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4.9 out of 5 stars
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on October 29, 2012
I'm a college student, I work a full-time job and I'm also a new wife. Yeah, you could say I was a busy bride. Fortunately, I had a wonderful bridesmaid who got me the Busy Brides Bible and we got to work, successfully planning the wedding of my dreams! Great advice, lots of attention to detail - including many I would otherwise have overlooked - and really helps a bride relax and stay focused. There's a lot of wedding planners out there, but if you're a REAL bride (and not one of those plastic ones on top of a three-tiered cake), this is the one you need!
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on February 24, 2013
I'm in the middle of organizing my own wedding and this book has been extremely helpful all along. My friend got it for me when she found out that I was getting married and we've been using it a lot ever since.

The best thing I like about The Busy Bride's Bible is that it's written by someone who actually worked as a wedding planner. I mean, there are so many books written by people who went through organizing their own or their friend's wedding and now they think they know all about it. Angela A. Kear is definitely not one of these wannabes. I guess that's why her book talks real business, mentions a ton of different options one needs to consider, and explains things in a thorough traditional way.

The Busy Bride's Bible helps you deal with all aspects of organizing a wedding, from venues to flowers, bills, insurance, music, invitations and even getting grandmothers to help you when you need several pairs of extra hands (relatives come really handy then!). You get contract signing advice and important professional tips on how to not become a victim of shifty dealers and venue owners. It also helps you deal with the psychological aspect of planning your own wedding and teaches you how to avoid unnecessary stress as much as possible.

One thing I have to mention is that the book is very traditional and it's obviously geared towards couples planning a traditional wedding with a long-ish engagement period, all the necessary parties, a traditional gown and so on. So, if you want a totally non-conformist wedding, this book may be not give you everything you are looking for. But for me it's been (and is still being) a huge help. I would recommend it to all my friends whenever they find the right guy and start planning their own wedding.
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on February 6, 2013
Wow - this is an extremely in-depth guide to wedding planning! There literally is nothing else you could add to it. My friend has just become engaged (a long one), and so I got this as I'll be helping her with some of the planning aspects. I can see that this is the only guide we are going to need on the subject! It goes through everything very thoroughly and explains it all down to the most minute detail.

I believe we are going to find all the schedules and timelines invaluable! It also suggests how much of your budget should be allocated to a particular aspect, and all the things to consider when choosing your venue and photographer etc. There are large lists detailing menu ideas, cocktail recipes, wedding attire, hair & make up, themes, music, stationary, venues, decorations/colors, transport, rental items, flowers, the cake, marriage licence, ceremony rehearsals, bridal shower, bachelorette & bachelor party - you name it! It IS in this book.

As the author says, it pays not to expect the wedding day to be perfect, as things can always go wrong. However, with this guide, you will astronomically increase your chances of pulling it off without a single hitch!! If you plan it according to the guidelines in the book, then you will be doing the best job you possibly can to insure everything goes smoothly. This is absolutely a MUST-HAVE for people planning a wedding and their (amateur) wedding planners - I can't recommend this highly enough!!
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on February 4, 2013
To almost all brides, the wedding day is considered as the starting mark of their "happily ever afters". That's why it's so important and that's why everything has to be perfect on that one day. It's every girls' dream! There are setbacks to this, however. The "dream" can turn into a nightmare if you want to plan the wedding yourself and we all know that some "dreams" could be more expensive than others. Those were true before this book came.

I think a lot of people have always wanted to be their own wedding planner but they know how complicated it can be -- I'm one of these people. I changed my mind after reading this book. I'm sure it will do the same for you too. It's like the author has already thought of everything and all a bride needs to do is to take note, follow and execute. It's still not as easy as it sounds but the book presents ways for you to be more organized, thorough and prepared before, during and after the "I do".

Your common wedding misconceptions will be debunked, you will learn how to delegate, you will know what to do and what not to do, and so much more when you read this book! I'm not a bride YET but I had fun reading this book and I have gotten nuggets of enlightenment from it. Every bride-to-be should have this!
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on January 24, 2013
A guide to end the need for all other guides. The great strength a bride has at the onset of wedding planning is an idea of how wonderful an experience she would like to create. This is her time. Her party. And typically, can be her way.

But stop! Suddenly, the face drains of all color, the tightness begins in the throat and all the weight of the world seems to set directly on her shoulders. `This is so much work!' she says to herself. `!' hand to her head `Where do I begin?'

This guide helps alleviate this feeling of hopelessness. Planning a wedding, unless completely done for you by overly-attentive mothers/aunts/In-Laws, falls to the bride. It is the bride's day. It is her party and hers alone.

This wedding planner makes the ease of decision making available right at your fingertips! There is nothing that soothes ones soul better than piece of mind and something close to that reassuring hug when you really feel like you need it. Someone you can feel like is really present with all of the answers and telling you ` It's ok, you are doing it right!'.

The Busy Brides Bible meets all expectations in lists to follow, points to keep in mind and tips to help throughout the guide. This book is a MUST-READ for EVERYONE getting ready to get married and have a wedding, big or small. It holds information that keep you on task but it's not stuffy like a textbook. It's clear and concise and to the point. It doesn't waste your time with fluff and frivolity.
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on December 29, 2012
Ms. Kear has a plethora of wonderful advice for any wedding noob. Why?

Because she does something other wedding authors don’t do: she covers the why, when, where, how, and what. She gives her own list of “Ten Commandments” which are charmingly clever; she has various “do nots” throughout her book; she allows the reader to come to their own conclusion about the entire wedding ordeal, as in, she guides, but never pushes.

Another thing worthy of mention is the fact that her prose is beautiful. Never does Ms. Kear blunder. Every word has meaning, every piece of information moves across the page. It’s beautiful. And more importantly, Ms. Kear is a master of brevity. She’s short, sweet, and to the point.

Ms. Kear also has a knack for covering minor topics. Wedding cake? Gone over. Flowers? Transportation? Even stationeries. Stationeries. The details are all here. I think when she goes over the minute is when Ms. Kear is the strongest. My personal favorite is the chapter about guest favors – those were so hard to figure out for myself.

You definitely don’t want a major faux pas, either. Ms. Kear knows how to tackle any problems about bachelorette/bachelor parties. She has sensitivity and bespeaks about so many tender things pertaining to these parties. A lot of men and women out there sometimes get antsy when they hear about these kinds of affairs. Maybe s/he’s cheating on me? Ms. Kear knows how to arrange, what to do, and how to go about feeling comfortable about these parties. And this, for me, was a huge major point of the book – it’s also where the book ends, which makes a lot sense, being what is usually the culmination of dating.

Overall great read. I would say 5 stars. This booked saved me from disaster!
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on November 19, 2012
Yes, I'm really glad I'm not a wedding planner, because this book really would have been a painful discovery! Instead, when I found it I immediately thought of it as the perfect introductory present for my foreign clients, brides in particular, when they requested my photographic and video services for the ceremony and following party abroad (usually in Europe). By now, there's not been a single bride not showing her gratitude for the simple but precious gift, thanks to the well-organized and thoroughtful review of any single step. Nothing has been left behind or poorly examined, and you can see it from the 'Look Inside' preview Amazon offers for the title, if you don't believe me. I just don't know if I'm going to wish about using the book for myself, being a single and hoping to remain such for a long time, but surely I would buy a copy for my bride, in case! Anyway, I really hope an Italian translation of the book comes along sometimes, as I would like to give it to my Italian clients/brides too!
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on November 19, 2012
This book came with incredible timing for my daughter's wedding, and I've found it so useful I'll surely pass it on to someone else when the chance comes. In the meanwhile, my young daughter, which has indeed been a very busy bride during those days, last year, could find in its pages every possible answer to the many doubts and questions that arouse during the wedding planning. She didn't even know such a book existed, but I already knew Angela Kear for her other great book "Mommy and Me Go to Swimming Lessons" which I've been buying for my sister (yes, I love books as gifts!) and I was sure to find the same witty and wise advice inside this title. And so it was: the wedding was a success, my daughter was less stressed than usual and nothing went wrong. I wish she's goingo to pass on the book to someone else, now, and hopefully don't need it anymore! :)
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on December 7, 2012
I just got to know about this book through one of my friends. She married recently and I had a chance to visit the newly married couple. While we were talking about their game plan on preparing their wedding, she showed me this book. I didn't take it serious at first. But while she was preparing a drink for me, I just turned few pages and it looked interesting. So I borrowed the book and read it full.

It's really fabulous. All the things that needed to be planned on your wedding is there. Every simple thing is explained perfectly and there are things that you don't even think which is really useful. So it gives you different viewpoints depending on your perception. It suggests you the best ways and it's up to you to get the maximum out of it. Thanks to Angela, now I have a nice idea on how to plan my wedding day!
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on March 6, 2013
Wow, what a really awesome book for anyone planning a wedding!
The Author has been able to write down most of things we tend to forget and not think about when planing a wedding.

The tips and advice has been very helpful. Personally, I never could have imagined organising a wedding and knowing about all the tips written in here. Now I can understand that they are very important especially as you could have a lot of people at your wedding watching out for the mistakes.
This book will surely help anyone looking forward to getting married soon and most importantly understanding what to do even if you do not have any external help.

Thanks to the Author for these awesome ideas which I have never read from anywhere else. I highly recommend this book to everyone.
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