Brides Bible and we got to work, successfully planning the wedding of my dreams! Great advice, lots of attention to detail - including many I would otherwise have overlooked - and really helps a bride relax and stay focused. There's a lot of wedding planners out there, but if you're a REAL bride (and not one of those plastic ones on top of a three-tiered cake), this is the one you need!
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on July 7, 2014
With the help of this book, my wife made our wedding truly the best day of our life.

I originally had no idea there was so much work involved in planning an event like this, but luckily this book got me off the hook and even more importantly saved me a small fortune! Lets face it, not everyone has a ton of money to throw around, I know I sure didn't, and hiring a real wedding planner was just not an option. This book is the next best thing. If even one thing from this book helps you, it will pay for itself, and realistically for us it probably paid for itself 10 times over.

The other thing I found helpful was just knowing what to expect. There were so many tips and tricks, and some are things you don't even think about and wouldn't even realize it was something that needed to be planned for until the time comes, and it's already too late!

I highly recommend this to any bride-to-be who wants to plan the wedding herself or to any groom-to-be to wants their bride to stick to a budget.
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on August 7, 2014
This book really is the all-inclusive guide for busy individuals who need to plan a special wedding without raking up high costs. Recommended by some friends, my wife and I had followed a lot of its advice and strategies in planning our own wedding. We were quite happy with the results; not a lot of planning time was expended, and we did not go over-budget. However, we were happy to make our ceremony unique and special in its own way. Our guests were impressed with the celebration we had, probably thinking we must have spent a small fortune. Of course, this wedding ended up being under-budget (not bad having extra money left over for the honeymoon). Our friends who have used this guide were very content as well. They expressed a lot of satisfaction with the ideas presented from the author. Bottom line: my wife and I, and our friends, lead very, very busy lives. This book helped us to save time and money in planning for and executing our big days. In a market saturated with books that give advice to keeping costs low and saving time for wedding ceremonies, I honestly give this book among the highest recommendations I can give.
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on February 24, 2013
I'm in the middle of organizing my own wedding and this book has been extremely helpful all along. My friend got it for me when she found out that I was getting married and we've been using it a lot ever since.

The best thing I like about The Busy Bride's Bible is that it's written by someone who actually worked as a wedding planner. I mean, there are so many books written by people who went through organizing their own or their friend's wedding and now they think they know all about it. Angela A. Kear is definitely not one of these wannabes. I guess that's why her book talks real business, mentions a ton of different options one needs to consider, and explains things in a thorough traditional way.

The Busy Bride's Bible helps you deal with all aspects of organizing a wedding, from venues to flowers, bills, insurance, music, invitations and even getting grandmothers to help you when you need several pairs of extra hands (relatives come really handy then!). You get contract signing advice and important professional tips on how to not become a victim of shifty dealers and venue owners. It also helps you deal with the psychological aspect of planning your own wedding and teaches you how to avoid unnecessary stress as much as possible.

One thing I have to mention is that the book is very traditional and it's obviously geared towards couples planning a traditional wedding with a long-ish engagement period, all the necessary parties, a traditional gown and so on. So, if you want a totally non-conformist wedding, this book may be not give you everything you are looking for. But for me it's been (and is still being) a huge help. I would recommend it to all my friends whenever they find the right guy and start planning their own wedding.
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